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3 Things That Before-Sex Glow Teaches You About Loving Your Body

Hint: Your body is amazing.

By Paige VahlaPublished 7 years ago 2 min read

Preparing for sex is more than just working on your external appearance. The process truly does begin from within. That before-sex glow can be the ultimate confidence booster and is just as important as the satisfaction you receive after. How? Check out these top three things that glow can do for you:

It can improve your sexual health

Whether you are just looking for a quick fix or you are planning on seeing the person again, having your sexual health in check is necessary. Not only does it put your mind at ease but it can assist you in finding solutions for issues that may hinder your performance in the bedroom or you may be embarrassed about and put off getting medical help for. It is also an opportunity for you to heighten your sexual experiences by using disadvantages to your advantage. For example, for vaginal dryness incorporating lube into your foreplay or if you are self-conscious about your vaginal scent or the way you taste making some much-needed changes to your lifestyle, diet and exercise routine. This will also be beneficial for increasing stamina, something which will come in handy especially if it has been a while or you are looking to get a few rounds in.

It allows you to get creative

You can amp up the anticipation level by introducing new and creative ways of foreplay which can start before the two of you are even in the same room as each other. It's a great way of catching someone off guard and demonstrating exactly how you like to be pleased. It also makes you feel good about yourself knowing that you look good. Whipping out lingerie that you know flatters your physique is one of the best confidence boosters and taking selfies in them is even better. It is the perfect opportunity to appreciate and show off the different angles of your body before you hit send. It might make you feel confident enough to send a naughty little video maybe just as you have gotten out of the shower, freshly shaven, exfoliated and moisturised completely ditching the lingerie. This way you can tease him by getting started without him incorporating a new sex toy to spice up your videos. What better way to put you in the mood while uplifting your confidence about your sex appeal?

It reminds you just how sexy and amazing you are

Before your partner gets to see you, you are looking at yourself, admiring your body, loving and accepting yourself for all that you are. That kind of confidence cannot be forced or faked and it does not evaporate the moment you climax. That before and after sex glow is great but does not compare to the self-love glow. You will take it everywhere with you. Whether you are single, in a relationship or somewhere in between it is a confidence that you will always emit in and out of the bedroom.

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