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By DEVASENAN SUBRAMANIPublished 7 months ago 3 min read

Mobius M. and the Minutemen chase after an angry Loki, trying to convince him that they don't know each other. When Mobius tells him again that they don't, Loki jumps into a mail cart and crashes into the lower level of the Time Variance Office. He meets Casey, who doesn't remember him either. When an alert says there's a "level 5 intruder", Casey says he's found it, and Loki starts to distort into the future. He meets Casey again, who remembers him and takes him to where Mobius is with Hunter B-15. Casey hears Loki screaming and looks back, but he doesn't see anything.

Loki shows up at a hearing in the War Room and is met by B-15 and Mobius, who have just been notified of his return. B-15 argues that the branching timelines should be left open so that the people living in them can still experience life, while Loki listens to a recording of He who Remains talking to Renslayer. He then glides back into the past and sees He who Remains' face engraved on the wall. When Judge Gamble tells the TWA to stop pruning the timelines, Loki explains to Mobius and Sylvie that he and Renslayer found He who Remains.

He then prunes a wall with the Time-Controls to show the one he saw in the past. After warning everyone inside that a million-strong army is on their way, Loki is brought out of the War Room and General Dox sends a team to look for him.

Loki is questioned by Mobius as to the circumstances of his sudden reappearance in the room. Mobius expresses disbelief at Loki's response, which suggests the presence of past and future within the Time and Space Agency (TVA). This leads to Loki distorting himself once more, and Mobius's decision to transport Loki to Repairs and Advancement. Upon arrival, Mobius is met by present-and-past Ori, who informs him of Loki's condition and proposes a solution to it.

This involves pruning Loki and extracting raw time, such as Loki's, from the Temporal Extractor, which is then refined into a physical timeline. Failure to do so would result in the risk of both Loki and Mobiu becoming spaghettified and severely desquamation. As Loki's time slips back into the present, a lamp on Ori's desk begins to flicker, to which Mobius is alerted.

With B-15 in tow, the three of them head towards the temporal loom, which is overloading due to the branching, which is bad for the TVA. Since the pruning would have killed a lot of people, Oroboros suggests using the Extractor to get inside the temporal loom before the blast doors that are supposed to keep the TVA office safe close. Loki has to trim himself right away after he gets a timer that turns green. But with five minutes to go, he slips back in time and searches the office for the Time Stick, but he can't find it. He hears a phone ringing down the hallway and Laufetydottir climbs out of a door, and suddenly he's pruned and he jumps out of the temporal loom and lands in Mobius' control room, where he's been thrown. Once he's fixed up, he immediately tells B-15 that he's okay, and then he sees a squad coming into the Timedoor with D-90, who is determined to find him too.

In an alternate timeline, in the fictional town of Broxton, Oklahoma, Laufeydottir enters a McDonald’s and orders something that isn’t a squirrel, a possum, or a rat. She wants something that’s already dead and has no face.

The cashier, Jack, lists the menu and Laufeydotto says she wants to try ‘everything.’

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