5 Tips for Increasing Your Member's Size Naturally

You’ve made up your mind that you want to increase the size of your package.

5 Tips for Increasing Your Member's Size Naturally
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Well done. You’ve made up your mind that you want to increase the size of your package. No, not the one from Amazon. Your reading this because you want to increase the size of your penis. Not just that, you want to do it as naturally as possible. So, how do you get the penis size that a lot of men want, without hindering your sexual performance? Consider these five tips.


Not pushups, but exercising your penis. The most common natural penis exercise is jelqing. This is a form of naturally trying to enlarge your penis that is claimed to go back centuries. Jelqing requires a mostly erect penis and lubrication. Once you have both, you would apply pressure at the base of your penis and then move your hand down your shaft while continuing to keep pressure. The intent is not to masturbate but give continual, repetitive force. Just be careful that you don’t apply too much pressure as jelqing performed wrong can lead to erectile dysfunction or other issues.


Similar to exercising, stretching includes working your thumb and index finger over your penis while it is flaccid. The intent of stretching is not to gain an erection but elongate the penis with gentle pressure. Stretching should be done on a daily basis but not in tandem with exercising. The flaccid penis is crucial to stretches and works the penis without the blood flow of an erect penis. Just like with exercising, if done wrong, stretching can cause tears in the blood vessels or other complications.


Okay, so this one doesn’t really change the size of your penis. But looks can be deceiving. Keeping your nether regions trimmed and orderly will make it look bigger. There is also a strong chance that your partner’s sexual desire will be higher since there aren’t wild pubes to contend with. Your newly strengthened self-confidence will also go a long way in shaping the mental image of your size. So, break out the razor and trim closer to grow longer, but not to close. You don’t want to clip anything important.

Eating Right

A major reason this is on the list is that having the right nutrition will do several things for your body. Hopefully, a healthy diet mixed with some exercise will encourage any extra pounds to come off. Much like with shaving, this body change will impact how your penis looks in relation to your body. With the right foods, you can experience increased libido, energy levels, and overall just feel better. Though there are some vitamins and minerals that are supposed to relate to male enhancement, just changing your diet might not increase your body's intake enough to make a difference.

Adding Supplements

As we just mentioned, it can be difficult to include all of the nutrients our bodies need in our diets. That’s why the inclusion of supplements has become popular in many diets. This is also true with male enhancement supplements. These need to include natural ingredients aimed at increasing blood flow, sexual desire, and penis size. A major problem with finding the right one, however, is the oversaturated market. If you are thinking you want to try a supplement, check out this study done on the Best Male Enhancement Pills. It gives a good overview of some of the ingredients, expected results, and common (if any) side effects of the supplement.

Overall, there are some good options when it comes to natural male enhancement. Consider your choices, do a little bit of additional reading on the supplements, and see if any of these natural ways to increase your penis size work for you.

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