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7 Points To Consider When Hiring Female Party Strippers

Consider These Points When Hiring Female Party Strippers

By Jonathan WickPublished 12 days ago 4 min read

If you mention a bachelor party to about anybody, the one image that forms in the mind is the bachelor party stripper jumping out of a cake. Enacted in countless movies and TV shows, this bachelor party tradition has a lot of motives in real life. Before you book a bachelor party stripper, consider a couple of things.

Booking party strippers for a bachelor party is nowadays a routine part of the festivities. Anyhow, if it is not done in an appropriate way a lot of plans can go haywire. First and foremost, there may be embarrassment if certain boundaries are crossed. The worst part is the police may be called in. So, if you're planning Tampa female strippers for hire, to a private party, here are some of the points to consider before doing an online booking or picking up the phone.

1) Will the guest of honor get upset if you book a female stripper for his bachelor party? In other words, is this something that the groom will approve of? Is it his style? Would the groom's bride happy with this? Many grooms-to-be tend, to have a feeling of discomfort with a strip act. Or may be worried that their soon-to-be wives could come to know that there was a strip dancer at their stag party. Hence, you need to take this into consideration before hiring. Also, will it be OK with groom-to-be, but humiliating or improper for the guests coming to the party? If the idea passes the hurdles mentioned above, then you have to check whether a bachelor party stripper, is available in your area. All the bigger towns usually have this service.

2) Who's expected to participate in the bachelor party? If you're planning to invite the groom's seventeen-year-old brother to the party, then you may need to rethink your plans. In addition to the fact that it is inappropriate, in certain locales it is illegal for a dancer to strip in front of a minor.

3) How far in advance will you have to book Tampa party strippers? Is a stripper available on the date the party is planned, and can you afford the fee? They surely will not come cheap. Don’t forget that some of the top-end strip dancers are much in demand for private parties. And may have full schedules, weeks or perhaps months in advance.

4) If you're thinking about hiring a girl just on the basis of their photos on a website, be careful as these can easily be 'Photoshopped'; moreover, may not exactly reflect how the stripper really looks. Try to get some information about where the dancers perform routinely. Then go watch their act before arriving at a final decision. So, you'll know what they look like and also how they dance.

5) Go through the girl's rules minutely to ensure that you're comfortable with the boundaries that she has set. Never ignore the fact that each girl usually has her own set of rules with her own dos and don'ts. For that reason, pick strippers Tampa you feel most comfortable with.

6) Also ask whether the girl is willing to give lap dances or is just going to perform. Not all strip artists give lap dances. That being said if you wish to give the guest of honor a lap dance, you may want to pick a performer who specializes in these types of dances.

7) Considering the nature of many firms that would hire strippers for bachelor parties, you would have to practice extra caution in your dealings with them. Be certain to first check around with others who may have used the service, to ascertain they were satisfied with the quality of the "entertainment" provided. If any company is trying some pressure tactics on you or rushing you into a decision, they are likely not reputable. The reputed companies will not treat their potential clients that way. You may well discover that genuine bachelor party stripper booking agencies are branches of genuine modeling studios. Means, they are OK to deal with.

The Final Thoughts

Before going in for booking bachelor party strippers Tampa, do review the written contract. Also, don’t forget to closely look at the description of exactly what you're buying before signing or paying. Refer these points to properly choose the strippers for a bachelor party. In picking a performer for the stag party, it is most important to go for a girl who is attractive, witty, and knows what she is doing. Do be certain that the stripper to be hired knows her limitations and has a few tricks behind her back. Ask her to add an extra twist to the performance. For instance, ask the stripper to invite the groom to get on the stage with her and let her put some women’s clothes on him. Many ideas can be thought of to make this occasion a fun.


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