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After the Pub, Part 2

A fantasy threesome

By CR BaxterPublished 3 months ago 12 min read
After the Pub, Part 2
Photo by We-Vibe Toys on Unsplash

For a long moment we just stood there, drinking in the sights. Two beautiful women, naked, in my living room. London did its thing behind us, but the scenery was the last thing on our minds.

“Bedroom’s through there, if you like,” I managed to say. I walked across the living room and opened the door. They followed, and the blonde, Sandy trailed her fingers up my erect cock as she passed.

“Very nice,” she said.

I shuddered and flicked the lights to the ‘seductive’ setting. On cue, music began to play from the ceiling speakers, and the blinds began to lower.

“Keep it open,” said Julie. “I want to be able to see out as we fuck.”

I touched a control on the pad and the blinds opened again. Julie stood in front of the huge windows and stared out over London. Sandy wrapped her arms around Julie from behind and kissed her neck.

“Mmm, do that again,” said Julie. I watched them for a moment then lay down on the bed. Sandy began to run her hands over Julie’s flanks and hips, tracing her fingertips slowly across her skin. Julie tilted her head back and twisted to kiss Sandy, but she didn’t move her feet, letting Sandy continue her exploration.

“Higher, go higher,” said Julie. Sandy’s hands slid upwards from thighs to hips to belly. “Higher,” said Julie urgently. I could only see from behind, but I could tell when Sandy’s hands finally reached Julie’s breasts. She relaxed, folding slightly. She rested her palms on the window and widened her stance, settling back into Sandy’s embrace.

“What now?” Sandy breathed.

“Fingers,” said Julie, “please!”

“Fingers?” said Sandy as her right hand slid downwards. Her left was locked to Julie’s breast, squeezing. “Where do you want my fingers?”

“Don’t tease! Please, fuck me with your fingers.”

It was all I could do to keep my hand off my dick. Or cross the room and join in. But I held my nerve, slid off the bed, and moved to the armchair so I had a proper view. I watched as Sandy’s hand got lower and lower. “There?” teased Sandy, her hand positioned tantalisingly close to Julie’s vulva.

Julie took her hand from the window, grabbed Sandy’s, and rammed it down between her legs. She held it there, spreading her legs a little more, and began to rub it back and forth.

“You’re so wet,” said Sandy. “Let me do it.” Julie lifted her hand and Sandy began to move her fingers back and forth, probing and rubbing.

“Oh, fuck yes, that’s good,” said Julie. She circled her hips. “You sure you haven’t done this before?”

“Only on myself,” said Sandy.

“Harder,” said Julie, and Sandy obliged, pressing her hand firmly against Julie’s vulva and rubbing faster. “Don’t stop, don’t, yes, just like, yes, oh, fuck. I’m going to come, yes, yes!”

She bucked and moaned as the orgasm took her. Sandy gave one last rub then pulled her hand away.

“Fuck,” breathed Julie. She turned around, took Sandy’s face in her hands and kissed her. “That was blissful.”

“It was amazing,” I said from my perch. I was on the edge of my seat, desperate to get in on the action, my cock so hard I could have pushed it through a wall.

“Glad you liked it,” said Sandy, although she didn’t take her eyes from Julie.

“Your turn,” said Julie. She grinned and kissed Sandy’s neck. She rested her hands on her shoulders then slid slowly down, trailing her tongue over Sandy’s chest, between her breasts, and over her belly. “You smell ready,” said Julie. She moved her hands to Sandy’s hips and knelt before her. She looked up and their eyes met. “I want to taste you.”

Sandy swallowed, suddenly nervous, and nodded. She smiled and nodded again. Julie kissed her thigh, gently pushed her legs apart, and leaned in closer. More kissing, a little tongue on skin, and then Julie went for the main act, licking up Sandy’s vulva.

“Ooh, yes,” Sandy managed to say, eyes closed. Now it was her turn to lean forward, hands on the window for support as Julie worked at her pussy. Her breasts were tight, nipples erect. I longed to touch them but I stayed where I was.

Julie was really going for it. Her head bobbed up and down as she licked every part of Sandy’s cunt. A hand slid around and a finger disappeared inside. Sandy gasped and moaned. Julie licked and used her fingers like slim, elegant dildos.

Sandy’s head hung down. She watched her friend lick her out, watched her finger her pussy, watched her grind her face into her crotch.

I watched them both. It was the hottest thing I’d ever seen.

“More, more,” said Sandy, and now she moved a hand to pull Julie even closer. Her hips ground against Julie’s face as she fucked her friend. “That’s it, yes, just like that.”

I couldn’t see exactly what Julie was doing but from Sandy’s face it must have been exactly what she needed to get her off. She was close, and I grinned. There’s nothing like watching two women face-fucking.

“Ah, that’s it, yes,” said Sandy. She let out a long moan, then another, her breathing getting faster and heavier. “Oh, fuck, I’m coming, I’m coming!” She tensed, hips suddenly still, Julie’s head pulled so tight into her cunt that it was a wonder she could breath.

Then she relaxed, released her grip, and staggered back. She sat down on the bed, hands shaking. Julie sat back on her heels and grinned, pleased with her efforts.

“Ok, that was something else,” said Sandy when she found her voice again. She smiled. “I guess that answers the question of whether I like girls or not.”

“There’s one last thing,” said Julie. She stood up and took a step forward so she could push Sandy back onto the bed. Sandy giggled, staring up as Julie followed. She paused for a moment, shuffling into position with her knees either side of Sandy’s head. “Ready?”

Sandy licked her lips and glanced at me, still sitting in my chair. “Both of you, at the same time.”

Julie seemed surprised. She looked at me and I nodded, eager to begin.

“In that case, I’ll turn around,” said Julie, switching positions so she faced me, and hovering her pussy just above Sandy’s face.

“Where’s the cock?” said Sandy.

“Coming right up,” I said. I slid into a condom and hurried over to kneel on the floor between Sandy’s legs. Her pussy was wet and I leaned in for a kiss.

“Cock,” said Sandy.

“She know what she wants,” said Julie. “And hurry up, because this is killing me.”

I pulled Sandy towards me so that her cunt was right at the edge of the bed. She yelped, and Julie shuffled forward. The bed was low enough that I could lean forward and position my cock at the entrance of her vagina.

Julie nodded. “Do it, come on, fuck her!”

I leaned forward and slid into Sandy’s dripping pussy. She moaned, one hand clutching at her breast. Then Julie lowered herself onto Sandy’s face and began to grind. I pulled back and drove forward, burying myself.

“Fuck, that’s good,” I said. Julie leaned forward and kissed me, then used her free hand to finger Sandy’s clit. I began thrusting, a nice, slow rhythmic back-and-forth, enjoying the sensation. Sandy, her reluctance forgotten, was sucking on Julie’s pussy like it was the nectar of life itself. And Julie ground her hips, fingers flashing over Sandy’s clit, her movements growing more vigorous as her own arousal grew.

Mine couldn’t really go any higher. I was living the dream. I ran my hands over the bodies of my lovers, plucking at their breasts and stroking their faces.

Julie came first. Her breathing was heavy and quick, face flushed, sweat beading on her breasts. She moaned, begging for more, yearning for release. When it came she arched her back, head tilted way back as the joy flowed through her.

Then she sagged down and rolled onto the bed. She panted a little, a huge smile on her face, then she reached over and started fingering Sandy’s clit again. Sandy moaned, and now that I could see her face, I could tell that she was close to her own climax. I slowed my motions, squeezing every muscle to hold back my orgasm, doing everything I could to help Sandy finish.

She arched off the bed, hands clenching at the sheets as she came. She shuddered then jerked upwards to rest on her elbows. Another orgasm ripped through her and we locked gazes. Julie moved up the bed and began masturbating, watching us both.

Sandy’s mouth opened in wordless ecstasy, and I felt her cunt tighten around my dick. “Come inside me,” she managed to say, and as if I had waited only for permission, I came. I let out a great cry, pumping as hard as I could, pounding at her pussy for all I was worth.

And when I was spent, when every morsel of cum had been shot, I slid out and sat back on my knees as my cock deflated. I dragged the condom off and tossed it on the floor, then climbed up on the bed.

“That was epic,” I said. I looked at Julie, whose hand was still moving between her legs. “You’re wanking!” I said in mock horror.

“So close,” she hissed, one hand moving to her breast.

I could feel myself hardening as I watched the show. I wanted to play my part. I twisted around, laid my hand on Julie’s and stilled it. “Let me,” I said, leaning forward.

Julie’s eyes opened wide, then she moaned as my tongue touched her clit. I licked up and down her pussy, tasting her juices, two fingers inside her as I worked. She moaned again and it took only seconds for her to come. I didn’t stop, though. Julie gasped and moaned and came again, then pushed me away.

“That’s enough,” she said in a hoarse voice. “That’s enough for now.”

I rolled over, still hard. It seemed both my lovers were sated but I had a thirst for more. I looked left, at Sandy, then right, at Julie, hoping one of them would volunteer their services. I was not disappointed.

“I know what you want,” said Julie, heaving herself around on the bed, “and I can’t say you haven’t earned it.”

“Well, if you could spare the time,” I said, entranced by her breasts as she manoeuvred around the bed. “I wouldn’t like to put you to any trouble.”

“No trouble,” she said, swinging a leg over me and shuffling up until she was above my cock. “But you’re going to need a—“

I shivered as Sandy’s hands slid over my cock.

“Condom,” Julie finished. “Thanks. Just guide him, would you?”

Sandy’s hand twitched my cock into place and Julie lowered herself slowly until my full length was inside her. Sandy leaned over and kissed Julie, caressed her breast, then ran her finger over her friend’s clit.

“Oh, that’s nice,” said Julie as she began to rock back and forth. I moved my hips in time to her movements, getting a nice, deep, rhythmic thrust going. In and out, in and out. Julie grinned at me and focused on her efforts. I tore my eyes from Julie long enough to see that Sandy, stretched our on the bed beside me, was vigorously working her hand between her legs. Our eyes met for a moment then we both turned back to look at Julie.

“Faster,” I pleaded, and Julie upped the tempo. “Faster!”

She leaned down and kissed me, slowing her movements. “Just do me,” she whispered. So I did. I drove my hips up and down as fast as I could, driving my cock deep inside her. With her holding steady, there was nothing to slow me, and I pounded away. The world outside faded until all that was left was the hot slick of her cunt and the slap of our bodies.

“Argh, Julie, yes!” I said as I came, emptying myself into her. A few final thrusts, then I sagged back on the bed, utterly spent. “Thank you,” I said.

“Oh, it was absolutely my pleasure,” said Julie, kissing me again. She rolled off me and into Sandy’s arms. They kissed, then Julie shuffled around on the bed, a lustful smile on her face.

“What are you… oh,” said Sandy. Julie lifted one leg over Sandy’s hip and slid forward until their pussies met. “Oh, yes!”

Julie began to grind against Sandy, one hand behind her for support, the other wrapped around Sandy’s leg. Temporarily surplus to requirements as the girls fucked each other, I shuffled around on the bed so I could watch. Julie was really going for it. She’d clearly been working up to this moment for a while, and now she worked with a frown of concentration, breasts bouncing as she panted with the effort.

Sandy was more passive. She leaned on a pillow, eyes closed and only her hips moving as she rocked in time to Julie’s movements. She squeezed her breast, mouth open in a silent ‘o’ of pleasure.

I couldn’t tell which of them was closer to an orgasm, and that thought brought my cock to attention. I wouldn’t usually have wanked while there were two naked women in my bed, but this was surely the time to make an exception. I slid my fingers around my cock and began to stroke away. Julie glanced over and licked her lips, but she didn’t slow her motions. I stroked steadily, desperate to reach my climax but knowing it was a long way off.

Sandy’s was getting close. Very close. She moaned, breathing heavily, and opened her eyes. She gazed lustfully at Julie then dropped her head back, thrusting her breasts upward.

“Yes, I’m close,” she said, pushing against Julie.

“Me too,” Julie managed to say, “just a little, oh, fuck, yes, I’m coming!” Julie shuddered as the orgasm rolled through her, then Sandy bucked, almost shaking herself loose as she came as well.

Julie leaned forward and kissed Sandy then they slid apart. They turned towards me just as I finally managed to reach my peak. I came one last time, then flopped back on the bed, exhausted.

For a few long moments, nobody said anything. Then I raised myself up on my elbows, looked at the two naked beauties beside me, and said, “Drinks and a snack before round two?”


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CR Baxter

I write sexy stories to entertain and excite. My stories are respectful, consensual, full of dirty language, and laced with humour and unexpected twists. Enjoy!

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