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A Woman’s Envy (Part Two)

A Multi-Part Short Story

By Jassy La’Nae Published 2 years ago 5 min read
A Woman’s Envy (Part Two)
Photo by Daria Litvinova on Unsplash

He stood at least a foot over me. With his head lowered staring down into my gaze colored eyes lustfully, I took no time to hesitate. I grabbed him by his shirt and yanked him onto the couch. I began kissing his full lips and let out a long soft moan from enjoyment. I felt him snap open my blouse and begin to unbutton my pants while I cradled on top of him.

“I’ve waited so long to do this to you.” I said to him.

A little out of breath, he muttered, “I know. I’ve been wanting you just as much. It’s just…you know I had to let things go with her first.”

I stopped kissing his face and looked at him sternly. “Don’t mention her. Just focus on me.” I unbuttoned his pants and shoved my hand in his pants to wake him up down there. He followed my lead and took off my shirt, making my 36c breasts jiggle in his face. He took the left breast and stuck it in his mouth like a hungry child. He sucked and swirled his tongue around until my nipples were hard and tender while squeezing my butt with his other hand. My body being like a play toy for him. I had cushion in all of the right places for him to play with.

We fell onto the floor with me still on top of him. Taking his junk out of his zipper, I played with it until I had a thick and stiff stick in my hands. I felt his body jump as his phone began to ring.

“I know you’re not going to answer that.” I said noticing his body language change. He seemed sure of who was calling him.

“It could be something wrong with the baby.”

Not wanting to be rude, I grabbed his phone from the coffee table and handed to him while I continued to finish what I was starting. He tried catching his breath before he answered her call, “Wussup? Grab some milk? She’s out already? Okay, I’ll grab some.”

Wanting the conversation to end, I pushed him inside of my mouth until he reached the back of my throat. Slowly, I began to let my mouth get moist as I moved my neck and head up and down his dick all while looking at him. Making it appear and disappear into my mouth like a magic trick. He was lost for words, holding his phone up to his ear but not giving her a response.

I could hear her a little through his phone speaker asking him what he was doing. “Are you going to be here soon? Can you hear me?” So pathetic, I thought to myself. She knows he’s busy doing something else so why act oblivious to it.

I grabbed his phone and hung up for him. Why did he answer in the first place when I was here making him feel good? If she could make him feel the way I could, he would be at home getting pleased by her, and not here with me. She wasn’t going to take up any of my time alone with him, since I couldn’t have him all to myself as much as I would like.

I wanted him to be all about me. I didn’t care for her nor cared about her. Anything she did I could do ten times better. He was mine now, and there was no room in the picture for her.

He pulled me up and began to return the favor as he spread my legs open. I moaned and whimpered as he found the g-spots that I had and made them feel good with his tongue and lips. It was as if my pussy was getting French kissed.

“Put it in.” I said, not wanting to wait any longer. “Put it in me.”

He stood to his knees and gave me a sexy smirk. “You’re ready?” I nodded yes.

He spread my legs open a little more and gently shoved his ten inches inside of me. Getting only half in at first, he thrusted his hips in and out pushing the last four inches inside of me. I couldn’t control my breathing and moans as I scratched at his stomach to control how much he put in.

“Who’s pussy is this?” He asked seductively.

“It’s…yours. It’s yours!”

His next words came out and almost scared me half to death. His lips were moving, but a blaring alarm sound came out.

Quickly I felt my eyes open. The alarm on my nightstand was going off and blinking to let me know it was seven-thirty in the morning, and time for me to wake up.

I huffed loudly and smacked the alarm off. I just had to wake up when my dream was just getting good. I sat up and noticed the moist mess between my legs.

I got up and turned on the shower to get my day started. While brushing my teeth, I checked my phone to see if I had any notifications. An unknown number had sent me a text message while I was asleep.

Hey, it’s Des. Make sure you save my number beautiful.’ With a winking emoji.

I smiled, and responded: ‘Will do! Goodmorning.’ With a red heart.

After rinsing out my mouth I checked my gallery for my recent photos. I stared at the one I took of Des holding his daughter in the coffee shop. I immediately got annoyed as I noticed the woman in my shot. I edited the photo by scribbling her out in black and then cropping her out all together. She wasn’t going to be in the picture much longer. She would be cut out and replaced just as easily as my iPhone had done it.

To be Continued...

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