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The First King Of Shintara

'No One Saw Our World Ending & A New One Beginning This Way' By: Karlton A. Armistad

By Andrew LittlePublished 3 years ago 10 min read
*Borrowed Images, See Footnote JUNE 2021.

The First King of Shantaria

By : *Karlton A. Armistad

Created : June 2021.

1. We are What is Left:

The ‘Earth Year’ was 2121, China & Russia, two of the world’s largest ‘super powers’ are at what all Humanity remembers, as the ‘Final Battle’ as between them was imminent. They had advanced so far in technology and deadly bio-agents they were able to wipe out entire nation’s across the world, conquering America, Europe, the Americas, the Caribbean & Africa, all surrendering to their will.

They released their airborne bio-agents/viruses intending to end life on either side, sadly they succumbed to their own poison. As the 99% of every living thing and what supported life started the swift yet long walk into near extinction, those that would be left of the planet and its 10,000 year history, quickly began to implement their plan for survival, aided by unknown hands from across the Universe far-far away.

The place known as the Scottish Highlands had 4 Ancient Clans that saw what was to come through the Eyes of their last Dragon called Dun Craig, Laird Ceannard, Head of Clan Little & his last son & heir Riaghladair.

Riaghladair was born under the last full Strawberry Moon to pass over the Earth’s surface.

It was believed 2 other sources of power entered the Earth’s atmosphere that night and crash-landed creating a hot healing lake from the waters surrounding Lochcarron. When Ceannard and his guards rode out to the crash, they found what is now known to all four Clans, the others being Clans Mackenzie, McPhail & Ross; the Necklace of Power, a beautifully crafted ancient Gaelic Locket designed in pure white gold and inside a 96 Carat Black heart-shaped Diamond that seemed to power the white gold to shine so bright it was almost too much for the human eye. Along with the locket was a large egg-shaped rock which later hatched to reveal Dun Craig, the earth’s last dragon. Riaghladair was born that night with a birthmark the exact shape of the baby Dun Craig, so his father united all three.

In doing this Ceannard was gifted with a supernatural gift of immense power making him able to see into the past, present & future of everything. Ceannard called together a Council of the four Clans, as he had been told to by his new powers and made all aware of what was to come to the other Lairds, Duncan of Clan Ross, Justis of Clan McPhail & Peter of Clan McKenzie. The Lairds pledge fealty to Ceannard & Clan Little, and acknowledge they were to be governed by him and his heirs till time was no more.

The Clans used the next 20 years to build what is now known as Shintaria [which means ‘City of the Last Ones’]; it stretched from what was formerly known as Strathcarron in the old world encompassing beautiful mountains, rivers, springs and the loch to the borders of what was formerly known as the Isle of Skye. Ceannard acquired and trained Scientists, Farming Specialists & Inventors giving them a tiny portion of his vast new powers and they built an internal system of transportation using transferable matter, bridges, portal spots, Castles and a 2nd City underground called New Shintaria.

This served as the base of governance for the Royal Family of Clan Little and the Head Families of all the Clans. They made an forcefield Bubble using the energy from the Necklace of Power which could shut everything and anything not in Shintaria’s border, out for life.

When everything else started to perish and die in the wake of the Final Battle; Shintaria and its inhabitants were all that remained of what once planet Earth, from a global population of 98 billion inhabitants to 60 thousand men, women and children, now subjects to a new kingdom and 30 thousand others now titled and classed as ‘The Nobility’ with more space to live and grow and repopulate than they had ever imagined surrounded by a protective force-field powered by the Necklace of Power.

It is now the Year 2146, and all four Lairds and their Clans each have a young male heir. Peter of Clan McKenzie was father to 6 offspring the last of which was Prince Neach, Duncan of Clan Ross fathered 3, his last being Prince James, Justis of Clan McPhail had 2 offspring, his last Prince Lucas & High Laird Ceannard fathered 4 which included the anointed Prince Riaghladair, chosen by the Universe to rule as Shintaria’s first King.

His coronation was set for the next morning, and New Shintaria and the above ground lands prepared for a spectacular coronation, with all the pomp and pageantry of Prince William & Kate Queen Consort from the English Kingdom of the Old World

Not every Clan and Laird were happy with this, and in the vast compound of Duncan of Clan Ross, his advisers and some of his children were hatching a vile & bloody insidious plot to seize power & the newly built throne of Dun Craig Castle from which Riaghladair would rule.

Prince James was not for this plan at all as he and Riaghladair had been life-long companions, inseparable from childhood and bonded in a way that could not see one hurt the other.

Laird Duncan was confident High Laird Ceannard would not see his Family’s bloody end coming, he used his spies and contacts in the other royal houses to gain favour with the other 2 young princes, giving them senior titles and powers in what was to be his new line of succession, as Prince James made it clear he wanted nothing to do with the scars of a needless and treacherous Coup against Ceannard who as leader had been more than overly generous to every other Clan as Shintaria took shape and advanced & enriched itself ready to be its own realm.

It was to be a long day and as blue skies changed to a full dark and camouflaged night, James snuck away to find Ceannard & Riaghladair and warn them of the other Clans’ treachery lead by the Tyrant that was his father, Duncan. He would not let the blood of good men stain his hands but would do right by his heart, mind and the ancient oath of fealty sworn so long ago before Shintaria’s birth. Even if those that swore it had forgotten, the Throne & the power to rule belonged to Clan Little.

It was to be a very long night indeed and come morning, whomever was left standing, would be crowned Shintaria’s 1st King with all the powers of the Necklace of Power, Dun Craig the last dragon and what was left of the Earth as Shintaria was formerly known.

2. He Who Wears The Necklace, Wears The Crown:

Riaghladair stood in front of a huge floor to ceiling gilded antique mirror, one of those that was salvaged from the Scottish Parliamentary Building before the ‘Final Battle’ in the old world. He was resplendently dressed in a faint cream silk men’s’ ankle banded trousers, hand stitched and embroidered Malaysian silk Shirt with shoes and stockings to match, the Necklace of Power lay atop his garments awaiting His robe to fitted.

He requested that Dun Craig be brought in to be with him for security purposes as three hours prior, he was reminded of what taking absolute power means as the First King of Shintaria. The rebellion against his sovereignty championed by Laird Duncan of Clan Ross had failed. It was a rebellion Clan Little did not see coming, and one that cost Riaghladair the life of his Father Ceannard and the Lairds of all the great Houses, leaving him with a New table of Lairds to head his Clans.

He appointed Laird James of Clan Ross, to serve as the High Chancellor of Shintaria, Princes Neach & Lucas were executed alongside their fathers for Treason. They were replaced by their siblings Laird Sharia of Clan McKenzie, now the 1st female Laird of Shintaria and Laird Callum of Clan McPhail. They & James saw the danger and pointlessness of betraying Clan Little, and as James alerted Clan Little, and protected his King, these brave and true warriors fought alongside them to save Shintaria.

After his servants had completed dressing him and he was fully adorned as any about-to-be crowned king could be, he was told that Dun Craig (the last dragon) had been shown into the anti-chamber waiting for Riaghladair to walk beside him in the procession to the Abbey of Light, where the coronation would be carried out, then onto Dun Craig Castle for the new King to take his throne.

Dun Craig and Riaghladair hugged and after the servants had left they began to speak. ‘I will miss your father my King’ said the dragon, ‘what Duncan and his treacherous rabble aimed to pull off was unforgivable. Shintaria shines its light on Prince James for alerting You to their gruesome plan’. ‘James would let no harm come to me, even if that meant losing his father. Our souls were bonded long before Laird Duncan could corrupt James, and that is what saved Shintaria from a reign of terror’ said Riaghladair.

‘I have a gift for you my King, will you receive it’ said Dun Craig with a shy smile. Riaghladair answered ‘what more could you possibly give to Me or Shintaria Dun Craig, you and the Necklace of Power saved the last of us and what is left of our Planet, helped us forge a new World as the old One died of man’s destructive greed, so what is this gift?’

Dun Craig began to glow and around the dragon a celestial light beamed as bright as the forcefield that protected the entire realm.

His body lifted up and formed legs and feet as his torso and head changed to reveal long-flowing black dreadlocks and a magnificent beardless face covered by smooth dark skin and eyes that sparked like the purest diamonds in a deep rich blue sky. Dressed in celestial grand robes and bearing sceptre-like cane in his hand, the creature now addressed the young King who was still dazed and silent in awe.

Before Dun Craig could speak, Riaghladair shouted for James, who swiftly entered the room sword drawn, thinking the young King was in danger. Once he entered he too was in awe of Dun Craig’s transformation.

‘Dun Craig is that you, what has happened to you my Dragon?’ said Riaghladair, not sure what to make of the miracle he had just witnessed, now holding firmly to his rock, Chancellor James.

‘It is I My King, but I am no longer Dun Craig, but Galactic Viscount Andrew of the ruling House of Wright in the 11th Galaxy of Space.

Decades ago planet Earth and those who ruled it were brought to our attention as part of ancient prophecy linked to the Universe’s survival. My ancestors asked chose a Clan of the Highlands & bestowed upon them the right to rule a new earth, or what would be left after the ‘Final Battle’.

I was chosen to use the form of a Dragon as that symbol was seen as mystical to the men of earth, and to carry the Necklace of Hope to its 1st King. Ceannard your noble Father, once I had transferred him some of my powers chose you and spent his life protecting you and building the new realm for which you are to be King’.

The walk to his throne felt bitter sweet, but as Riaghladair took His seat and looked out to see his loyal subjects, the Nobility, Celestial Protector of Shintaria Viscount Andrew, and his beloved High Chancellor & Consort James, he knew Shintaria was and will always be a beacon to the Universe. His father would have been so proud of him in this moment but had completed his journey by leaving Shintaria in Riaghladair’s hands.


[Foot Note: The combination photo used for the Story features necklace, not a locket. This is used for dramatic effect only, should the story be turned into a TV Series/Feature length Film, a Locket as per the original remit for the Story would be made and used thereafter. Thank you.]


About the Creator

Andrew Little

Carlton A. Armistad is the pseudonym for Andrew R. Little. I prefer writing under this as it allows me to look at any body of work I complete separate to my personal day-to-existence, and safeguards my relationships and family.

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