Four stories

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A lovemaking series

Four stories
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Number One...

It was raining outside. The kind of bone-chilling rain that reaches in and tickles your soul with it's icy fingers. She is cold, even though her body radiates warmth. He isn't home yet. She moves to the window, a streak of lightening illuminates the street below. Her lover has arrived. She rushes to let him in.

"You're soaked," she exclaims, "let's get you out of those wet clothes."

She sits him down on the bed and removes his shoes and socks. He stands and she removes his shirt, his pants follow. She wraps him in a blanket and towels off his hair.

"Are you warm yet, my love?" she asks.

"Not yet," he replies.

"Let me warm you, dearest."

She pulls him close to her warmth, enveloping him within her embrace.

She kisses him again and again. On his lips, on his cheeks, gentle loving kisses. Her hands caress his face and his hair.

"Are you warm yet, love?" she asks again.

"Not yet," he replies.

She kisses him again on the lips, with great passion. Mouths open wide, tongues gently exploring. Her hand reaches out to caress his neck, a careful raking of fingernails. He groans softly.

And in a deep throaty voice she says, "let me warm you..."

The kiss deepens, tongues wage a battle against each other. Hands remove whatever clothes remain. His mouth covers her neck, kissing and biting all the places he knows excites her most. She cannot help moaning when he nibbles on her favourite spot. His lips travel downward across her chest, deliciously avoiding her taut nipples. Meanwhile her hands are urging him towards her aching breasts. Slowly, he traces the circumfrence of her breast with him tongue. He must restrain her hands with his to keep her from rushing him. For he does delight in sweetly torturing her with his slow deliberation. His tongue spirals ever so slowly towards her nipple.

Her body is so tense it trembles beneath his. Just as he's about to encase it in his mouth, he moves towards her other breast. She gives a cry of frustration which he ignores. Totally enjoying the taste of her flesh, he is more merciful with her now. As he makes his approach, he fully intends to satisfy her wishes. Yet, he pauses, on the brink of ecstacy she pleads with him... And with a deliberate sensuality he acquiesces. His warm mouth sucks upon her nipple, harder and harder, until her moans are frequent and loud. And with a final tease, he bites her, and she gasps, her lover knows her well. Not one to be repetitive, he will not treat the other breast the same. This one he nibbles on, almost gently. His lover is in agony.

She begs, "take me!" "Fuck me," she pleads, "make me scream your name! Please..."

He ignores her pleas, he's not going to give in quite yet. Still restraining her with his hands and body, he continues to dine on her flesh. Soft kisses rain down upon her belly, teeth nibble on her sides where she's most ticklish.

"Lover, please..." she begs.

He lets her hands loose, and she pulls him to her. While he's consumed with her kisses, she makes her move. Swift, as a tigress closing in on her prey, she turns him over on his back.

With a gleam in her eye, she tells him, "now it's my turn!"

He indulges her. Her hands slowly caress him as she kisses his lips. Her mouth follows her hands as they travel further downward along his body.

Soon she reaches her destination, he is breathless with anticipation.

Tentatively she touches the tip of his penis with her tongue. He gasps with a sharp intake of breath, and exhales slowly. Inch by inch she takes him in her mouth. She is slow and gentle, using just the right amount of pressure to delight him most. Her pace begins to quicken, adjusting to the wishes of her lover. She teases him with her tongue, first swirling it about the head, then licking him up and down like a popsicle, letting her tongue dry out so that it would feel rough as a cat's. He involuntarily thrusts his hips forward, she takes him in to the hilt, and he groans. She can feel he's close to coming. She works him faster and harder, and gently caresses his balls with her fingers.

"I'm coming," he tells her.

And with a yell he floods her mouth with his sweet, yet salty juices. She swallows every drop, hungering for more of her lover's essence. She licks him clean and then nibbles upon his throat. After he catches his breath he begins to pleasure her in earnest. He licks and bites her breasts as his fingers thrust in and out of her. Her own fingers caress her clitoris. His mouth attacks her neck, and she begins to groan, the pleasure is so intense. He can tell by the sheer volume of her exclamations that she is close to coming.

"Kiss me," she says, "hard on the lips."

He kisses her so hard it hurts, and when he removes his mouth from hers, she screams. She screams his name, giving her lover the highest praise known. He can feel her muscles gripping his fingers again and again, as if to pull him deeper into her. Her hips buck against him with no apparent rhythm. And still she crys out for her lover. He kisses her once more, and much more tenderly. Her body relaxes slowly, melting into his arms.

Softly she kisses him, snuggling her body closer and closer to his.

"My love, are you warm yet?" she asks.

He just laughs and kisses her once again...

Number Two...

Sunlight streams into the room, fighting its way past the thin curtains. A shaft of light illuminates the dust motes doing their sultry dance in the soft morning air. He awakens before his lover. He watches her sleep, her chest rising and falling with each deep, even breath. She is tangled in the bedsheets, vines that snake around her limbs during a fretful night. Slowly, she awakens and stretches. A smile stretches across her face as she notices her lover watching her.

"Good morning, love," he says, "what a sleepyhead you are."

"Who me?" she exclaims in her most innocent voice. "Don't i get a good morning kiss?" she asks.

No verbal answer is needed. Her lover kisses her lips, her eyes, her ears, and her throat. Her arms and legs entwine themselves about her lover as she returns his loving kisses. Gently, he extricates himself from her grasp, and leaves their bed. She groans her displeasure at being left alone.

"I'm not leaving you, love," he comforts, "I'm coming back."

He moves to the wardrobe and removes 4 silk ties. His lover watches his every move with eager eyes. She loves to watch his body move, hungering for every inch of him. He returns to her and removes the sheets from their bed. She begins to rise, but is stopped by her lover. He pushes her, gently, back down upon the bed. He takes one tie and fastens her hand to one corner post with it. He ties her other hand, and both her feet to the bed so that she lies spread-eagled, flat on her back in front of him. Her breath comes quicker now, not out of fear, but out of arousal. Her lover would never hurt her. She eagerly awaits his ministrations. Her body strains to be close to his. Their union is her only wish. He gazes down upon her, she is beautiful, and she is his.

"Lover, take me," she whispers.

He just smiles at her, admiring her flesh. Absentmindedly, he traces the contours of her face with a finger. As he reaches her lips, she tries to take his finger in her mouth. His hand retreats, traces the outline of her jaw, her neck and down to her breasts. Slowly, he caresses one, and then the other. She moans with delight. He kisses her mouth, invading it with his tongue. She returns his kiss fiercely, passionately. He follows the path his hands took with his mouth, kissing, nibbling, and licking his way across her flesh. As he reaches her breasts, he hesitates. She is in agony by now.

"Please, love, don't stop now!"

He takes one nipple into his mouth and suckles upon it gently. His lover lets out a low moan of ecstacy. Her moans get louder the harder he sucks upon her. Then, to tease, he holds his mouth just an inch above her breast. She can feel his hot breath, but not his mouth. She arches her back to no avail, and squeals in frustration. Then he flicks her nipple with his tongue, again and again, tormenting her sweetly. He dances back and forth from each breast as if trying to decide which one he likes best.

Meanwhile his hands explore her body, every curve, every valley known by heart. When he is through with her breasts he nibbles her thighs, sending shivers racing throughout her body.

"Love, don't make me wait any longer, take me," she pleads.

He stretches out along the length of her body, placing his weight upon her. Mouth just inches from hers, he can feel her breath upon his face. He looks deep into her eyes and plunges into her, watching as her eyes open wide at the invasion. He kisses her, thrusting his tongue in and out to the rhythm of his hips. She is warm and wet...and eager. She sucks upon his tongue as she tries to arch her hips to receive all of him. Groans escape from deep in her throat as she bucks and rotates her hips against his. With one hand he pinches her nipples, with the other he grabs her ass, pushing into her with all his might. He pounds her hard, thrusting harder and deeper with each stroke. He disengages his mouth from hers only to bite and ravage her neck.

"Yes, love, bite me there," she exclaims. "Don't stop! Please!"

He rams her relentlessly.

"Yes!" She screams, "more...I want more of you!"

He can tell she's close to coming...he thrusts faster, deeper. Her moans get louder and louder. He groans along with her. In great heaving spasms she comes. She comes so hard she can't even make a sound, her eyes and mouth open as wide as they can. He can feel her muscles gripping him over and over. He continues to thrust but has lost his rhythm. With a giant roar he comes. He can't stop pounding her. He thrusts a few more times, then collapses on top of her, shaking. After a few minutes he pulls out of her comforting warmth. He unties her bonds, and kisses her once more. She caresses his face with her hands, kissing him all over.

He asks, "did I please you love?"

She snuggles in closer to him, and whispers in his ear, "you have brought me to heaven and back, and ask if i am pleased? You please me more than words can say."

She blushes, and he gathers her in his arms and sleeps.

Number Three...

He looks deep into his lover's eyes as the sun sets slowly in the distance.

She reaches out and caresses his face softly. He is mesmerized by her gaze.

"I want you, love," she whispers.

He takes her hand and leads her to the bedroom. He grabs her by the waist and pulls her to him. Kisses her again and again, savouring the sweetness of her lips. Her hands pull his hips towards hers until they meet.

Slowly, she pushes against him, rubbing her pelvis against his, twirling her hips, pushing harder, until the friction is unbearable. He grabs her bottom, urging her on, kneading and caressing her soft behind. Her moans fill the air around them like hundreds of little butterflies~~real and not real at the same time. She tugs at her lover's clothing without much success. He pulls his shirt and pants off swiftly as she removes her garments. He kisses her breasts through her bra, teasing himself. He removes her bra and panties, kissing her newly exposed flesh. Then he takes her hand in his once more and leads her to the bed. He sits down and pulls her across his lap. He strokes and caresses her bottom, making her moan with delight.

And then he smacks it; she gasps, and squirms a little, but he continues to love it, caressing away the momentary pain. When she doesn't expect it, he smacks her again, holding her close so that she knows how much he loves her. Alternating caresses with smacks he has her on the brink of ecstacy. She moans and writhes in his lap which only excites him more.

She aches for him. He smacks her once more and she whimpers, her bottom is blush-red. But, she doesn't mind.

"Love, take me," she pleads.

He leans over and kisses the back of her neck, "yes, love," he whispers.

He pulls her up to sit upon his lap and kisses her. Over and over, he kisses her on the lips and throat. She moans with delight. Slowly he pushes her down on the bed. She kisses his neck, nibbling softly on his flesh. He abandons her throat for her breasts, suckling hard on her nipples, going from one to the other, gathering and kneading the flesh with his hands.

She groans louder than ever. She reaches down and strokes him. He groans and lets her guide him to her. He plunges in, feeling her warm pulsating flesh sheath him, and pull him deeper inside.

"Ride me hard," she whispers.

This only excites him more. He thrusts into her harder and harder, while she slams her pelvis against his. She caresses his buttocks, urging him on.

Moaning, she kisses him on the lips. He pinches her nipples, making her cry out. With a loud moan she comes, bucking her hips against his, gripping him over and over. He continues to thrust, revelling in her passion. She pushes once more against him and he floods her with a gasp.

He falls next to her in the bed. She nuzzles his neck and kisses him. He lazily strokes her back and bottom. She kisses his throat and his chest, loving his taste. She hugs him to her, and falls into oblivion, and dreams of her lover.

When she awakens, her lover is still asleep. Delicious thoughts fill her head as she devours him with her eyes. She can't restrain herself any longer, slowly she caresses his body. Her hands stroke his face, and his throat. She loves the feel of his chest beneath her fingers. All the while her lover sleeps, perhaps he dreams of her touch. She caresses his abdomen, and his hips, then his thighs and calves. She can't resist kissing her way back towards his beautiful face. She covers every inch of him with her kisses, her lover moans in his sleep. She wonders if he'll wake to find her kissing him all over. Her lover groans and reaches out blindly for her. She guides his hands to her body, revelling in his feverish pace. She whispers in his ear, "awake, my beloved."

As he opens his eyes, he sees her and exclaims, "it wasn't just a dream!"

"No, love, it wasn't just a dream, it was me."

And she kisses him on the lips ardently. He pulls her on top of him and caresses her in earnest.

"Sweet love," she says, "I couldn't help myself. I wanted you so badly."

And all he says to her is, "now it's your turn to ride."

Her eyes light up with delight, and she says, "your wish is my command, my love."

She mounts him and begins to ride. Slowly she pushes her hips against his, pulling back on an angle to create the most friction. Her lover caresses her breasts, softly kneading the flesh, teasing her nipples. She leans over him so that he may suck upon them. He suckles her nipples and pulls on them deliciously with his teeth. She moans, and makes her hips move faster, more violently against him. He thrusts his hips upward to meet her, engulfing himself deeply in her warmth. She closes her eyes and throws back her head making deep sounds in her throat. He comes inside her, thrusting harder and harder against her. And with a cry, she collapses on top of him, clasping at him, unwilling to let him go. She kisses him over and over, smiling and giggling to herself. He holds her close, kissing her back.

"Darling, what's so funny," he asks.

"Nothing love," she replies, tracing the outline of his lips with a finger.

"It's just...I'd like to do it again!" she says.

He groans and tells her to go to sleep. She smiles, cuddles up to him and the world falls away in darkness.

Number Four...

He sneaks up behind her as she stands before the kitchen sink. She is gazing out the window, watching the birds and squirrels various antics in the early morning hours. She is totally oblivious to her lover’s approach.

He grabs her by the waist and kisses her neck. She gasps and twists in his embrace. She entwines her arms about his neck; her hands pull his face closer to hers and she kisses him. As their lips meet, she thrusts her tongue into his mouth. He thrusts back, filling her mouth with his tongue. Like a bout of fencing, the parries and thrusts are swift and fierce.

He pushes his hips against hers, backing her into the counter. She pushes back, arching her hips against him. Suddenly she pulls away from him.

Laughing, she runs into the next room. He is surprised at first, but then becomes too curious not to follow. She is standing in the middle of the room, smiling at him as he enters.

“If you want me, you have to catch me,” she says with a twinkle in her eye.

“So,” he asks, “That’s the game of the day? I see… You know I will catch you!”

“I know,” she replies, “after all, I want to be caught. But don’t worry, I won’t make it that easy.” And she smiles…he loves her smile.

“When do we start,” he asks.

“We already have,” she says, and dashes out of the room. The game is afoot. The chase goes from room to room, all throughout the house.

Their laughter fills the air and tickles the walls. At last, he tackles her on the couch, but she manages to wriggle out from under him and escapes.

Laughing and out of breath, she pauses in the kitchen. And once again, he grabs her, holding her tighter this time, crushing her to him.

“This time,” he says, “I have you for keeps.”

She laughs, “yes, love, I’m yours for keeps! But now that you’ve caught me, what are you going to do with me?” She opens her eyes wide, feigning innocence.

“I don’t know,” he teases, “do you have any suggestions?”

She gathers an intensely thoughtful look on her face, furrowed brows, pouting lip. The “bright idea” light bulb flashes on and she leans towards his ear and whispers, “take me!” He groans and holds her even tighter. She kisses him on his lips and works her way down to his neck. As she dines upon his neck, he caresses her bottom, kneading at her soft flesh. She groans and pushes herself against him. Then, as he places one hand on that ever so sensitive spot on her back, she lulls her head to one side and back, allowing him access to her neck. He kisses it and nibbles upon it, sending shockwaves of pleasure through her. He extricates himself from her grasp, and before she can utter a word of protest he places a finger upon her lips to silence her. He removes her nightshirt; she is naked underneath. He removes his own clothes and reaches out to her. He takes her in his arms and kisses her once more before guiding her to the floor.

He kisses her again, thrusting his tongue between her lips. She gently nibbles upon his lower lip. Her hands trace intricate patterns on his back, caressing him slowly. He moves to her breasts, alternately caressing and suckling them. Causing her to twist and tremble beneath him. He bites her, and she cries out, “Take me!” He rises up, pulling her with him. He grabs her by her hips and turns her over. She is on all fours with her rear end facing him. He rubs her bottom lovingly; he runs his nails over her flesh causing her to quiver. “Please!” she begs. He moves his hands across her back, she moans in painful ecstasy. He leans against her and kisses the back of her neck then works his way down her back to the place where her spine dips, where she’s most sensitive. He kisses her there and she cries out.

She thrusts her hips towards him, and exclaims, “Please! I’ll die! Take me now!!” He grabs her hips and thrusts into her waiting warmth. She makes a sound like a hiss thru her teeth…”Yes!” she whispers. He pulls her hips toward him as he thrusts into her, slamming into her again and again.

“That’s it,” she cries, “fill me! Come inside me! Fill me up!” This only incites him more. He leans over her again grabbing her breasts, teasing her nipples. He whispers in her ear, “yes, I’ll fill you, little love.” He alters his rhythm to a long, slow stroke. He pulls out of her almost completely then slams into her with a powerful thrust. Again, he rams into her, making her cry out with every thrust, clearly on the brink of ecstasy. He cannot take it anymore; he quickens his pace to an almost feverish pitch.

She comes in deep shudders, holding her breath because she can’t breathe.

He pounds into her relentlessly and then comes with a shout and a deep, deep thrust. He clasps to her, unwilling to withdraw. Finally, he removes himself from her and hugs her to him. She holds her lover close, nuzzling his neck. He moves to stand and pulls her up with him. He holds her very close and kisses her softly upon the lips.

“Well, my little love,” he says, “that was the best game of ‘catch’ I’ve ever played!”

She laughs, and with a wry smile, she asks, “Care to see if you can catch me again? Or would you like to be caught this time?”

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