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Adventures in Domination and Blackmail

Keeping it in the neighborhood

By Derick SinclarPublished about a year ago 20 min read

Adventures in Domination and Blackmail

The meeting was set for 10:00 a.m. tomorrow. His house, usual scenario. He would drive to his house. The door to an empty garage bay would be open. Once inside the garage, he closes the door. A set of instructions would be on the whiteboard against the entry wall. Supposedly arriving this way keeps the neighbors from prying. Highly doubtful, everyone in the neighborhood knows he is a predator. He preys on men of a certain age.

The best-laid plans to be “discrete,” as his communication to his prey indicated was very important, all went out the door when one of his consorts inadvertently dropped a printed sheet with direction to his house. The note detailed the garage door procedure and his intention to “ravage to the very core” of his guest. The note then went on to be very detailed in his proclivities toward cleanliness, both inside and out, and the scent that he expected to smell when the encounter took place.

A casual walker picked it up while taking Fluffy on a walk. The intent was to throw it out with the sack of feces that had been collected. For some reason, this didn’t happen. The note was left on the kitchen counter to be reviewed later by an ever so curious neighbor who had a direct view to the den/office of her neighbor. She took the note in hand and squirreled away in her pocket.

In the gated community, sold to its occupants as a safe place to raise kids, be quiet and maintain your privacy in a hectic world it’s not the case. Everybody knew everybody and their assorted businesses, social gatherings and now the sexual habits of one of its residents were open to exposure. The safety of the gated community was often violated by none other than its own inhabitants. The usual property damage that is found in most neighborhoods is more often caused by the teenagers on the community than any outside perpetrator. The social damage caused by the various tech wizards who hacked into the free high-speed Wi-Fi and email accounts made the community an unsafe place to do business. All in, the gated community was a cesspool for the well-heeled business types. Often pretending that they were saving this or that cause when they were at the core of the cause of it.

Take for instance our highly sexual businessman who inadvertently dropped his directions to our neighbor. The sheet of information had just enough information on it to be able to search out his proclivities on the web, his various email, and pseudonyms used to attract his prey. The poor bastard had no idea that he was being recorded, traced, and later blackmailed by a neighbor who was angry that her association fees went up. She decided someone else was going to pay for the increase, and a little more if she could get it. She had tremendous tech skills and a very high-powered computer and associated software to find just about anything she wanted about those she did business with. Why not use her skills to see who was visiting the neighbor she thought, maybe she could turn that revelation into some cash to offset the huge increase in association fees?

As it turns out her neighbor was getting a visit from a noted scholar, specializing in historical railroads. The visitor was to be seen by her neighbor at 10:00 a.m. This seems to be his time of best light, comfort, and ability to reign supreme over his castle. His house is set up much like the McMansions that dot most cities – too much house for too little land, oversized furniture, and a style that harkened back to the empire-building days of the late 1800s. What the trend of big house/small lot subdivisions has done is open up the view inside the houses of successful businessmen. The inspection and critique of countless neighbors were heard in nearly any social gathering. Where there used to be distance as a buffer for the goings-on in a house of his size, now the nature of the subdivision almost invites the nosey neighbor into the activities within. Sort of an assumed carte blanch for anyone who has eyes and is inclined to peer toward any neighbor. Far be it from the days of the wealthy being isolated and protected by the landholdings they paid so dearly for.

For days the thought of what was going on in her neighbor’s house created a constant stir in her. She had to know. What was he doing? What kind of sexual deviant is he? She had to know. She set up some perimeter motion-activated sensors to alert her when as much as a leaf was rearranged. This resulted in her finding out that her neighbor was prone to meeting with people 3 days a week at 10:00 a.m. All did the same thing, drove up disappeared into an awaiting empty garage bay and the door shut quickly behind the driver. Only once did she see who was driving and that was a fluke. The driver was in a convertible but had sunglasses and a floppy hat. The rest had a glare on the windows from the sun sufficient to block any clear view as well as a tint on the windows.

The usual routine was to invite the guest into the house and settle in the office. In a few moments, the guest would disrobe and take a seat on the leather couch. Sadly, the back of the couch was of sufficient height to block the view of the nosey neighbor. This just inspired more creativity. She decided that she must gain access to the house and set up some video and audio equipment.

Last year she remembered that she had been asked to be the block coordinator of the save the park fundraiser. She felt that the outlandish fees charged to live in the community were enough to pay for anything the board settled on as a plan and refused to participate. Just last week the same agenda reared its head again and she received another request to be the block fundraiser. This time she had to do it. While celebrating the safety of the neighborhood and its abundance of privacy from the outside world, she could get inside the house and place her equipment. Ironic, she thought.

The nosey neighbor did take up the block fundraiser position and made a cursory effort at being seen in the neighborhood, knocking on doors, and placing written materials on the doors on the residents. She had to get into her neighbor’s house. She contrived a scenario where he would have to see her. But it went very smoothly when she knocked at the door.

He could see from the video monitor on his desk anyone who was at the door. She knew what he could see from the camera she had set up on her porch. She made certain that her ample curves where on full display when she rang the bell. Who could resist her obvious physical charms and her gracious personality?

He immediately invited her in and took her to his office. In his words, “where he does all of his business.” The office was a collection of self-aggrandizements and honors he had received. Nowhere was there room in the wall space for another award, commendation, or honor. Yet the nosey neighbor found a way to convince him that funding the park renovations would allow him to have naming rights of the Pavillion which came with a plaque for his wall as well as the honor of being a designated community leader and written up in the local paper as well as the community website. How could he refuse? He quickly wrote out a $200,000 check and filled out a form that included his personal email as well as a selection of information the nosey neighbor needed to complete her profile on him. She had him on the hook now she just needed to reel him in.

She declared that she needed some water and asked if he would get her a glass. Nothing fancy just room temperature tap water. He agreed and quickly left the room to gather the water and to come up with a plan to bed her right now. While he was in the kitchen, she placed three cameras, bugged his phone, and launched a trojan horse into his computer.

When he got back to the office with the water, she feigned a phone call she had to make and needed to go. She had what she wanted and was not going to fall for the clear desires expressed by the neighbor. Even if he was handsome, he was still not her type so why bother.

She was sure he was watching her from either a second-floor window or his computer. Stopping at another neighbor’s house, to keep the cover she was using intact, she meandered home. When she returned to her house, she ran to her computer like a kid running to open gifts on Christmas day. She started up each of the cameras, checked to see if the software had been activated on his computer, and opened her various programs to log and keep track of what he was doing. All in working order she quickly started the app on her phone to alert her anytime he was on his computer, phone, or had a change in the occupants of the room. She was in. She now had control of him. He would never know she was there but in short order she would own him.

10:00 a.m.

As usual, the car came up the drive to the empty garage bay. This time the noted scholar was in the car, and he had been instructed to come in, strip, place all of the clothes and any electronics in a bag at the front of the garage. The bag was attached to a pulley which, once full, was quickly pulled up to the top of the garage and remained there. No visible means of reaching the bag was present. The scholar was to enter the door and immediately drop to all fours and make his way along the carpeted path to the office. The rest of the house was an assortment of hardwoods, tiles, and exotic painted surfaces. The carpeted path only went to the office.

The scholar took care not to move too quickly. He loved the feeling of being naked in the house a what amounted to a spending time with a dominant sexual partner. He felt the air move between his legs and up his backside. The thrill of the feeling of air on a very tight anus was exhilarating, and a bit daunting as he wondered would it be the same after today? Would he be able to use it comfortably again? His testicles seemed to know something was in the wind and retracted into his body like a shy oyster. The cool air felt so exciting on his balls, but he wondered, “would there be marks?” The last thing he needed was his wife getting all curious about an injury.

It didn’t matter. He was going to press ahead. He wanted to be sore. Ne needed to be sore. He wanted to feel the reality of his actions between his legs for days. And then he wanted to do it all again. To do it again he had to survive today.

He made his way to the office and took his position at the feet of the dominant. He waited for permission to speak, to even exist, while the dom was on the phone. He finished his call and took notice of the slave at his feet. Quickly taking a dominant position with the scholar he gave him a gentle caress of his ass, took a foot and prodded him to spread his stance a bit. He quickly reached down and squeezed his balls for all he’s worth. “These are mine today and I don’t like the shape of them very much. So today I will inflict a bit of pain to reflect my dissatisfaction.” The scholar dropped to the floor and took a moment to collect himself before speaking.

“I understand your displeasure. Anything that you desire that I can do to improve my lot today I am willing to do.” He said in almost a movie style voice of a zombie.

“I want you to take this rope and wrap your testicles use several turns but leave enough for me to use the rope as a leash. You shall follow my instructions to the letter, or I will attach the rope to the pulley in the garage and you may lose your testicles.”

The dom took a quick pull on the rope to test the strength of the lashing. The scholar dropped to his chest and took a moment to compose himself.

“Let’s take a walk along the carpeted path and see if you tied the knots correctly.”

With that statement, the dom pulled the scholar along the path like a poodle in the park.

“Very good job on the knots. I doubt you will get loose from these today. Let’s go back to the office and settle in for a bit and watch some video.”

With that, they paraded back to the office and the dom took a seat on the butter-soft leather couch. Using the leash like a bridle on a horse he pulled hard and the scholar immediately stopped.

“You can sit next to me for a bit while we get used to each other again.” said the dom.

The scholar took his seat next to the dom. Soon a rhythm was established between the dom would play with the cock of the scholar and keep some tension on the rope. Each caress has a certain pressure to it that ended in pain for the scholar. The dom was not here to make him feel good, but to extract his own pleasure by inflicting just enough hope for intimacy followed by the right amount of pain to dash those thoughts in its infancy. But, with each caress along the thigh of the scholar, he did create hope.

The dom created a fire in his loins that can only be felt by two men. The taboo of thousands of years of denial that this can be normal, the sexual connection between two men. The societal segregation of past indulgers in the sacred dance of pain meets pleasure. It wasn’t too long ago that the Kremlin denounced any gay activities as depraved and against the state. Later to be softened by the court but still active in the memories of the world. How could two men having a bit of pleasure be illegal? Immoral? Grounds for death? How in today’s world could this still be a thing? But it was and both the dom and the scholar knew it. If they were to be outed for their activities, they could have their comfy cover lives disrupted permanently. They both knew the costs but played on anyway.

The dom had selected a video with a bisexual orgy theme. Both men and women engage in all sorts of activities. No version of coupling was left out in the film and both dom and scholar felt the need for expression. The scholar rubbed the thigh of the dom and started to pull the dom’s pants down. He discovered that the dom had no underwear, and his cock was as firm as a teenage boy. The Viagra had done its magic and he was fully erect and looking for release. He stood up and insisted the scholar assume a position of submission with his back to him and his head dropped to the back of the couch.

“No, you can’t have me today. That’s not what we agreed on.” said the scholar.

“Who cares what we agreed on I have your balls roped and am more than happy to take them right off your body for questioning my intentions. What did you think when I insisted that you be clean inside and out? That I had some sort of cleanliness fetish?” He said with power of intention.

“No, I knew it was potentially possible but not in such a brutal way. You can’t just take me without even preparing me or anything to ease the pain,” said the scholar.

The scholar knew he was going to be taken. Not in a loving, enjoy the pleasure way. He was going to be taken in the most physical way. He knew it was a possibility and had mentally prepared himself for it. The fact that now was the time was not his desired choice he was really getting into the stroking and easy pleasure he was feeling on the couch.

“My task is not to ease your pain but to provide me my pleasure.” With that said, he took a glob of lubricant in his hand from the very ornate container on the end table. He slathered the scholar’s ass with the slippery concoction that smelled like peaches.

The dom took two fingers and inserted them into the anus of the scholar and made a cursory effort to expand this opening. The next move was to take his massive tool and rub the soft flesh of the scholar with the lubricant, more to get himself ready than anything else. This led to the first assault on the anal ring of the scholar. The pressure was immediate and intense. The knowledge that by pushing against the hardened tool he could ease the pain was quickly forgotten and gave way to the impulse to scream, run, anything but be victim to the massive tool pressing hard with no intent of relenting until he was balls deep in the scholar’s bowels. The pain was exquisite, every cell in the scholar’s body was afire with the life he had led to get to this point being brought to his immediate attention. Why had he the need for this sort of pain? Why did he enjoy the dominance so much? “What was this all about anyway?” he thought as the tool sank deeper into him that he had ever been penetrated. The actions of a thousand thoughts that led up to this point were now in question and celebrated at the same time. Each movement of the dom reflected his desire to be dominated. How could he be so needy to have his balls tied like a balloon on the wrist of a child in the park? At the same time he’s questioning life, his ass is being tortured for the pleasure of a man who wouldn’t think twice at pulling his balls right off his body for his own pleasure.

The strokes were massive and unrelenting. The dom was creating no passion or lust in this attack of the very sacred innards of the scholar. If he could burst through his belly and come out the other side, he would do it if he found pleasure in the act. Each stroke was excruciating and yet becoming overwhelmingly pleasurable.

“Don’t you dare come before I do, you little bastard,” said the dom as he pulled hard on the leash.

The scholar screamed with pain but steadied himself quickly as the dom made it quite clear that there would be no option but his pleasure today.

The dom kept the pace up for what seemed like an eternity to the scholar. As he was assaulting the prostate of the scholar he would take an evil tone in his voice, pull the leash and send pain through the scholar's body. The inevitable was soon approaching as the dom started to tighten up on the leash for balance and quickened the stroke rate and with one final burst of activity exploded into the bowels of the scholar.

“Take that you well-educated fool,” he said with distain.

“Thank you,” said the scholar who was so close to coming himself but knew he could not for fear of reprisal from the dom.

“If you want to release yourself, go ahead, but first I need you to clean me up with your mouth,” said the dom as he took his semi-flaccid cock and shoved it into the mouth of the scholar.

The scholar cleaned him from tip of his cock to the taint. Not missing a single inch. His own cock was still at full attention, and he had to come. He took his member into his hand and stroked it for all he was worth. He knew if he didn’t do it soon the dom might have another plan and he needed the release. As he exploded all over his chest. In a show of compassion and concern, the dom rubbed the cum into his chest and carefully pinched his nipples as he allowed him to come down from the intensity of the 11:00 a.m. experience.

The two sat on the couch and watched the video together. Caressing each other’s cock while they watched the pairs on the screen do every sort of hole penetration.

“So let me show you something I just got. It is a plaque for saving the neighborhood park. Pretty soon you will see new park equipment and an area for parties under a new pavilion,” he said as he pointed to the newest award in his office. Not noticing the camera that was installed into the ornate jewelry-looking center. His neighbor, a viewer to all that had just gone on, watched and logged the events.

“Very nice, it looks like you must have spent a lot of money for your community,” said the scholar.

“It’s worth it. The lady that got me to do it I will soon have as a guest and mount her just like I did you,” said the dom.

“Well, I need to get going I’ve got to pick up my wife at the fabric store,” said the scholar.

With one final pull of the leash, the dom brought the scholar to his knees again and said, “Same day and time next week?”

“Yes, I think we can do better, and I have to tell you that my balls are killing me. Sort of a cross between feeling like I’ve been kicked and having them stretched to their limit.” Said the scholar.

“We can work on that, now walk to the garage door and I will release your clothes, “said the dom.

The two walked to the garage like long connected buddies belonging to some sort of club. Not far from the truth, those who belong to the secret second life society know all too well the stakes. If they are found out the pain they feel from a kick in the balls would be welcomed compared to the pain they will feel in their daily lives.

While watching the two share a moment, the nosey neighbor had her own pleasure and was still breathing hard. She classified the file and stored it in her hard drive under the odd name of “quickies and other delights”. She pulled her panties up and then her shorts and noticed the time, 11:00 a.m. exactly an hour. Right on time. The next appointment showed in his calendar for 2:00 p.m. Time to get a set or two of tennis in and some lunch.

And everyone went on about their day as though nothing had happened. But it did…it is only the beginning.


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