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Ice Riverville

By Jessica HowardPublished 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago 3 min read
Photo by Miriam Stephanie on Unsplash

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So my vacation went like this a small town called Riverville which I nicknamed Ice Riverville it was so cold with the snow when I had booked this vacation it didn't mention any snow.

 I stood there shaking from the cold trying to light my cigarette when I heard a man yelling it took me a few moments to realise that he was yelling at me 'excuse me' 'I said get off the frozen pond' I look down to see I was standing on a frozen pond 'oh shit' I went to move 'stop' I stopped 'slowly move towards me' he held out his hand I slowly moved towards him. I grabbed his hand and he slowly pulled me towards him 'so you are not from around here' 'how can you tell' 'one it is a small town and two no one from here would be silly enough to stand on frozen pond to light a cigarette' he smiled at me 'point taken' I didn't smile back. He was still holding my hand 'I am Jack by the way' 'Lily' I took my hand back 'Thank you for your help but I am late to meet my friends so bye' 'bye' I walked off without looking back.

I Felt so silly how could I not realised I was standing on a frozen pond when I told my friends the story they thought it was so funny 'I am glad I amuse you' 'sorry but it so funny' Marie and I had been friends as long as I could remember we had been through Primary school and high school together and I was maid of honour at her wedding to Trevor and was godmother to her 3 year old daughter. We ordered dinner and I was sipping my drink when Jack walked in I nearly choked on my drink 'you ok?' I nodded at Marie but she knew something was off with me Marie could read me like a book. I put my drink down as Jack walked over to the table 'hello Lily' 'hi Jack' Marie look at me 'sorry this is my friend Marie her husband Trevor and their 3 year old daughter this Jack who helped me at the frozen pond' 'how nice to meet you and that was nice of you to help Lily' Marie smiled at him. Jack smiled 'rescuing a beautiful woman is always a pleasure so no thank you needed' Jack winked at Lmily 'would you like to join us' 'Marie' 'I loved to but...' 'Jack' a woman looked furiously at Jack 'wife' 'sister and I need to be behind the bar maybe next time' 'what a pity' 'it was nice to meet you all' Jack smiled as he walked away. Lily looked at Marie 'what' 'what are you up to' 'nothing' Lily knew Marie better than that 'he is cute' 'Marie leave it alone I am not interested' 'fine' Trevor looked at his wife he knew that look and he knew she was up to something 'I have to agree with Marie he is cute' 'don't enourage her Trevor' Trevor smiled at Lily he reminded her so much of Logan it was scary Lily tried to put that out of her mind and smiled back at Trevor with everything she had been through with Logan she hoped Marie wouldn't push this. Marie looked over at Lily and could see the distress in her friend's face and knew not to push it too hard maybe just a little but not at this moment she reached over and took Lily's hand Lily smiled at her.



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