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Sometimes love is an illusion

Sometimes love is an illusion

By ryan wasikPublished 4 months ago 5 min read

You read his life experience, pursue his footsteps, feel his joys and sorrows, and happy for his happy, for his melancholy and melancholy.

You think this is love.

You read his words, you enjoy his brilliance, you enjoy listening to him and laughing, you enjoy being close to him, and you are even delighted that he wants to talk to you.

You think this is love.

You say to yourself that you are willing to be his bride, willing to hand in hand with him for a hundred years, willing to set up a warm home for him, so that he will not wander from now on, willing to give birth to children for him to share the sky.

You think this is love.

There's no denying that you have feelings for him.

However, one day, when he left you, at the very beginning, you have missed, had lost, and even had melancholy and pain. But, in the days that follow, you forget very quickly. Another landscape breaks into your field of vision, replacing all the previous thoughts, and you feel that you love the current landscape more.

You admire him as he is, you like him as he is, and you often dream of being married to him. It was the same to him as it was to him before.

At this time, occasionally think of him before, you just smile, laugh at their original childish and naive, you say, it is not love, it is just their own woven love network, you like fishing for love, fishing is their own feelings and their own flesh and blood.

But, how do you grasp this feeling in front of you, is really love?

Perhaps, you just like his head halo, like just beat around those admirers feeling.

Because young, you can't stand loneliness; Because you are young, you are competitive; Being young, you love to conquer. You use to conquer men, to witness your charm; Conquering men also brings you the joy of being a woman. As someone said, what you love is not the person, but the feeling of love. You need to have a taste of love, the smell of love, the excitement of love fills your young life and consumes your excess energy. Therefore, you constantly make the object of love, make the feeling of love, you love the feeling of love him, love the taste of missing him, love the excitement of writing love letters for him, but also love by his cold by his rough lessons sour, love because he likes many women and many women like him and caused by the taste of vinegar. You get caught up in the thrill of love.

This, in fact, is the illusion of love.

The illusion of love, let you ignore the same, the most realistic, that is true with him for a lifetime, those plain years, fuel, rice, oil and salt trivial; Those wind, frost, snow and rain, life to bear the shadow of the sword. To these, you have not thought, perhaps you have thought, but just downplay that it is very simple.

As far as you're concerned, love is enough.

But love is never enough. On paper like love, is no different from drawing cake to satisfy hunger; Only immersed in sweet words of love, is not able to withstand the test of time and frost and snow.

The illusion of love is a show of love, at some point, will cut youth, will crush your beautiful ideal, and then put the gray color daub in the sky of your life, so that it affects your future love values life. Or worse, you may turn this delusion into a knife that leaves deep wounds in the person you think you love. Yes, delusions of love often turn into resentments when your love is not reciprocated in the way you desire, and at some point, the person you thought you loved becomes the object of your curse. Those who can not become lovers, they become enemies, are the malformed products of the illusion of love.

Love comes from a feeling. It feels like a mirage. Beauty is beauty, but it is too unreal. Yes, it's easy to say love, it's not hard to write a love letter, and making a verbal promise of love is just a blank check. Maybe what you are good at is just the skills of love. What you think is mature is to write love into words, compose a song, and then sing it loudly. However, do you know that the process of love is a long journey. In addition to the flowers before the moon, in addition to kissing and caressing on the skin, there are also obligations and responsibilities. Those things seem not romantic at all, even heavy, but need you to pay the energy of your whole life. Do you know, the most real and moving love letter, not written on the paper, not sung in the mouth, but printed in your daily for you and his combination of that home. Therefore, the real love, from the combination of home just began, at the beginning of everything, are just the prelude to love, thick and wonderful content, in the later chapters.

So, when you think you love, you might as well let yourself temporarily away, put the heart of the fire of love artificially extinguish, and then look at the object you think you love, see if you have enough ability to understand him, at least is willing to work hard to understand him, understand him, and always appreciate him. Then, you also need to put all his good points aside, only look at his weaknesses, and try to magnify his weaknesses, and ask yourself, can you tolerate? In the years to come, you will not because of his shortcomings not only did not change, but inflation, and easily abandoned? Are you willing to love him unswervingly regardless of wealth, disease, bad environment, frustration and failure in life, with one heart and one heart in the journey of life, until you grow old together?

Think about each situation and act it out in your mind.

Then you can answer yes or no.


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