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Dirty Mommy (Part 1)

Escape from Suburbia

By Vicki CPublished about a year ago 9 min read
A woman wearing heels, reaching for a book

The married life was good, Janice thought. She had just celebrated her fortieth birthday with her husband, a few close friends, a bottle of vintage wine, and grocery-store-bought charcuterie boards, appetizers, and delivery. Then, dinner with the family, kids, and well-wishes at work. Janice had a cushy job at an insurance firm, a kind, doting husband, and happy children. What could possibly be missing?

Sex. She longed for the days of passionate, intense love-making that no longer existed in her life. As wonderfully attentive as her husband was, the spark in the bedroom dimmed to the occasional encounter in between the sheets. It was the only time Janice felt intimacy, and yet, it was ordinary and uneventful. She had accumulated a collection of toys, as suggested by a few close girlfriends, which gave her a much-needed release, but she yearned for more.

Suburbia was ordinary, and anything unusual or quirky was hidden inside a series of plain, copy-and-paste-style homes surrounded by manicured lawns and flower gardens. "Hi, how are you?" was the mantra of every neighbour, followed by small-talk banter. Janice was born and raised to be successful, in her career and home, as a mother, wife, and professional. But she wanted more. She needed more...

"Let's go on a road trip," she suggested to her husband, Jake, who barely looked up from his laptop screen.

"Um, sure, that sounds fun. I'll need to check my vacation schedule at work."

A road trip would break up the monotony, or would it? Janice longed for a change of scenery, which might ignite the old flames of passion again. Then, she thought of the kids. Could they stay with family or friends, or would the excursion become another dull vacation with tacky tourist attractions and overcrowded beaches?

Janice was a good wife. She never considered having an affair, and while several men seemed attracted to her, she waved off their flirty nature and advances. That is until she met Craig. He was one of many attendees at a conference in the city's core. Janice loved the city, and the excitement of the fast-paced life appealed to her. There was an element of risk and edginess that she longed for. In college, Janice had her nose, and lip pierced and a few small, hidden tattoos, only to trade it in for the business-casual attire and a small, nearly invisible nose stud.

Craig noticed her immediately. Janice was naturally quirky and a bit unorganized in getting herself settled into one of the workshops. She wore high heels, a snug pair of dress pants, and a sheer top that hinted at her arm tattoo. There's a wild side to this corporate agent, he thought. A sly, sneaky smile crept across his face. He was keen on making conversation with her at lunch in the break room.

When Janice noticed the tall, dark-and-silver-haired man approaching her in the coffee room, she didn't expect a smooth, engaging conversation to begin so quickly. He was handsome and a bit nerdy, a major departure from her husband, who had a stocky, sporty build and often kept his conversation short and to the point.

Why was this well-dressed, polite stranger so interested in me? Janice kept talking, fumbling with her sheer top and occasionally blushing. She was never keen on following up with co-workers' flirting and often shied away from it. She knew all too well that an office romance could lead to a disaster, scandal, and problems with her marriage.

But...she was in the city now. Craig was a stranger. She noticed a bulge in his pants when he offered to buy her a second coffee. There were partitions lined throughout the arena, where they were now, compartmentalizing numerous boring displays and companies promoting their products and services.

"Can I show you something?" Janice nodded. She was in a daze. There was unspoken communication between them then. They were attracted to each other amid the dullness of corporate culture and grey tables with shiny cardboard displays, smiling business associates, and hum of attendees winding through corridors, collecting promotional pamphlets and moving like herded cattle.

Craig whipped himself behind a small section that was hidden and quiet. To the right there was a dimly lit corridor and rows of empty rooms for future conferences.

"It's quiet in there. I think we could use a break from that dizziness of business."

"Yes," Janice breathed, her heart fluttering with excitement, as the stranger grinned mischeviously and grabbed her hand, taking them down the hallway. They were instantly teenagers. One of the rooms was lined with bookcases, some were barely used, and others were haphazardly half-filled with old catalogues, binders, and outdated business books.

They slid into this room unnoticed, and Janet immediately began inspecting the books and the room's contents. Craig followed closely behind, his breath inching closer to her ear, where wisps of her bobbed hair, partially held back with a clip, tingled her face. With her back towards him completely, she gyrated slightly, moving her ass against his pelvis, feeling the pulsating bulge in his pants against her.

With one eye fixed on the door to the room, slightly ajar, Janice kept a lookout while sliding her hand back towards Craig's hard cock, now freed from his unzipped pants. His hands moved quickly, from her waist to her beneath her sheer top and camisole, pinching her nipples between his fingers.

She flinched, and his grip tightened, his breathing heavy, now with more vigor and a hard cock.

"That's it. I want to feel you against me." His hands worked fast, sliding down below her top now, pushing her dress pants with his thumbs so that her panties slid down too. Janice gasped.

"I'm m-married." She managed in an awkward, hushed tone. "I...I have a family, too."

"So do I." Craig was confident but determined. Janice moaned with pleasure as his hands caressed her lower back and ass. He enjoyed the curvy shape of her body and the floral tattoo. Then, he leaned in real close, with his cock pressed against her bareness. His fingers slid effortlessly through her loosened hair, gently grabbing and pulling a handful, just enough to force her back.

"Do you want my hard cock in your pussy?" Breathless and panting with excitement, Janice could barely respond.

"Hmmm, yes..." He continued to tease her backside, pressing his hands and cock against her now.

"Did you come to this conference to learn anything?"

"Um..." She was initially confused by his question.

"Did you come here to get educated about insurance sales and boring shit like that?" He moaned a bit before continuing.

"Nnno...I mean...yes, but...mmmmm..."

Then, he pulled her in close, tracing his finger along the crack of her ass, dipping beneath to find her sopping, wet pussy, puddling into his fingers.

"I know why you really came to the city."

"Oh?" She barely spoke now, trembling with arousal, wanting so badly for him just to push her against the books and fuck her nice and rough.

"You came here to escape your boring life. To get away from the office. The husband. The kids. And...get your pussy fucked. Isn't that it?"

"Mmmmm yessss." Janice licked her lips, gyrating fully against him now, and his fingers, now pushed into her pussy, and his thumb trailing her anus, ready to plunge his cock inside.

But, his professional, well-dressed man wanted to play dirty. He wanted to give Janice exactly what she wanted, but it would take a bit of effort, he decided. He was going to push her further.

"Spread your legs," he commanded, and she complied. Her pants were down to her ankles, and she wore heels. He caressed the front of her throat now, pressing his mouth against her ear.

"You're a dirty lady. A dirty mommy. You just want to escape the office for a stranger's cock, isn't that right?"

"Yes. Yes..." She knew what he wanted then. He wanted her to play the dirty office slut. The professional career woman, married with kids, who never gets to experience ecstasy at its fullest anymore. He was going to make her beg.

"I will give you my cock, but you have to beg. I want you to tell me what a dirty mommy you are and where you want me to fuck you."

"I'm...a dirty mommy."

"Yes, that's it. Say it again."

"A dirty mommy."

"...and what else?'

"A naughty whore. An office slut. I just want your cock. So bad. Please give it to me. I'm soooo..." He plunged himself into her just then, pulling her waist against him as he pushed in and out, sliding his throbbing cock inside of her. She moaned, thne reached down to finger her clitoris, then further, for his balls...

Surprised by her move, Craig slipped his cock out of her, then crouched down, pulling apart her ass cheeks and pussy lips to lick her crevice. Janice squealed with delight as her body quivered and shook. A few books tumbled off the shelf. Her eyes, once guarding the slightly open door, now squeezed shut in delight, feeling so exposed like a slutty doll, toyed with like an object. She liked it.

His tongue flickered inside of her, lapping up her juices in and around her labia and clit. Craig's thumb pressed into her ass while his other hand lightly spanked her cheek.

"Stay still, my office slut. I'm going to make you cum!"

He continued flickering, licking, and sucking until her whole body began to tremble and quake, gushing creamy cum all over Craig's face and glasses. Then, before she could crumble to a pile on the floor, he grabbed her hands to restrain her against the bookshelf and pushed his cock back inside of her, pumping vigorously.

As he grew close to climax, his dirty whispers became nibbles on her ear and neck, and his hands slapped the bare cheeks of her ass. It felt so good, so dirty, and forbidden. Craig would soon reach for Janice's hair, pulling her back as he released his cum, a little inside and all over her ass, spanking her as he did.

Janice was breathless and satisfied. It was a quick but exciting encounter with a stranger in the city. She felt renewed, awakened, somehow. Despite her successful career and having everything that everyone could ever want, she longed for the primal urge to become a sexy plaything. A dirty mommy or office slut, even if just once. Craig must have noticed her longing deep beneath the cordial greetings and business smiles. He knew what she wanted and what he desired and was determined to make it happen.

The remainder of the conference would return to its typical, uneventful course, and like old colleagues, Janice and Craig would shake hands and wish each other all the best. The weekend would arrive, along with the short family road trip, and Monday would return with another routine working week. But, for now, Janice could enjoy a moment of unleashed desire, even if just for a lunch break.


About the Creator

Vicki C

I began writing erotic fantasy short stories in 2011, which feature BDSM and fetishes. When I'm not writing, I work a regular job, enjoy cycling, travelling, rock concerts and reading.

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  • Swede1972about a year ago

    Hot story. Very nicely written. Thanks for sharing.

  • D. Seanabout a year ago

    This is hot! I like the way it simmers to a boil.

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