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Stupid Girl

kissed with a fist

By AphoticPublished 9 months ago 1 min read
Stupid Girl
Photo by Navid Sohrabi on Unsplash

Stupid girl. Just leave.

The bruises all over your body, around your neck—they match the shape of his hands. Everybody knows.

He says he’s sorry. It won’t happen again. You just made him so angry. He loves you.


His words are weapons.

What are your excuses this time? You actually believe him? Still? How many times does he have to hit you? How many promises does he get to break? How many glasses? How many bones?

Will you leave by cab or body bag?

The woman in the mirror doesn’t respond. She just keeps putting makeup over the bruises.


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Comments (23)

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  • Tiffany Gordon 9 months ago

    Awesome writing! Powerful message!

  • C. H. Richard9 months ago

    The story in the mirror is true for so many. Well done ❤️

  • Iris Harris9 months ago

    Wow, this is powerful. I’m glad I read it. So true what women have to endure and be told over and over again. The “lie” of love. Whatever. Thanks for writing it.

  • J. Jay9 months ago

    Wow. That twist at the end where it was the girl talking to herself all along... That hit hard.

  • Gerald Holmes9 months ago

    This story paints a picture that breaks my heart but speaks to a truth that effects way to many people. Excellent writing. I saw this story on your interview with Heather.

  • Melissa Ingoldsby9 months ago

    Truth hits hard

  • Poppy 9 months ago

    This is amazingly written. Extremely talented

  • Cathy holmes9 months ago

    oh wow. That is disturbing, and powerful. well done.

  • Cezanne Libellen9 months ago

    Woah. Shocking and brutal. Brilliantly done, Aphotic!!

  • Paul Stewart9 months ago

    Shii..this hits hard. Importantly so. There's still a cleverness and poeticness like Heather said. That helps to carry the message. I almost feel like this could be connected to one of my own Micro pieces for the challenge. Such a great piece and an all-too-common sad reality.

  • Heather Hubler9 months ago

    Wow. Your ability to portray this situation was poetically brutal, resigned and so very sad. It's such a tragic reality for too many. What a powerful piece. Excellent work.

  • Donna Fox (HKB)9 months ago

    Aphotic, this is a really jarring and trigger piece for me. It's heartbreaking and yet I find myself searching for empathy for the "stupid girl". This was relatable, believable and thought provoking!

  • J. R. Lowe9 months ago

    So hopelessly heartbreaking - you’ve captured something so awful, yet the way you’ve written it is beautifully poetic 😢

  • Tragic truth, so difficult to persuade oneself, because those who abuse tend to be savage manipulators as well.

  • Naomi Gold9 months ago

    Well damn… I’m resisting the urge to make a pun about how this micro fiction packs a punch. But I just said it. This is true to life horror. And I know we’re supposed to empathize with the victims, I just have such a hard time doing it. Because sometimes they’re mothers. With children like me, who had no choice. Other times, they’re daughters. Sisters. Friends. It’s so hard to witness this happen to a loved one, especially when they have the support and options to leave.

  • Gina C.9 months ago

    Oh, this is so compelling. 🥺❤️ The way she knows, but continues with the cycle. Truly heartbreaking, yet the story of so many. ❤️ Very, very well done!

  • Kristen Balyeat9 months ago

    Wow- heartbreaking and profound. I love that you have the thoughts running through her head and the numbness and non-response of the woman in the mirror- you portrayed the complexities and dualities of the human mind/emotions so perfectly. This is a very strong piece.

  • Ash Digest9 months ago

    Excellent! Well written, and you capture the emotions and turmoil perfectly

  • Kendall Defoe 9 months ago

    The worst kind of horror: it happens every day and the victims often cannot end it.

  • Will you leave by can or body bag? That was such a powerful question. It's a choice between life or death. Gosh loved your story so much!

  • Stirs sadness and anger

  • Dana Stewart9 months ago


  • J. S. Wade9 months ago

    Sadly Too true. 🥲😡

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