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Wong Tai Sin Prank Part I

Not for the faint of heart

By haris davisPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

Since I was sensible, I often heard the old people in the village talk about various strange things about Huang Tai Sin, especially will deceive people to hang themselves... Let's wait. I have experienced it myself, and today I will share it with you. Although it has been more than 20 years, I still feel inexplicable fear when I think of it now.

The story takes place in the early nineties, the exact year is not very clear. When I was six or seven. It's about the middle of June. It was a very hot day, and the whole land was under the sun. I usually walk to and from school, after all, the distance between school and home is only about 3 kilometers, and I have formed a habit since childhood. When I heard the bell ring, I finished my books and homework, and then I carried my bag and went home, and there were a few small friends together, talking and laughing all the way. When I passed the street, I met my father selling pork, and said hello to him and asked: Dad, when will you go back?

Dad said: It will be a while. Sold the last bit of meat, packed up and went back.

I said: OK then! I'm just gonna go back.

On the way and a few small friends about, wait for them to finish their homework to come to me to play. I said of course no problem, then I wait for you at home oh, thinking that no one's childhood is not all have their own several brothers. After entering the village and walking some distance, we separated and went back to our homes. When I got home, I took out my stool, put on my books, and took my homework book out of my schoolbag and began to do my homework.

This thought to quickly finish the homework fun, but just write a few minutes to hear the sound of hurry upstairs, I am very strange, what is this sound! Is my mom back? But that's not true! She should still be working in the field at this point. Who's that upstairs?

I shouted... Mom... Are you back? What are you doing upstairs? I did not reply to me, thinking that my mother did not hear, followed by a few shouts... Mom ………… Mom... Is that you? Why are you ignoring me?

Ah... Just ignore it! I thought my mom didn't want to talk to me because I didn't have an ideal exam yesterday, or she was busy and didn't hear it! Who cares? I'll get back to my homework. Dive into the ocean of knowledge.

I don't know how long it took, maybe more than half an hour! I see the homework is almost finished, hot days are also easy to thirst, so I went to the kitchen to drink water, then... And heard upstairs... thump thump Knock, knock... Thunk sound, accompanied by some dust falling down.. I was strange strange, mom this is what the hell, make my head is full of dust, the heart can not help complaining about mom. Feeling unhappy, he walked out of the kitchen to go upstairs and see what his mother was doing.

As soon as I got to the top of the stairs, I heard my name called... Prodigal son Prodigal son Are you at home? I immediately stepped back and looked outside, and it was my brothers who came to play with me. I turned around and went outside and then said: three duo er, Peng zi you have finished your homework, so fast? Three duo er said Peng zi finished writing, I copied his, ha ha! I guess it is, three duo er is very naughty, do not love to learn. His old man beat him up with a stick, but he never changed. But there is no way, maybe his character is like that, his adults can not pressure, usually there is a little petty theft, is a naughty master.

Three duo er said: prodigal son your homework finished, or we play hide-and-seek together! All right... Yes, I shouted with Peng Zi. There wasn't much entertainment in those days. And we'll do a fist fight to decide who to find and who to hide. After two out of three I had a little bit of bad luck. They hid first. I looked for them. I was afraid that they would go upstairs to hide, be known by my mother, and have to say a meal to me, so I hurriedly shouted to, or we would go to the side room to play. They said, "Fine! He turned and walked away. And then I turn around and I start counting, one... two Three ………Ten.


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