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Yellow Skirt- Pt2

The Graduation 🎓...

By HandsomelouiiThePoet (Lonzo ward)Published 18 days ago Updated 4 days ago 11 min read
Yellow Skirt- Pt2
Photo by Robert V. Ruggiero on Unsplash

Ever since That package arrived by Drone on the Front Porch of Aunt Karen's... She's asked Mom if I could Spend My last Days of High School at Her House. Aunt Karen Had her suspicions that the Package might have come from Mike meaning he was back in Town. She was a Writer so, of course, she hoped for a Roman span Love entanglement...

After That Huge Breakdown years ago when I was nearly still a Kid Madly in love with Mike. I heard that he lived with his Dad Far North by the air force base.

I inquired Auntie to never speak of him but somehow she feels like this is neither of our faults, but I honestly remains in My Heart.


Today was the Launch of My First Campaign for (Special D) clothing and accessories. I was Accumulating My “College Money” and My “First Boutique”.

Aunt Karen is Still Curious, and trying to figure out where'd the expression “Special D” come from? I remind her that my name is Deon and that my developments are Special but she thinks there is more to the tale... Hmmm, I might be holding something back.

Whenever I feel the need I think back on certain delinquent moments and, I let them dissolve. I stopped writing in my journal and my whines had evaded a year ago... I know that I vowed never to come over to Aunt Karens Big House again after that tragic Day, but Every Holiday Party existed at Aunties bungalow and Mom and Dad knew that something had happened but the secret remains between Me and Aunt Karen.

I had been waiting for this Momentum Forever. The Smell of Hawaii was Haunting me. Since I was a Kid, and the Family Trip we took to Maui the most important thing to me was coming to be a constituent at Hawaii State University. I was going to open my Boutique while starting my Freshman year of college. Thanks to Aunties Letter I was accepted by the University this was the moment I'd waited for.

I loved to bejewel pens and pencils and also all sorts of things. I wanted to Brand my Decorations and have all styles of accessories... I had become popular for my Closet setups so after getting my certified license I would be verified!

My Goal was to Live in Hawaii and Start My Business There... And I could live near Na Pali Coast, Hawaii.

By Dustin Belt on Unsplash


When I was a Sophomore I dreamed of the most beautiful day at the prom...

Last month's prom was A Big deal to everyone except for me... Of course, I was fabulously wrapped in my Yellow Armani Suit but I felt like something was missing the whole night, and that lead me to leave the prom early...

Although there was a bouquet sitting on my table when I returned from the restroom, I thought nothing of it... I simply grabbed the flowers and proceeded toward the exit.

Inside the limousine, I searched through the flowers looking for a card That Read “Will you be my prom Date?”

By Sajad Nori on Unsplash

I saw a shadowed figure standing near the back of a Red Convertible, but Aunt Karen kept calling my name in haste.
I thought to myself “Why is she pretending to not see him?” he waves for me to come nearer, but I was distracted Again by Aunt Karen's calling...

I jolted awake and was surprised by her handing out the phone... I answered and was Blessed by my Sweet little sister's Airy Voice.

“Sammy Hey,” I said

“Deon, where are you?”

“Sleeping, Sammy is something wrong?”

“Yes,” she declared.

“Well, what's the problem?” I said while getting out of bed to stretch a bit.

“Deon, you promised to take me shopping, and my Graduation is Tomorrow...”

“Alright, I will Sammy, But it's too early and the mall isn't even open yet”... I rolled my eyes.

She just remarked, “I know that! I just wanted to make sure you didn't forget about me”. I could feel her grimace across the phone...

“Sammy, how could I forget about you?

“You are my Little sister and I know we are graduating 2 days apart from each other...”

“I was exhausted after the campaign yesterday, but I will be there soon as possible!”

She said “I love you, Big Brother,” and abruptly hung up.

Downstairs Aunt Karen made Tea and I was first in line for a cup...

We talked about Sammy and I Graduating days apart.

Wow, my little sister was all grown up and going to be in High School!

I was going to be a College Student 🎒 Times were moving with no signs of Halting.


Later that afternoon I sat across from Sammy in the Foodcourt at The Mall, I listened as she chatted about her friends and their plans after Graduation 🎓 She Thanked me for the Beautiful Pink Sparkly Dress, and She proclaimed “I see why Aunt Karen Always Takes you Shopping with her you are the Best Stylist and thank you for Paying for this” I smiled and she continued...

“You should go to college To be a Stylist, all my friends are going to be jealous of my Dress, I hope you accomplish to come back and Dress me for my Prom night”.

“Don't worry about that it's 3 years from now I will be there,” I said in between taking big gulps of my strawberry milkshake.

“ oh so did you find out who the flowers were from?”

I looked at her appalled and I said “What! How do you know about the Flowers?” 💐

She lowered her voice and spoke out “After you took off to the prom from Aunt Karens, Everyone Stayed in the Backyard with the music and Barbeque, I had to use the restroom so I went inside and I heard a knock on the Door, but When I opened the door a tall Handsome Dark skinned fellow was Standing there Holding the same flowers you Brought home... I told him you had left already and he looked really disappointed 🙁 he also knew who I was and Then Aunt Karen showed up behind me and told me to go back out to the Back yard with everyone.”

Before I could speak she continued, “Don't worry I didn't tell Mom or Dad.” then she winked with confidentiality and declared “I think he said that his name was”...

“Mike!” I said with wide eyes before she could utter it...

“Yes,” she agreed.

By the time we were done devouring Pizza and 🍕 milkshakes, the Movie was going to be starting in a few... so we rushed through the mall into the cinema!

The whole hour my mind was caught up in a movie 🎬 of my own. I replayed the scene when things fell apart with Mike and I.
How could Aunt Karen not tell me about his return. I wanted to be frenetic with her but I couldn't because I loved her so much and I realized that she always wanted what was best for me, even if no one else understood.

Later that day I thought of ways to approach the case, but I didn't follow through with any...


I sat in the seat between Mom and Dad we all gaped at My Little Sister the most beautiful girl to walk across the Stage. Next to Mom Aunty Karen sat crying and typing notes on her phone we all knew that another Story was being formulated from these Beautiful moments in time by the Great Author Karen she was.

Sammy had a Slumber Party 🎉 and I stayed at Aunt Karen's.


Graduation day

By pure julia on Unsplash

I’m thinking about you…


I’m reminded how much

I love you

So I’ll say...

This isn't a Lullaby

But Maybe

We will fall in love



I read from my old journal and I turned the page...

(Knock knock!)

Dad mimics while walking in to see if I was awake...

“Hey champ!” he said

“Hey Dad where is Mom?”I slid the journal underneath my pillow and sat up to look at my phone...

“She and Sammy are home getting dressed I wanted to come early and see if you need anything before we head out!”

I knew that Dad was more excited than any other parent in the universe about his only son graduating High School 🎓 he couldn't hide it, he planned everything and even wanted me to arrive inside a Limousine so that All my friends could clutch inside, but we agreed to just get a party bus for later...

Dad was an only child he and Mom were Born and raised in Tennessee they met when Aunt Karen begged Mom to move out to Las Vegas with her to pursue a career. Dad was here in Vegas and started his own limousine Service and it has expanded, so now Mom didn't have a career she just partakes in his...

Dad was extremely hardworking and although he was gone from home a lot on business ventures... he expanded his business to other states Dad loved us and was seated inside every Idea we ever brought into the world.

Aunt Karen loves him for marrying her only sister and they get along well. Thereupon losing both their parents when they were young... Mom and Aunt Karen were all each other had. I remember she and Mom cried concurrently in her living room when she found out that she could never conceive Children, Mom was pregnant with Sammy at the time and looked like she could Pop at any moment...

I listened from the stairs and later that evening I hugged Aunt Karen and said that I would love her like a Mom...I remember She kissed me on the forehead and said nothing for a wink she just held me inside her embrace and we've been inseparable ever since...

Dad always teased me about having 2 Moms...

So Everyone was excited about today except for me... We'll I was excited to move away because of the tragic heartbreak between me and Mike but Something was clinging to me and it was Bittersweet.

In front of the mirror, I spent around in slow-motion for the third time while Dad decided which cufflinks would go best with my Expensive suit that he was proud to purchase!

“Dad are you about to cry right now?” he lied but I could see the gloss in his eyes... I just acted like I didn't notice.

Aunt Karen was dressed and coming downstairs looking gorgeous in an additional ensemble inspired by me. I appreciate the family for all wanting to wear the same color as me on my graduation... My preference was Peri-winkle blue and white just like Aunties Shiny Range Rover...

Soon Mom and Sammy Arrived and Dad Rushed us all out the door and into the Range Rover... Several Times while Driving Aunt Karen Convinced Mom To Not Cry and get her eyeliner all blotted... Me and Sammy just locked eyes and shared a silent giggle.


At the graduation, the ceremony was quick up until I caught a glimpse of him standing beside the Tree staring at me...

My speech for valedictorian was brief and not because I became speechless... But more because I have dreamed of a Day that has now arrived.

From the podium, I watched as Mike Embraced a Cheerful Hug from Aunty. I smiled not only because he was looking at me but because the whole field of graduates was furthermore waiting as I finished up my oration...
I walked into the crowd with my friends and pretended to be engaged in the excitement.

Dad approaches and let me know when the Party Bus was Arriving I was anxious about leaving the school because I didn't know how to make correspondence with Mike.

Everyone gathered outside in the parking lot after the ceremony...

I bypass eye contact with Aunt Karen. I figured she'd signal for me to come over and speak with Mike. Somehow I felt betrayed and I also magically felt like the Dream was coming true...

He was standing beside the Red Convertible. He signals for me once we bound gazes... The pace of my stroll was like a snail on a foot race. A million thoughts surged through my mind. What was I going to say to him? What will he say to me?

Mike was my first love...

He was my soulmate... One tragic accident,

Caused our love to isolate... Although it was many years ago...

The impacts thrives inside, Currently.

I wait motionlessly if it's true love then he shall return to me.


PART 1️⃣ 👇

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  • Lacey Dearie17 days ago

    Great! I missed part 1 so I’ll go back and read that now 😊

  • I never read part one I am definitely putting it on my reading list great work😊

  • Tiffany Gordon 18 days ago

    Aww... gorgeous work lil bro! You're so talented! 😁 I can't wait 4 the next part!!!! no pressure tho! lol

  • Roy Stevens18 days ago

    That was terrific! I somehow missed Part 1 so I'll need to go back and get 'up-to-speed' on Deon and Mike. 'Dad loved us and was seated inside every Idea we ever brought into the world.' What a gorgeous expression! 💞💥💖

  • Mariann Carroll18 days ago

    I do wish Romeo back into Juliet life and they live happy ever after 🥰💐🫧

  • If it's meant to be, it will be. In the meantime, he's there waiting for you.

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