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Wong Tai Sin Part II

Right after that

By haris davisPublished 27 days ago 3 min read

Then I started looking for them in the wing room. I picked up a wooden stick from the ground in case of emergency (haha) and the wing house is a wooden house that is two floors! The top is covered with wood bark (the bark of pine trees), the first layer is separated to keep some pigs, cows and so on, and the upstairs is put some straw, which is used to make pig stalls and feed cows. There was nothing on the ground floor but two pigs. The cow has gone to the mountains and is not at home. So there's nothing to look for. I stepped on the side of the pig pen to climb to the second floor to find them, just up to see the grass inside the movement, ha ha... Found one, went to the grass to pick, suddenly a hen flew out, ah... You fucking chicken, you scared me half to death. If I catch you, I'm gonna make dad kill you and stew you. I took my time and went on looking for them, and when I got to the top a little, I saw the grass moving, and I thought it wasn't another hen! But you can't stand being scared! So I gently picked up the grass with a stick, watching with wide eyes, and just picked it... Aw... A sound, Peng Zi's head out of the inside. I go to Find one. I asked Peng Zi, did you see three blossoming children, Peng Zi said, no! I think he went that way. Well, then go down and wait! Let me see. But as a result, I found a big circle above all did not see three duoer figure, the heart can not help but think. Where is this man hiding? The land is so big, can't it be invisible. So continue to look for, unconsciously more than half an hour passed, heard Peng Zi shouted below, prodigal son found not, I: no! I don't know where this guy is hiding, and then I don't look for him, and maybe I ran home in the middle of the game like I did last time. It pisses me off. Pengko: All right! Then you look again, I go back first, my mother told me when I came home from school, there are guests at home today, go back early to eat, I have to go back, not to be beaten. Me: Look at the sky is almost dark, say, OK, OK, then you go back first! Peng Zi went back first, and I didn't want to find it, so I shouted... Three buds... I'm out. It's getting dark. I'm not looking. At this time, there was movement in the corner near the main room, and I thought the three Duoer were hiding there. Also that corner is dark, no light, and because it is close to the wall of the main room, the grass is tight, there is no space, normal is not able to hide people, so I gave there to skip. But the other way around is also right, three duoer that small body is only he hid. I don't care. I'll find him this time. I've been looking for it for about an hour, and I'm sweating, and I've got thatch sticking to me, and I'm itching. Get it over with!

Because of the previous experience of being scared by hens, and people have a fear of the dark. So I still carefully walked over, just reached the corner and shouted again... Three buds... Here we go! But nothing happened. Hey... This guy didn't answer me. I shouted again... Three duo er, this time the sound is much louder, but still did not respond to me. At this time, I was a little nervous, thinking that it was another chicken, no! So close to the reason, the chicken also ran away! But there is still movement in the haystack! If it's not a chicken, it's three pieces, but why doesn't he answer me? In addition, the day is getting darker, the heart is more nervous, no... Should be inner fear, and remember just after school to do the homework, the noise from upstairs, yes! Isn't Mom home? I mean, Mom wouldn't have been up there that long! This time should also be cooking! The more I was scared, the more I thought, and the more I thought, the more I was scared, and I almost started crying. Finally, I could not help but stab down the dark corner with the stick in my hand, only to see a dark shadow suddenly sprang out, and my heart was confused, but my hand could not help but hold the stick in my hand against the dark shadow and hit it hard, only to hear the squeak... A sound, the group of dark shadow fled to the distance.


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