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Summer Camps

For PVIM Challenge: We'z Walking on...

By shrey Published 2 months ago 2 min read
Dark, milk or white a physicist's treat. A universe of flavor, under my feet. In this choco cosmos, where dreams are spun, I walk my celestial run.

Jasmin was performing an experiment in the lab, while Luna, her little sister, came to her. On seeing Luna’s puffed-up cheeks, Jasmin started to laugh.

Luna told Jas angrily, “ Just because you didn't want to go to the summer camp, I had to miss out too! I was looking forward to the campfire stories, the games, and the adventures. Now I won't have any stories to share when school reopens. It's just…. It's just the worst summer ever!”

Jas thought for a while. After some time she said Let's pack our sleeping bags. Luna was surprised; she asked, but why? Are we going to a summer vacation camp?

Jas said to Luna, “That's our secret, but you'll love to go there.”

After packing their summer camp stuff, Jas took Luna to her lab where her spacecraft was. Luna was asking again and again, “ Are you going to tell me where we're exactly going? Hellow, are you there? Hellow?”

After some time, they reached a place where there was nothing. They couldn't see anything. After that, they can see bright rays of light. Jas landed the spaceship on a surface from where a very sweet smell was coming. Luna can taste the chocolate dust. They came down from the spaceship. Luna stumbled upon a path paved with chocolate and a pond of hot chocolate. “Oh be careful Luna”, Jas told her. The path led to a grove where the trees bore fruit of pure chocolate. The air was thick with the scent of cocoa. In the sky, there was a star that was shimmering with a sugary sheen.

They found a good spot for their tent and assembled it.

They walked through the chocolatey path in summer's lap with flowers to lie and they both started reading poetry in joy.

Beneath my feet

A path so sweet.

A trail of chocolate

My whimsical street.

Cocoa beans in

quantum dance,

Molecules whirl

In an atomic trance.

Theobromine whispers

a chemical song,

As serotonin journeys,

Happy and long.

A word where physics

Meets confection,

Einstein's dream,

A sugary dimension.

Author's note: word count - 345

This microfiction is written for A PVIM Challenge: We'z Walking on...anything nut sunshine.


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I like to discuss very deep about all human qualities. And when the question rises "WHY" behind the consequences that we have accepted as a very simple or general phenomena. I love to discover that WHY.

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Comments (1)

  • Alex H Mittelman 2 months ago

    I liked the story and the poem! Well done!

shrey Written by shrey

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