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A Mannequin Fetish

Part 1: The Introduction

By Vicki CPublished 6 years ago 4 min read

Rena began her shift early Saturday at the boutique. It was a busy morning at Cerise's, with many women and their partners eagerly fingering through racks of new colourful fashions for spring. Blouses, dresses, skirts, tights, sandals and accessories. Rena was an outgoing, positive sales clerk with green eyes, dark auburn hair, and a petite, curvy figure. Her hair was a major feature: tight ringlets that framed her face, permed immediately after getting a short bob haircut. Most guys liked long hair, or so she always thought, until she made the daring decision to slice through five inches of thick hair to achieve the eye-catching look.

Wandering through the store, Rena greeted each potential customer, not appearing too pushy for a sale, but friendly enough to approach for advice and questions. She moved quickly, outpacing the two other sales associates on the floor, who were more busy gossiping than working on customer service. That's their loss, she thought, grinning to herself. Her method proved profitable, as several women lined up to purchase new outfits she recommended. At this rate, she might achieve sales leader of the month.

As the crowd thinned out in the early afternoon, Rena became aware of a stunning, handsome man carefully reviewing the feature fashion racks and displays, particularly the mannequins in the store front, facing the front window. His hair was black, thick, and shoulder length. He dressed in well-fitted blue jeans and a black button-down dress shirt. Usually, men appeared with their girlfriend or wife. On occasion, a guy might be interested in purchasing women's apparel for himself. Rena was curious and approached the mysterious man right away.

"May I help you find something?" she asked.

"I was admiring the store's display and variety of styles this season," he replied, smiling broadly and moving in closely. Rena felt an attraction to him right away, and it seemed mutual. Based on his response to her inquiry, she thought he might be a competitor, looking at what other retailers with similar products had. "Do you model some of these clothes?"

"Oh... no, not me," Rena blushed and giggled, half amused and half flattered by the comment. "I'm just a sales clerk."

"No need to be modest," his eyes drank in her body at that moment, from her electric blue wedge heels, travelling up her bohemian-style dress and gothic-style choker and silver hoop earrings. "You are quite a pleasant sight, and I can imagine any of these outfits would suit you well." His gaze moved towards the two mannquins, both sporting blunt bob haircuts, one red and one blond. Their sleek, plastic bodies serving as a display for pastel coloured one-piece off-the shoulder dresses.

Rena stepped back, noticing only two or three other customers in the store. The two gossiping co-workers had left for the day, only scheduled for a half shift, while Rena was working until the store closed. No one noticed this man's keen interest in her. It was eerie to see a man delicately, sensually caress soft silky blouses and slide his hands across hemlines. His attention to the mannequins was intriguing, almost creepy, but somehow arousing. Rena found herself drawn to his interests right then.

"If there is anything I can help you with..." she continued, moving the conversation into a more comfortable zone, unsure of what his intentions were.

"As a matter of fact, there is something you can do for me," he stated, taking a deep breath and stepping closely to her now, leaning in to whisper: "I would love you to model some outfits for me. I would buy them for you too, my treat." Rena's body stiffened, startled by this unexpected request. She was simultaneously turned on and frightened by his boldness. One of his hands traced the ringlet of her curls, slowly, deliberately, tracing her jawline and cupping her chin.

"... I don't even know you," Rena said, quivering and getting wet as she spoke.

"My name is Felix, and if you like, we can get to know each other..."

"I'm Rena. If you return after the store is closed, we can talk more." The time was set and over the next two hours, Rena would feel an intense anticipation like never before.


About the Creator

Vicki C

I began writing erotic fantasy short stories in 2011, which feature BDSM and fetishes. When I'm not writing, I work a regular job, enjoy cycling, travelling, rock concerts and reading.

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