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A New Experience

by Kit Kitsune 2 years ago in lgbtq
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Part 1

A New Experience
Photo by Abo Ngalonkulu on Unsplash

Elenarra had woken up that morning to a mouthful of sand. As she attempted to open her eyes, she heard seagulls squawking above her. She quickly spit out the sand, crawling slowly towards the water lapping at her feet. She rinsed her mouth out with the briny water, then splashed some in her face quickly. Looking around, all she could see were broken bits of wood lying about her in the sand. The horizon was clear, the complete opposite of the previous evening.

Last night a horrific storm had hit, tossing about the small ship she was on, The Marionette. Swells were reaching upwards of 20 feet or more, the captain said. “Best to get back to your cabin, Miss,” he said. And that’s where she hid. She stayed burrowed into her bunk, with her blanket over her head. Her father had finally sent for her, had assured her the trip would be easy. “Just a little wobbly here and there,” he said. Right. Not when faced with giant waves, she thought.

And now, there was no evidence of the ship at all, aside from the planks of wood. Turning her attention to the land behind her, she saw a thick jungle starting just 200 feet from the shoreline. A mountainous range ascended quickly from that point. She couldn’t really tell how far up it went, but it looked pretty high to her. She got up and started picking her way through the wreckage. She was hoping to at least find someone else alive. She couldn’t bear the thought of being on this island alone. But, as she recalled the lecherous glances some of the crew had given her, she revised her original thought.

Wandering along the shore for some time, she found very little to give her hope that others had survived. A sudden growling in her stomach told her it had been too long since she had eaten. Not finding any provisions from the ship washed up along the shore, she decided to try heading inland, hoping to find something that looked edible.

As she waded between the thick jungle plants around her, she tried to keep going in a straight line, so as not to get lost. But, she could see that it was hopeless after having to wind around large trees and other large plants in her way. Peering among the plants, she did not see any she could recognize. She had studied her father’s botany books religiously, so this came as quite a shock to her.

Suddenly, there was a snap, and a loud crash as she moved into a clearing. A rather large net appeared from under the leaves on the ground, sweeping her up into the trees. Crying out loudly, Elenarra struggled in vain to break free. She tried to peer down, but it was nearly impossible to see through the growth below her. All I wanted was a bit of food, she thought. Hopefully, whoever set this trap has food amongst them, preferably not ME!

She ceased her struggling and decided to wait. It wasn’t long before she heard footsteps approaching and loud voices below her. She felt herself being lowered to the ground and praised the heavens. Please let them have food, she thought. As the net reached the ground, she started calling out. “Help! Help me out of this please!” Feeling hands through the netting, she was suddenly free and surrounded by a bunch of very large women.

Now, Elenarra was no small thing herself. She stood 5’7” tall and probably weighed a good 150 lbs. She was well-proportioned, however, with full breasts and hips and a small waist. But these women were huge by comparison. Not one of them was less than 6’5” tall, and they were all very well muscled. Had it not been for the obvious breasts & long hair, she might have thought them to be men!

Seeing their quizzical stares, Elenarra started to speak. “Thank you so much for rescuing me! Though I suppose I have you to thank for being dragged up into the trees like that. My name is Elenarra.” Looking about at all of them, it was obvious they did not understand her. She sighed and pointed towards her chest, enunciating “El-eh-naaa-rah” loudly.

The women simply looked at her, grabbed her arms and quickly tied her hands behind her back. In shock, she started yelling, “Hey, what are you doing? Don’t…Stop that!” But it was no use; her struggles were all for naught. Her feet were then tied and she was hauled over the shoulder of one of the women, a big blonde one with green eyes, in fact. Elenarra had very little time to notice this however, as the women moved quickly through the thick forest. She tried to pick up her head from time to time, but the only reward she got for that was a thump on the head from the brunette behind them.

Finally, they approached a very large clearing. Elenarra could see huts as they moved deeper into the village. Women were everywhere, though some were more like her, a little shorter, not as muscular. Still, she would have been dwarfed by even the shortest of them. They passed through a large wall, and entered what seemed to be a city of sorts. Taking her into a building to their immediate right, they went down some stairs and finally deposited her into a chamber of sorts.

Removing her bonds, they quickly left her there. She could hear the lock of the door behind them & rushing to it, they had locked her in. Turning to examine the room, she noticed a small bed on the side, a table, a chamber pot, and little else. She moved to examine the table and found fresh water on the stand. Gulping at it quickly, she sighed as her thirst was finally quenched.

The door flung open behind her and she started with surprise. Looking up, another tall woman entered the room, bearing what seemed like clothing and another pitcher of water. Guards came with her and pointed their spears at Elenarra as the woman approached her. She knew instinctively that she must not try to get away or harm the woman coming at her.

Placing the pitcher and clothes on the table, the woman quickly stripped Elenarra of what little clothes she had left on her. Blushing furiously and trying hard to hide what little modesty she had left with her hands, Elenarra began to scold the woman. But at the look on the guards’ faces, she shut up immediately. The woman grabbed the pitcher and a cloth, wetting it down, and then rubbing the cloth over her body. She scrubbed her face, her neck, her chest and arms, and so on. As she neared Elenarra’s nether region, she blushed even darker, but did her best to stand still.

She couldn’t help but give a slight shudder as the washcloth dipped between her legs and scrubbed against her inner lips and clit. Lowering her head in shame, Elenarra endured it all, on fear of death by spear. Finally, the woman was done and had her dressed in a robe that was at least 3” too long for her. Taking her by the hand, she led her from the room and back up the stairs she had traveled not but 30 minutes prior. Leading her through a corridor, they entered a wide open chamber. Elenarra was stunned to see many of the women there. It seemed to her as though they were waiting on her.

One particularly elegant looking woman stepped forward to examine her. She was about 6’3”, as far as Elenarra could tell. Beautiful chestnut hair streamed down in waves from the top of her head. Her eyes were a deep blue, darker than the deepest ocean, skin pale as ice. She wore a dark green robe, gilded down the front.

She lifted Elenarra’s own red hair from her shoulders, feeling the fine texture between her fingertips. Quickly untying the robe, she pulled it off of her, much to Elenarra’s dismay. Elenarra tried her best to protest, but she was quickly moved this way and that. Every inch of her seemed to be under examination.

The women kept talking amongst themselves, but Elenarra couldn’t understand a single word they said. The examination seemingly over, she was brought back to “her” room and left there, locked in again. There was food on the table, along with a carafe of dark red fluid. Elenarra took a sniff and determined it to be some sort of sweet wine. Quickly eating the bread and fruit left for her and drinking the wine, she gave no thought as to whether any of it was unsafe. Surely, amongst a bunch of women, she was safe, no?

Suddenly feeling drowsy, she moved towards the bed and nearly collapsed into it, sinking quickly into sleep. As she awoke, she felt hands running up and down her arms and legs. Trying to sit upright, Elenarra felt as though her head was made of lead. Only able to move an inch or so, and giving off a loud moan, she opened her eyes to find a woman on either side of her in the bed.

Looking left to right, she noted that these women were the softer, less muscled type. She felt them rubbing some sort of oil into her skin. Whatever it was smelled heavenly, but she couldn’t help but flush as she noticed she was still quite naked. One of the women leaned over to kiss her neck, and Elenarra couldn’t help but moan softly as her lips hotly moved over her flesh. Again, she tried to move, but felt as though she couldn’t. She remembered the wine, and knew then that she had been drugged.

The girls both had dark brown hair, one had lush brown eyes and the other had green ones. This was the only way she could tell them apart. She sighed as the girl to her right lightly caressed her mons. She tried to shake her head, to somehow get out of this situation, but it was useless. No matter what, she could barely move an inch. The other girl continued to lick and nibble at her neck, making Elenarra giggle as it tickled.

Elenarra tried to speak, but could barely gurgle with pleasure as the first girl dipped her fingers inside of her. Gasping lightly, she felt her body move against the girl’s hand. She saw the girl smile, then move her head towards her breast, flicking her tongue out at her taut nipple. Sighing heavily, Elenarra kept grinding against the fingers and hand invading her. The other girl continued to stroke her, her hand moving towards her other breast, quickly pinching her nipple before giving it a sharp little twist. Elenarra gasped again and moaned. Her mind could barely find the desire to protest.

As the women continued to work her over, the second one moved to kiss her, dipping her tongue between Elenarra’s lips eagerly. The first was kissing her way down from her breast over her belly, towards her sex. Elenarra moaned into the kiss, returning it softly. Still, part of her mind screamed that this was not right, but was quickly silenced by the pleasure in Elenarra’s body.

As the first girl positioned herself between Elenarra’s legs, she groaned. The girl had removed her fingers, replacing them with her tongue. Slowly, she lapped at her clit, her opening, and finally her asshole. Licking her ass softly, she moved back towards Elenarra’s clit, but not before probing her ass with a finger. Elenarra gasped at the intrusion, but simply moaned again as the girl began to suck upon her clit.

The second girl continued to kiss her, stopping only to move down to her breasts, licking and suckling at them each in turn. Taking Elenarra’s hand in hers, she moved it to her own sex, humping her fingers slightly as they kissed. Their tongues wound around each others, sucking and biting at each other. The girl manipulating her hand, working more and more fingers inside of her, until Elenarra’s whole hand was nearly buried within the girl.

Elenarra felt the first girl push a second finger into her asshole at this point and nearly cried out in pleasure. Her mouth seemed locked upon her sex, her tongue lashing her clit and hole repeatedly. Crying out against the other girl’s mouth, Elenarra could feel her body start trembling. The girl started pumping her fingers in and out of her, taking the fingers of her other hand and digging them deep into her pussy. Feeling her curl her fingers over and over, in a “come here” motion, within her, Elenarra felt pressure building up within her. The girl had attached her mouth to her clit again, and had suckled it between her teeth, flicking at it with her tongue.

The second girl was riding her hand, kissing Elenarra and massaging her breasts. Elenarra’s mind was reeling by this point, not knowing what the hell to think anymore. She was lost in the passion of this girl’s kissing, and the ministrations of the other. Suddenly, her body was bucking against them both. Elenarra cried out loudly as she experienced her first orgasm. Never before had anyone ever made her feel this good.

The girls did not let up however. Switching positions, they simply continued pleasuring Elenarra the rest of the night. They were under strict orders by their queen to make sure this new girl was schooled in all of their arts. As the drugs in the wine wore off, Elenarra was able to return some of the pleasure they had given her. Not realizing that she was no longer held against her will, she pleasured each of the girls with her fingers, mouth and tongue. Hours went by, but the girls did not stop until they were all completely spent. Soon, Elenarra would know for what she was being groomed.


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just a woman that loves to write.

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