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5 Causes of Vaginal Smell on Onions, Starting from Food to Signs of Venereal Disease

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By Faizal Haris LubisPublished 9 days ago 3 min read
5 Causes of Vaginal Smell on Onions, Starting from Food to Signs of Venereal Disease
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Sometimes women complain of a vaginal odor that is slightly sour, like vinegar. In fact, this is a sign of normal vaginal odor because healthy female intimate organs do not smell like fruit or flowers. However, there is a phase where the vagina produces vaginal discharge that smells like onions. What caused it?

Causes of the vaginal smell of onions

Basically, the vagina has a natural, non-pungent odor, similar to vinegar but not too sour.

Have you ever felt that Miss V smells like onions? The following are the causes of vaginal odor that women need to know


Garlic, shallots, and onions are cooking spices that can trigger body odor and vaginal odor.

This group of onions releases the compound allyl methyl sulfide (AMS), a gas that is absorbed in the blood during the processing of onions in the body.

Then, the blood carries this gas throughout the body, even out of the skin's pores in the form of sweat.

It's not surprising that there are people whose bodies and vaginas smell like onions after consuming foods containing this ingredient.

However, there is no need to worry; the onion-smelling vaginal discharge will disappear and return to normal within 48 hours.

You can drink lots of water to reduce the onion smell in sweat and the urethra (the tube that carries urine).

If the smell of onions in your vagina does not disappear within three days, you can consult a doctor.

Hormonal changes

Quoting from the Mayo Clinic, there is a phase that makes the intensity of vaginal odor more pungent. For example, during menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause

In fact, the vaginal odor also changes sharply after exercising and having sex.

A vaginal odor that is more pungent and resembles onions occurs due to changes in the estrogen hormone.

Not only that, women can also have onion-smelling vaginal discharge when using contraception during the fertile period and pregnancy.

Usually, this pungent aroma does not last long. If it lasts more than two days, this could be a sign of infection, and you need to see a doctor.

Cleanliness is not maintained.

As already mentioned, the vagina does have a natural aroma like vinegar, but it is not too acidic.

The vagina can smell like onions if it is not kept clean. The reason is that the cleanliness of the vulva, the area around the vaginal opening, can affect the aroma.

The position of the vulva close to the urethra and rectum (anus) can trigger the growth of bacteria. This also makes the vagina produce vaginal discharge that smells like onions.

You can clean your vulva with running water when you have finished urinating and dry it using a tissue. This is to keep the genital area from getting damp and smelly.

Bacterial vaginosis

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that this condition most commonly occurs in women aged 15–44 years.

Bacterial vaginosis is a disease caused by an excessive amount of bacteria in the vagina.

Excess bacteria can cause irritation, inflammation, and vaginal odor, especially after sex.

Women can experience this health problem for several reasons, such as being sexually active or having sexual relations with more than one partner.

Bacterial vaginosis is very rare in women who have never had sexual intercourse.


The vaginal smell of onions due to trichomoniasis is a very rare case. Trichomoniasis is a venereal infection that is spread through sexual contact.

The cause of this health problem is a parasitic infection called Trichomonas vaginalis, which causes itching and pain when urinating.

The World Health Organization (WHO) said that cases of trichomoniasis in women reached 5.3 percent.

Meanwhile, cases among men are only 0.6 percent. The age group most vulnerable to this parasitic infection is women aged 16–35 years.

Basically, Miss V's onion smell is a condition that you don't need to worry about if it only happens occasionally. If in doubt, consult a doctor to get the right treatment.

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