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Beautiful Nature


By TerryPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

Beautiful Nature

Oh nature

You are amazing

You give us sun, water and air for granted

And we do everything under our breath

You don’t put us under the microscope

You let us under the radar

You don’t throw us under the bus

When we are reckless

You let us let our hair down

And make things best of both world

Imagine live in this world without your kind support

I utter you nature, how this cosmos should be

No where to paint the city red

Always remain in pickle

How this world could be without you

Impeccable nature?

Nobody knows

I am beside myself with a great joy to thank you

Deep down I respect and recognize your wisdom

My words are not lies

They are the foundation of my great emotion

Owing to your tremendous actions

Oh nature you are amazing

Sometimes we make you feel sad

We use you a lot

But you let us free

And you don’t react to us and drive us up the wall

For you wish us to cut the mustard

When you see us in good suits

You feel good

Even if we take bunch of stuff from you

You don’t show us the cold shoulder

You are totally humble as lamb

Your down to earth behaviors

Make me think outside of the box

And do whatever possible a 180

And make thing depend on my finger tips

And then open horizon so as to fetch

Huge wisdom from your spectacular ego

Oh nature you are beautiful

I wish to stay closer to you

And smell, taste your landscape

And tango your wave every single day

Getting connected with you

Is having a hit and make things in order

Great things will happen when we think about you

All the time , wherever I go.

I love you nature and I am compelled

To see you every way in my eyelids

I am totally compelled to have you on my side

And ask you for a guide anyway ASAP

I should keep in mind

That without you

I can be at the loose end

And be out of the loop

I want to be in good books with you nature

Because you will not stab me at the back

Or scratch my back so that I can scratch yours

You will always show me a good vivid example

And this will always make my heart wide open

And make myself clear to say what I need to say

I will not say things between you and the lamp post

I will let the cat out of the bag your nice behaviors

To make everybody aware of your personality

And make your attitude visible in the whole turn out I can reach

Oh nature I love you

You are a good place to meditate

You don’t make people zonked

Bring hope where there is vain

And cure where there is a wound

I can’t wait to release my pen

And write my two cents

Acknowledging how better you are

Life, skills, Knowledge depend on you

Peace, harmony are your picture

I will keep my eye on you

I don’t want to lose my ball

Because my ball is in my hand

And I want to hold it tight

Keep myself on the right track

And always get my life sweet

Do what I like as you do

You inspire me a lot

Because you are the master of your plan

You give us rain whenever you want

Harvest the time you want

You give winter or summer with zero negotiation

I have learnt a lot from you nature

And I want to keep shining as you do

Do what I love to help the world

For life is best when you do what you love

I love you nature.

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