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Star Crossed Lovers on the Titanic

A night to remember

By Anna cruzPublished 2 years ago 4 min read
Star Crossed Lovers on the Titanic
Photo by Nick Hawkes on Unsplash

Fermina Olivia Y Ocana walks on the deck of the Titanic as she inhales the sea air. Her long brown hair blew in the wind and her light brown eyes squinting from the sun's rays. Fermina walks into the dining room for lunch and a handsome young waiter approaches her. Juan Monros speaks to her in English but Fermina doesn’t speak English. Juan starts to speak Spanish and Fermina is surprised. Fermina and Juan are the only ten Spanish passengers on the Titanic. Although the Titanic left England there were many passengers from around the World heading to New York City. Fermina and Juan are instantly attracted to each other. Juan is tall with dark brown hair and blue eyes. Juan asks “ what she would like to drink” in Spanish. Fermina replies in Spanish “ water please”. Juan has a pitcher of water with him and pours it into her glass cup. Juan notices that she has no ring on her finger and asks Fermina if she is traveling alone. Fermina answers that she is traveling with her bosses Maria Josefa and Victor Castellanos.

Juan says “that it is good that a beautiful woman is not traveling alone”. Fermina is smitten with Juan and asks him “do you think I am beautiful”. Juan replies “very beautiful”. Fermina blushes as she says “Thank You”. Juan stares at Fermina for a long 20 seconds before asking her for her name. “My name is Fermina”. Juan says his name. There is an awkward silence for a moment as Juan continues to stare at Fermina. Juan asks Fermina if she would like to take a walk with him on the deck at around 11:30 pm when he officially gets off duty. Fermina agrees as Juan takes her food order and finally returns with her meal.

Fermina is giddy with happiness as she eats her food. Fermina returns to her job after her lunch break and does not mention to Maria Josefa about Juan. Fermina is Maria Josefa’s maid and they are very close. The maid has joined Maria Josefa and Victor on their honeymoon to aid Maria Josefa as her maid. Fermina performs her duties until 10 pm. She leaves her cabin to join Juan at 11:30 PM on the upper deck. The two lovers meet each other and start to talk about themselves. Juan tells Fermina that he is on the Titanic only to arrive in New York City where he plans to remain. He asks Fermina about her plans, she says that she is traveling with her bosses to New York City for a few weeks until they return to Madrid. Juan asks her if she wouldn’t consider staying in New York City if she had a reason to.

Fermina asks “what would her reason be?”. Juan approaches Fermina and gently kisses her on the lips. Fermina kisses Juan back on the lips for a slightly longer kiss. Juan is about to Kiss Fermina again when he notices a giant iceberg heading for the ship. Juan tells Fermina to run but the iceberg hits the ship at 11:40 pm. Fermina and Juan fall to the ground with the strong impact of the iceberg and the Captain starts to make his emergency announcement.

The crew starts to run out on deck to release the lifeboats. Some of the lifeboats don’t fall into the water in the right position. Some of the lifeboats are upside down. Chaos and mayhem take over, and the people are running toward the lifeboats. The Captain says women and children first. Juan tries to place Fermina on a lifeboat but the crew says only first-class women and children first. Maria Josefa sees Fermina and calls to her they both try to get on the lifeboat but they only allow Maria Josefa on the boat. Victor Castellano, Maria Josefa’s husband is also not allowed on the boat. Victor tells his wife “it will be all right, I will follow on another boat”. Maria Josefa is heartbroken and panicked over her husband and her maid not being on the lifeboat. As the lifeboats start to row away from the ship the Titanic starts to sink. Fermina and Juan hold on to each other as the ship begins to sink. Victor Castellanos falls into the water and a large part of the ship’s stack falls on top of him in the water and is killed.

The ship is going down and Fermina and Juan are still holding onto each other until the ship is at a 90-degree angle and completely sinks. Fermina and Juan jump into the ocean. Fermina and Juan swim towards a floating deck chair to help float. Fermina and Juan try to stay afloat in the frigid waters but Juan tells Fermina to get on top of the deck chair.

Juan starts to turn blue and is shaking uncontrollably. Juan tells Fermina to live and survive as he dies of hyperthermia and lets go of the deck chair. Fermina cries uncontrollably thinking she is next to die and how she lost her soulmate so tragically. Fermina is losing hope when she sees a lifeboat and screams out to them. The lifeboat starts towards her and picks her up. Fermina enters lifeboat 14 with fifth officer Lowe picks her up. Fermina is grateful but full of sadness because of Juan and the death of many that didn’t survive. Fermina would never forget that April 15, 1912 night, and neither would the World forget.

There were ten Spanish passengers on the Titanic when it sank on April 15, 1912, at 2:20 am. Out of the ten Spanish passengers, only seven survived. The names in this fictitious story were some of the actual passengers' names on the Titanic manifest.


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