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My fiction story, part 2!

Tess and Logan

By Jessica HowardPublished 9 months ago 6 min read
My fiction story, part 2!
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I knew moving in with Logan had not been a good idea being around Logan was proving to be difficult my hormones were raging due to being pregnant and finding it difficult to hold down my sexual urges towards Logan I didn't want to throw myself back into our relationship when I still didn't completely trust Logan so being in the same house as Logan was proving to be difficult. I couldn't avoid him when we were setting up the baby's nursery 'we need a neutral colour no pink and no blue' 'how about green?' 'green really Logan' 'well what do you suggest' 'what about wall paper with a pattern on it that would suit a boy or a girl' 'so wallpaper shopping it is then' I got up from the spot I had been sitting on the floor I groaned 'what's wrong?' 'stiff joints' 'you're working too hard' 'Logan stiff joints are part of pregnancy whether you are taking it easy or working' 'no need to snap Tess' 'sorry but you are fussing too much' 'you're pregnant I can't fuss' 'you can fuss but you are fussing too much and it is driving me crazy' 'sorry I will easy back a bit' 'thank you' I rubbed lower back. Logan stepped up behind 'can I at least help you with your lower back pain' 'yes please' Logan worked his fingers into my lower back 'is that helping' 'so much' I moaned and leaned back towards Logan I felt his lips graze my neck 'Logan' I turned my head slightly towards him 'Logan' 'mm' 'someone is at the door' 'what?' 'the doorbell' 'dam' Logan moved away from me and went downstairs to answer the door.

I got to the top of the stairs I could hear Courtney's voice 'you don't return my calls' 'Courtney how many times do I have to tell you I am not interested I love and adore Tess' 'but you aren't together anymore' I love Tess and will never again be with anyone else you need to leave' Logan walked over and open the door 'I am throwing myself at you and you are throwing me out' 'yes I am throwing you out' Courtney huffed and walked out the door Logan slammed it behind her. I moved at the top of stairs Logan head shot up 'Tess' 'so you ready for wallpaper shopping' 'Tess it not what you think' 'Courtney was throwing herself at you and you rejected her and threw her out' 'oh than it is what you thought' I smiled 'so wallpaper shopping' 'let's do it' I came down the stairs with the smile still on my face.

Logan was trying earn my trust again and he had won my trust back today after hearing Logan reject Courtney and state that he didn't want to be with anyone again but me. I didn't tell Logan that as I didn't want to rush back into our relationship I wanted to wait until after the baby was born because my emotions were all over the place with my pregnancy and I needed to think with a clear head and be completely sure of my feelings. I felt Logan's hand on my lower back 'Tess' 'mm' 'you're quiet' 'just thinking' 'are we okay?' 'yes Logan we're okay' Logan looked unsure I kissed his cheek 'come on we have wallpaper to decide on' I smiled and made my way over to the wallpaper samples.

Logan sensed something had changed in Tess she had kissed him on the cheek and that had been the first time since they had broken up that she had shown any affection towards him was Tess telling him that she wanted a relationship with him again Tess hadn't pulled away earlier when he had kissed her neck Logan was so confused Tess was sending so many different signals and Logan had promised Tess he wouldn't kiss her again until she kissed him but he still needed to talk to Tess and that was exactly what he was going to do tonight while they were having dinner.

I had no problems letting Logan cook dinner as he was a fabulous cook but I could sense something was on his mind 'Logan is everything ok?' 'I am not sure Tess' 'what do you mean?' 'you snap at me, you let me kiss your neck and you kiss my cheek I just don't know where I stand with you' 'Logan I want to be with you' 'you do?' 'yes but after the baby is born' 'why?' 'I need to have my emotion 100% in check to know exactly how I feel and we need to spend time together as friends to mend the rift between us too Logan' 'I understand that Tess and at least now I know where I stand' 'if I snap at you Logan it is not you it is my pregnancy' 'got it' I smiled at Logan and he smiled back at me.

I rubbed the back of my neck I was so tired and my ankles were swollen I was in my seventh month of pregnancy and working was starting to become too much I think it was time to stop working I had given up the bar tending once I had began to show and now I had to tell Carol it was time to stop working, Carol was the owner of the diner and one of the sweetest person I knew. I took a deep breath and knocked on the office door 'come in' I walked in the office 'hey Carol' 'I know that look you are dreading telling me something' I sighed 'let me guess you're quitting' 'yes I am Carol I am sorry' 'it is about time I was only going to give you another week before I told you to get out of here' Carol smiled at me 'thanks Carol' I started towards the door 'wait before you go I have something for you' she came over and handed me an envelope I opened it and to my surprise it was full of cash 'Carol this is too much I can't accept it' 'consider it a baby gift now get out of here' 'thank you' 'you're welcome and good luck with everything' 'thank you' 'hey if you ever want to come back there will always be a spot for you' 'thank you Carol for everything' I kissed her cheek and left the office.

I had my feet up and was drinking cup of herbal tea when Logan came home 'that is nice to see' 'what?' 'you with your feet up' 'it helps with ankle swelling' 'you know if...' 'before you say it Logan I have quit work until after the birth' 'oh...good' I shook my head at Logan. Logan walked over to the fridge 'what do you want for dinner?' 'I have a craving for pizza let's go bad for a change and order one' Logan smiled 'sounds good' 'you're not going to argue with me about eating healthy' 'a pizza every so often doesn't hurt' I smiled 'pepperoni babe' 'yes please and don't call me babe' 'ok' Logan snigged to himself. I was surprised that Logan had agreed to a pizza he always cooked healthy meals for me and always said eating healthy is important in a pregnancy we argued a lot about my eating habits so that was why I was surprised he agreed to a pizza. The last two months of my pregnancy weren't going to be easy at least I wasn't alone that had been one of my fears at the beginning of my pregnancy having Logan helped a lot as for my relationship only time would tell.

End of part 2!

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