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10 ways that receiving an orgasim can be good for your health.

by Rachel about a year ago in sexual wellness

These are the ways why a healthy orgasim is good for you!

10 ways that receiving an orgasim can be good for your health.
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Having an orgasm can be great for many people. We all love the thought of making love to somebody. It can be a sensational experience for us to enjoy. It can also be great for your health. Here are the 10 reasons it's good for your health and they are listed below:

1. Making you feel relaxed- Having an orgasim can send signals out in your body to help you relax. These signals can help you to get in a chilled mood and relive all your anxious feelings.

2. Making you feel happy- Having an orgasim yourself or receiving an orgasim from somebody else can send out endorpines through your body which will make you feel happier for the rest of the day. It can be a great way of bringing your mood up when your feeling down.

3. It stops you feeling sexually frustrated- when you have reached an orgasim with your partner it gives you a sense of belonging. It makes you feel better and it can prove that your partner still loves you as he wants to show affection around you in the bedroom.

4. Helps you lose weight- Yes this is correct. Having sex with your partner and reaching orgasim can help you shed some pounds on the weight department. This is because your moving therefore your body is working harder and losing body weight. This can be a great part of your weekly exercise.

5. It stops pain- Reaching An orgasim can help with pain relieve. It lets a strong signal out in your body which acts like a strong antibiotic. It just shows that sex can really ease pain.

6. It can help you sleep. playing with yourself on a night can sometimes be a long session. It can sometimes take a lot of effort which will make you feel tired. Once your finshed you will be happy for sure and I'm sure you will be falling asleep with a very big smile on your face.

7. It can help you get pregnant. Everybody often says if you are trying for a baby you need to be able to squirt for your partner. You should both be reaching orgasim to have a better chance of becoming pregnant together.

8. Stopping depression. Having an orgasim has been know to help people with depression. It can bring different thoughts in your mind and it lets all the happy thoughts stay in your mind which can brighten your day.

9. It can help you become closer to a partner- Having sex and reaching an orgasim with your partner is a close formed bond which can make your relationship stronger and fall in love with somebody better.

10. It can learn you many new things about your partner- being so close to somebody in the bedroom can help you to learn more about one another. You can learn things that you would have never known before about your partner. It is like a bond making session for both of you together.

I hope you enjoyed my list of the reasons why an orgasim is good for you. I hope it was helpful to you and that you had fun reading it. I look forward to making more content in the future and I hope that you enjoy many more amazing orgasims with and without your partner. I think there a very important part of our lives.

Thank you for the continued support on my stories. I really do appreciate it and I'm glad that I'm able to make you happy with great content for you to read on vocal.

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