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by Terry about a year ago in Script
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Short story about travel


John: Good morning everybody, how are you doing all?

Alice: Hi John, I am pretty good!

William: Hello my friend John, nice to meet you this morning, I am good. You?

John: Well, I am all set, everything is good. William do you like travelling and tourism?

William: Well, I neither like nor hate that, actually I am a lukewarm person about that topic, because I am not used to leaving my home and make travels in other places , I like staying home and tied up with different activities such as drawing, reading some books so as to improve my knowledge and skills as well.

John: Wow, reading books and drawing? That sounds quite interesting! What about you Alice , do you like travelling and tourism?

Alice: Exactly, I am keen on travelling a lot. Last vacation I and my dad went to visit Akagera park and I was totally excited to see diverse beautiful landscape, miscellaneous animals .On our way back home we told my mother what we saw and with a great zeal she said:’’ I didn’t use to travel but next time I can’t wait to come over either and enjoy that impressive moment”

John: Oh, awesome, you remind me my reminiscent event with my father and mother, the time we went to visit volcano park, we explored amazing views over the city, beautiful trees, animals and rivers. From that time until now I am used to travelling a lot because it has became the part of my life and I love them for real.

William: Actually I am out of the loop about travelling and tourism, maybe I am going to be inspired by you and make me love it and we will hang out together.

John: Perfect John ,making my long story short, I have introduced this topic to you because I want you to make a travel together at the end of this term.

We can raise money and then visit one place of our choice , ready?

Alice: I am ready and very delighted to have this adventure because I want to let my hair down, right William?

William: I think it is a good idea and I should come along

John: Good, thank you so much my friends for accepting my idea, it is time to back again in the classroom. See you later.

William: Alice did you hear what John said? Are you ready to come over?

Alice: Yes of course, I am ready to hang out and let my hair down, I will totally feel much more excited to travel and have a fun and enjoy the landscape from miscellaneous nature.

William: Sure, everything depends on our fingertips , it is time to face the music and think how we can start packing up our stuff ready to travel, but Alice this is between you, me and the lamppost, don’t share our project to anyone, except John.

Alice: No worries William, I can’t share, and I am very delighted to have fun with you guys and explore diverse places .

William: That’s right Alice, we will have enough moment to explore different areas and learn a lot as well. You know I am used to staying home I am out of the loop about travelling , I will get enough time to enjoy life, and I hope this will be one of the best moments in my life because I am very curious about this event .

Alice: That’s right William, it is better sometimes to make adventure because you can learn a lot from it, hence I am ready to come over and have fun.

William: I will be excited when we start our journey, maybe we will inspire other students and next time they will join us.

Alice: Sounds great William, we will do that

William: Perfect, Alice let's call it a day, bye see you later

Alice: Bye William, take care.



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