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The lost Prince and the tribes

In the 17th century

By Prince Alonzo Nawi Alimuddin IIIPublished 2 years ago 5 min read
Photography by Prince

The lost prince and the tribes

In the 17th century, every man should honor for their clan in whatever seizes it is his responsibility to fight back whoever starts a fight it doesn't matter

Four hundred years back, there was a kingdom in the south part of the world. And they disappear, and the young men heir to the throne run away from the fortress searching for a new home

In his absence, he discovers new hope and lives without his family blessed. Nawi meets his wife, they become a couple to the powerful personality during their era, but the Nawi never see a glimpse of his family at all

Nawi the lost Prince forefathers disappeared later after he married, to her beautiful wife, blessed with five children, and the princess his grandmother raised her children on her own, and they never see her family then

It was a long time ago when the game of throne, progeny, of the Nawi 3rd offspring to the throne, sailed to the south to obtain training about the martial arts, for him to defend himself and his people, but he wasn't able to return to his hometown. He left his beloved sister, Name Indok, somewhere in Parang Nunukan. Since then, there was no news about her and their family

The offspring sailed from Laguna toward the south part of the sea, as they are being targeted by the Spaniard then, the group was not successful on their mission with his men

Four hundred years later, a young came into the world who try to figure out the history of his ancestors by listening to the story that was narrated to him by his uncle, Doctor Nash, and it says

There was a kingdom of the south, the son of Sultan Muizzuddin I, And Nawi grandfather did not take long in power upon his concession from the throne, and he decided to settle simply with his family somewhere in Parang Nunukan

After was being castigated. By the Royal Court for doing things without the royal house consent, he steps down from the throne in honoring his greatness as the royal family

And the young men grandmother was a princess her name Haziza, she met her husband Sharif Manan, known for his bravery, and the Sultan did not withhold he knew that her PRINCESS, will be conserved in the hands of a warrior

Years later, the Sultan's daughter remarried when her husband died in the battle against the enemy, tardily in the same week. And the Princess husband has Killed the young man father then, Nawi spoke to his mother that he wants to sail towards the south looking for a master for him to seek knowledge to reclaim their kingdom and his family title

Many years later, Nawi left but never substantial with his word, on his journey that was very far from home and family, and he died on his trip. Nawi was a grandfather of a lost prince gone without knowing of the entire clan but never told his family when still alive. That Nawi has a family with five children, the story begun under the name of the prince and the lost tribes and his title, and he is the 7th offering to the throne

Telling the story of Nawi, the right heir to the throne and Knowing that her mother Haziza has always given him the wisdom that whatever happens, he must return home upon his mission completed, that was the knowledge that he obtained from his mother as he recalled a day on being detached from his noble family

My fate will be appointed by God whatever he will put up with, and I will surrender myself, for he has a plan for all of us. He says to his mother, and I will bestow justice for my father whoever killed him when the right time comes he must pay for his guilt talking to his grandfather

His grandfather spoken we were no longer in power, and they take over the throne from me not long time ago, counsel hut suspected for the crime which I did not commit

There was no evidence of killing and onlooker hence my case is not absolute when we live in the palace I decided, to settle in the parang Nunukan I need to protect my family especially my daughter, she is the only treasure that I had

At that moment they are a peaceful conversation between Grandson and a grandfather, and the young nawi has nothing to do but follow his fate and their culture says every eldest son must do his part for his family

As a young man, it's a big challenge to how he would face his fate, all by itself. But it was not a hindrance to his vision become a reality, and as the sun goes by, his voyage is near, but it won't bother him at all, for he must exhilarate

One day in the early morning, Nawi was in the window overlooking the surrounding that where almost all his friends were alive. I am going to miss them all and these beautiful views

As the journey near his being emotional recently, he must worry more about the family that about to abide by, in exchange for a better place to live where they live peacefully without worries

That was only his dream for his family and his people. The young Nawi believes everything must take with honors, trying to retrieve what is rightfully things for him until then


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