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The Mystical Forest

The Forest of Dreams

By Judith JaschaPublished 4 months ago 3 min read
The Mystical Forest
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"How did I get here?" she asked, wiping her eyes. Julia had laid down for a nap, only to wake up in a place that was unfamiliar. For a moment she felt afraid, but that fear quickly faded as she looked around. Surrounding her was the most beautiful sight she had ever seen. She looked around with amazement.

The sun shined brightly through large, full trees. The grass was green, the sky blue. There were beautiful flowers of all different colors all around her. Nearby was a sparkling lake with the most incredible waterfall. Julia could hear birds flying around her. It seemed just like something from the stories that she had read when she was little. She was so entranced at the amazing sight, that she almost forgot that she didn't know where she was.

"Where am I?" she wondered as she walked around. She didn't see any houses or people. What was she going to do? Despite being confused, she wasn't afraid. Somehow, she felt safe. There was a peaceful feeling about this place.

Suddenly, she heard a noise. She heard humming, along with some small footsteps. She looked up to see a small man with friendly, twinkling eyes. He had a white beard that covered most of his face, a red shirt, blue pants, black boots, and a cute pointy green hat. "This is new," she thought to herself as she couldn't help but quietly laugh.

"Hello there, I'm George. I've never seen you around here before," the little man said with a smile. "Hello, my name is Julia. I don't know where I am or how I got here. Can you help me?" Julia said with a slight sense of desperation in her voice.

"Of course, you're in the Forest of Dreams," George responded, " It's a special place people go sometimes when they're asleep." Julia said, "This seems so real, it doesn't feel like a dream."

"Well, it's not exactly a dream itself. It's a very special place only people who dare to really dream can go to. You have to believe that dreams can come true."

Julia was confused, "I don't understand." George asked Julia if she was hungry, she replied she was. He took her to a small house near the waterfall. Inside she was greeted by a small older lady with white hair, sparkling blue eyes, a pink dress and a red pointy hat. "This is my wife Martha," George introduced them. Martha pulled up a chair for Julia and offered her a slice of apple pie and a glass of iced cold milk. Julia happily ate.

As they sat around the kitchen table, Julia asked, "Why am I here? How do I go home?" George responded, " You are a person with great dreams. Things don't always go the way you expect, but you still hope, you still believe," he continued, " The secret is in the waterfall, those who drink of it will have their dreams come true. When you close your eyes, you will wake up back home. You will believe that this was only a dream, but you will see your greatest desires come true."

Julia told them thank you for their hospitality and headed to the waterfall. She had a little doubt, but what did she have to lose? She took her hands, caught some water, thought about what she trully longed for, and drank. It was cool and refreshing as it went down her throat. but was it going to really change her life? Only time will tell. She took one more look around her. It was so beautiful here, she almost felt sad about leaving.

She closed her eyes, and once she awoke, she was back home. "That was a weird dream, " she thought to herself. It would be awesome if it had been real, that her biggest dreams would come true. But that doesn't happen in real life, or does it?


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Judith Jascha

Mom, sister, teacher, student, writer. I love to touch on all areas as I like to expose myself to new things. My goal is to use my experience to entertain and educate.

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Comments (2)

  • ROCK 4 months ago

    Newly subscribed! Really intrigued with this piece!

  • Andrea Corwin 4 months ago

    We can only hope, right? Loved your story!

Judith JaschaWritten by Judith Jascha

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