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The Existential Woman (page 14)

St. Catherine's Sunday Church Service

By Shanon NormanPublished 8 months ago 3 min read
God Is Everywhere, Including Church

Saturday was a long day for Shanna, yet by Sunday she could hardly remember what happened. She had said several prayers for her son. She had written some poetry and read some poetry. She had eaten and bathed. She had taken a nap. She had sat in the backyard and looked the wild weeds growing. She had picked up some donation food for the cubboard. She had begun watching a new show on Netflix. She had perused through a magazine. She had folded some clothes and hung some of Norman's clothes. Besides that, the day was long and forgettable. Mostly she just remembered thinking about Maui's fire and devastation. All those people now homeless. She knew exactly how they felt. It had happened to her too many times. She spent at least a few hours each day thinking about a way to create a lifestyle that was homeless-proof, but she still hadn't come up with it. She would watch the birds a lot. How they would build a nest,but not stay there long. That had to be the way. Just keep flying. Let the air be home. Let any tree be home.

Shanna awoke at 4 a.m. After a warm cup of coffee, she decided to get dressed for church. She had heard an angel give her some advice the other day. She promised the angel she would go. So she took one of her nicer dresses off the hanger and put it on. She put on her silver earings, her gold bracelet, and her black sandals. She did her make-up, making sure to conceal the wrinkles and blend the cream well. She had some cash in her wallet for the church basket. The mass she wanted to attend began at 9 a.m. Around 8 a.m. Shanna got into her van and drove to the church. The parking lot was not full yet, but that didn't worry her. She walked into the church and met with one of the female church leaders who explained a few different projects they were working on. Shanna signed up to volunteer, then made her way into the main hall to find a seat at a pew.

The service was lovely and mostly the way Shanna remembered it from her childhood with a few improvements that seemed to make the Catholic church seem more modern and friendly. She was happy for them and glad to be back. Everything was formal and orderly the way she had hoped to find it. After mass, she went to see if the cell phone store was opened, but it was too early on a Sunday and the store was still closed.

As she drove home she thought about God. She thought about the ceremony of confession and how that formality was long overdue. She thought about the various ways she could contribute at the church. She was more than rusty. She'd been a black sheep so long she wasn't sure if she was ready, but she knew that denying God or one of his angels was a big mistake, so she humbly abided even if she felt more than inadequate.


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  • Jay Kantor8 months ago

    So Shanon ~ Where you Been ~ I miss your existential self. I will "Sucker Punch" you if you don't view "Pink-Slip" you may relate? J-Bud

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