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By DEVASENAN SUBRAMANIPublished 5 months ago 3 min read

In Silo episode 1, a man pins his sheriff badge and prepares his room, but Holston's actions will change everything as he enters a giant base housing many people.

Residents of a silo are uncertain about their purpose and safety, and Sheriff Holston locks himself in Holding 3 to avoid going outside. Morris, who wants to meet his lover, locks himself up and decides to stay on his bed, expressing his desire to go outside.

Holston and his partner Allison are trying for a baby for the third time, with Allison having her birth control implant removed. At dinner, an old woman named Gloria urges Allison to see her, which Holston criticizes as a fraud. However, as the days pass, the couple continues to try and get pregnant, despite Gloria's reputation for making promises without fulfillment.

Allison, a reporter, is reprimanded by her boss, Bernard, for breaking rules and questioning rebels. Sheriff Holston is unhappy with the conversation, as it violates the Pact. Allison is confronted by Gloria, who privately reveals her curiosity about the outside world. Gloria questions whether authorities want her to get pregnant , hinting at a conspiracy theory. Allison and Holston continue to try to get pregnant, even having sex at the work desk. Meanwhile, Allison meets George Wilkins, a repair technician who is working in the shadows to retrieve an old drive over 140 years old. The story highlights the tension between Allison and Holston's relationship and the challenges they face in their new environment.

Allison and George, two members of the Silo, are disillusioned with their history after being told that all of them were destroyed. They work on a Freedom Day, where the Mayor remembers the terror of the rebellion and destroys everything. Allison and George find plans for the Silo blueprints on a drive, but George decides to destroy them. Allison returns to see Gloria and discovers a video that could change everything.

A cleaner named Jane is outside the silo, and her footage shows birds flying outside. Allison drifts away from Holston, stating she will be okay.

Alison confronts Holston about her birth control, which was never taken out, and she is found dead in the cafeteria.

Holston realizes his wife has cut herself open and rushes to get help. However, Allison is taken away in handcuffs, as she wants to go outside, a crime within the Silo.

Allison's ties with George Wilkins and Gloria are questioned due to her reluctance to leave the Silo. Holston believes her stress from not having a baby has deterred her, but Allison is lucid and determined to find out. She prepares to clean the exterior of the Silo, believing she won't die. Holston confirms that inside is safe, but the outside isn't. Allison expresses her love for him and prepares to walk outside. Holston shuts the large door, keeping Allison out of the Silo, but the exact contents remain unknown due to a long climb to the surface.

Allison enters the cafeteria window and cleans it, but collapses and crawls towards a gnarled tree. Two years later, Holston's world is falling apart, with George Wilkins, transferred to mechanical, showing up as dead.

An engineer believes it's murder, and Juliette Nicholls, a woman he's been in contact with, is also dead. The story then jumps back to the present timeline, where Holston is determined to find out the truth.

Season 1 Episode One is complete, and we'll see you in Episode Two. Thank you so much for spending your valuable time with us today, and I can’t wait to see you in the next video. Until then, take care and stay awesome.

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