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Twelve Days of Fiction- Day One The Perfect Gift

Happy Blogmas

By Mattie :)Published 3 months ago 6 min read
Twelve Days of Fiction- Day One The Perfect Gift
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Happy Blogmas! To celebrate I decided to post at least twelve fictional stories in December. Although I'm hopeful to post these stories on a day to day basis it will probably not go as planned. Anyways here is my first story for today's post. Enjoy and please heart and comment below. Merry Blogmas!

Cynthia leaped from her bed. It was Christmas morning. All month she awaited this precious moment of delight. Over the years she watched as her oldest siblings asked for special items they desired and remained hopeful the same would happen for her sometime. She always enjoyed the gifts she received from her family, yet there was one gift she always desired. Cynthia wanted a dog. A puppy to be exact. She asked her parents constantly to get her a puppy, yet they never did. They always told her a dog is a lot to handle and she wasn't old enough to take care of something so precious.

But Cynthia was now eleven. Surely she was old enough now to have a dog, especially a little dog like a dachshund. Dachshunds weren't like terriers or any large, hunting dog. A dachshund she could carry around in the palm of her hand like a doll, yet a real doll full of life and joy. She would name it Dash cause of its quick nature, scurrying in out of the house.

On December first, while at school, Cynthia quickly got to work, creating her Christmas list.

Dear Mr. Santa Claus. First of all, Merry Christmas. I know this is a busy time of year for you, so I wanted to get to work on my Christmas list straight away. All I want for Christmas this year is a dog. A dachshund to be exact. They're really cute and adorable and calm. My parents always tell me dogs are a lot to handle, but I feel like I'm old enough now to have a dog to love and play with. Please let my dreams come true this year.

Usually Cynthia would tape her card to the front window at home. Yet instead she took her letter and put it in the local mail box at the post office cause she worried if her parents read her letter they would toss it in the trash. As long as Santa read her letter she knew she would get her little Dachshund and be so happy.

After school Cynthia rushed out of class and drove her baby blue bicycle straight to the post office. Luckily for her, Mr. Olson the postman was there.

" Hello Cynthia. Merry Christmas. You got a letter for me?" he asked, smiling at her and reaching his hand out to take a hold of her important letter.

" Hi Mr. Olson. Yes, it's my letter to Santa Claus," Cynthia said, smiling.

" Ah a very important letter I bet. May I ask what you want for Christmas this year?"

" Sure, but we have to keep it a secret. I don't want my parents or anyone else to know or else Santa won't get me what I really want,"

" I understand. I never told any of my brothers what I wanted from Santa when I was around your age. It's top secret business. So, what do you want?" Mr. Olson asked amused by her friendly and passionate spirit.

" I asked Santa to get me a dog. I want a dachshund who I will name Dash cause he will be really fast. All I want is a dog and I know Santa will get me one,"

" What a very special gift. Surely Santa will get you a dog. And I will make sure this letter goes straight to the North Pole with official stamp of approval," Mr. Olson said, sticking a candy cane stamp on the letter.

Cynthia ran down stairs as fast as she could. Her eyes dazzled at all the gifts spread out on the floor for she and her sisters and brother. She held herself back from opening each gift and waited for each member of her family to open each of their presents. The rest of her family finally woke up and began to open all of their presents. Cynthia opened each of her presents, expecting to find a furry friend waiting for her.

But there was no gift containing a dog. She checked every boxed gift twice and glanced around the living room, listening to hear the sound of barking, but there was none. Cynthia started to cry, alerting her parents.

" I wrote a letter to Santa and told him all I wanted was a puppy, but I didn't get one," Cynthia told her parents, crying.

" We're sorry, honey. Sometimes Santa doesn't always get us what we wanted,"

" But why?"

" Honestly I'm not sure, yet I do know good things come to those who wait," her father said, encouraging her.

A few minutes passed by and then they heard a knock on the front door. Cynthia's mom opened the door and greeted the person on the other side.

"Cynthia, please come here," her mom said" it's Mr. Olson the post man."

Although Cynthia was very sad, she stood up and greeted Mr. Olson," Hi Mr. Olson," she said.

"Hey Cynthia. Why are you so sad? It's Christmas morning. I assumed to find you, leaping up and down with joy,"

" I'm glad it's Christmas morning, but I didn't get what I wanted,"

" Well of course you got what you wanted. Remember what you told me back on December first. You sent Santa a letter, asking for a puppy.... A cute, quick little dachshund if I'm not mistaken,"

" Yeah, but Santa didn't get me a puppy,"

" Are you sure?" Mr. Olson asked, grinning which annoyed Cynthia a little bit. Why was he acting so happy with her being so sad? Courage began to build within her young heart. Cynthia began to hear the sound of a puppy barking close by" Do you hear that, Cynthia? It sounds like a puppy, barking from inside my work truck. You see Cynthia, Santa Claus actually contacted me late last night about a late delivery for a sweet young girl.... I could be wrong, yet I assumed this gift was for you. Do you want to go and see what is inside my delivery vehicle?"

" Yes oh yes I do, Mr. Olson!" Cynthia shouted joyfully. She ran by her parents and Mr. Olson quickly, opening the door to the postman's car. Inside she found a puppy. A dachshund to be exact inside of a cage" Dash!" Cynthia screamed.

" See Cynthia. Santa Claus got you what you wanted as long as your parents agree of course," Mr. Olson said, winking at them.

" If Santa got her a dog then it's hers," her father said, smiling.

" I agree. Thank you so much for coming over. Please stay and have some coffee," Cynthia's mom told Mr. Olson.

" Thank you so much for the offer, but I must get back to my home. Merry Cynthia,"

" Hey why not give Cynthia and Dash a little drive around the neighborhood before you head home?" Cynthia's father asked.

" What a great idea. What do you think, Cynthia?"

" Sure!" Cynthia said, holding little Dash in the palm of her hands, She got into the postman's car and Mr. Olson drove them around the block several times, listening to Christmas music and laughing along side her.

The end.

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  • Lamar Wiggins3 months ago

    What a great tale, Mattie! It was so well written with a happy ending. Loved it!

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