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The Loss Of A Great Warrior

by Cheyenne Hall 2 months ago in Short Story
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|Trigger Warning|: Violence

(This is not my drawing, it is a picture off of Google that I wanted to use as a character reference.)

Alene Cunnigham was a noblewoman who had become well respected for her contribution to the community; helping the poor, giving out money to random civilians whether they needed it or not, tended to chores of workers in their fields and many other things.

Though she did all this she trained with an elite force to someday be a part of the group of imperial guards that protected the kingdom, emperor, and empress from the dangers that sometimes threatened them from their rival kingdoms. She respected her emperor and empress, but she knew that all of the kingdom’s leaders including her own only wanted to keep the power they had over everyone and also wanted to gain control of the other kingdoms as well.

This caused her to slightly have less respect for them than she had before she knew their true intentions but she still wanted to protect the kingdom she had lived in her whole life. As the days passed she began to realize that the kingdom had become more endangered and that there were more enemies trying to attack then usual.

Then she became concerned about the situation more and more as it had only worsened as the weeks had past, then one day one of the imperial guards came through the town shouting to everyone saying. “We are under attack!!! The other kingdoms have joined forces to try and bring our kingdom down. Get your children and evacuate the premises immediately before your lives are put in more danger.” Alene suddenly had an overwhelming instinct to overcome her and she hurriedly began to help the citizens gather their children and evacuate the kingdom at once.

After several hours of this once Alene was sure that everyone had been evacuated she went back to the kingdom to help protect it, at first the guards were against this because she was a female, but when the emperor and empress heard this they decided to let her help. Throughout the millennium of the War of Many Loses she had met an enchanter; she saw him sneaking in through the gates and was about to kill him before she realized he was one of the citizens Elvin Yarbrough. She was astonished after he had informed her that he was an enchanter, she would have never seen him as such a being.

He told her that he wanted to join forces with her and help prevent their kingdom from going into ruins even though it was already in dire conditions as it was from the war already. The war only grew worse and the kingdom was almost completely demolished, Elvin had become discouraged by this his defense against the enemies became tactless. His enchantments became weaker the more he was doubtful on whether or not they would win this war and Alene began to notice this and became partially angered by his behavior and she turned to him and said. “Don’t you lose hope now Elvin, all you will do is cause us more endangerment the less you fight!! We have already lost two of the imperial guards for goodness sake. What more do you need to be encouraged again to fight back?!!” Tears filled her eyes as she looked into his facial expression to see some sort of reaction, any reaction to what she had just said but his expression was blank.

She ignores him and continues to fight off the enemies using her long two handed double edged sword and sliced through their bodies easily paying more attention to trying to protect the kingdom that she was to him. As the days went by and the enemies seemingly got stronger Alene’s body was getting very heavy and she was becoming very exhausted and all Elvin did was watch her struggle to keep her guard up any longer. This made her come to a realization that he was possibly against their kingdom the whole time and she slightly noticed that he was grinning at her as she became weaker.

Alene became very angry and realized that the enchantments he was doing was to make the enemies stronger and killing only some to make it less suspicious. She got an immediate adrenaline rush and she turned towards Elvin and with a quick swing of her sword she beheaded him and his body dropped before her feet. Though while she was distracted the enemies were trying to break through the gates and they succeeded, hearing the war cries of the enemies that have raided the kingdom she turns her attention back to them and she hurries down the stairs and jumps out of one of the corridors swing her sword viciously taking down as many as she could.

Becoming greatly tired they had surrounded her and she was about to give up but she heard a small little voice in her head saying, “Don’t lose hope my child, you came so far to let them take your life and the rest of the kingdom with it.” This gave her a burst of energy and after hours and hours of defending herself and the kingdom no more enemies had come and she let out a sigh of relief and felt victorious. Though her body was unable to function properly any longer and she fell to her knees and rested upon one of the walls.

When she had awakened she found herself in a very comfortable bed with velvet silk sheets and it was so big that it looked as if it could hold at least five people. Confused as to who brought her into the bedroom and who’s bedroom it was she got up and wandered across the room and she saw a picture of the emperor and empress, this making her realize that she had been in one of the extra bedrooms of the palace.

Exiting the room she searched for the emperor and the empress, after a few minutes of searching she ran into the two and got down on one knee bowing before them and saying. “Your majesty, your highness. I appreciate you both for letting me help defend this kingdom and I hope you realized my abilities to protect this kingdom.” They looked at each other and then at her and they began to say. “You have no need to bow down to us young warrior. You have served this kingdom quite well and we are now in debt to you, and we would like to make an offer that we believe you would be interested in. How would you like to be one of our imperial guards?”

Alene looked at them slightly confused but she got up and when she heard the offer she got really excited about it and then goes back to a serious state of mind and then she says. “I would be honored to serve you being an imperial guard and fight with my life until I stop breathing.” Afterwards they smile at her and then say. “You can have that room or you can choose any other room you’d like but that’s of the best quality room we have.” She nods and then she goes back to her room and after realizing the sun was almost down she bathes herself and then goes to bed.

After a few days of doing her daily patrol around the kingdom to make sure there were no threats approaching them she went back to her room and passed out on her bed, exhausted from having to watch the kingdom. Later that night when she was in deep sleep a bounty hunter came along and slaughtered her in her sleep, she had a bounty from the emperors and empresses of the other kingdoms since she killed off their soldiers and some citizens that decided to help. The next morning one of the servants walked into her room and they let out a blood curdling scream as they saw her body laying lifeless in the bed.

The servant went running to the emperor and empresses bedroom and barged in. This made them quite upset but they saw the look on her face, she looked as if she had just witnessed her only family member’s dead body. After letting the servant explain they both were speechless and they had become filled with sorrow since they had started thinking of her as if she were their daughter. They held a funeral for her in a beautiful garden with poppies and roses going along the side of the pathway to where her casket would have gone. The leftover imperial guards who survived the war carried her golden casket that had a large bouquet of flowers on top and then they walked over to the hole she was to be buried in and they placed it down into the hole before covering it up.

Both the Emperor and Empress were mourning and crying over her grave and they had placed a large iron cross behind it and it had ‘Alene Cunningham was a great warrior and she helped protect the kingdom and just before she died she felt like family to us..’. This situation had left the emperor and empress quite taken aback and disappointed and they wondered why they had to kill her and not one of them or someone else in the palace or kingdom. And this thought would resurface their minds anytime they did something or saw something that reminded them of her and it made them very sad as the years went on without her…

Short Story

About the author

Cheyenne Hall

I’m Cheyenne Hall, and I like to write and draw in my free time. I’m 15 years old, and my mom is kinda the reason I started writing in the first place, she is currently trying to take on her dream of being a writer.

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