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Riding in the Rain

A Minor Irritation

By KJ AartilaPublished 27 days ago Updated 27 days ago 1 min read
Riding in the Rain
Photo by Victória Duarte on Unsplash

Riding in the Rain

Still frowning at the sight of the steely gray sky, she grabbed the slicker from the coat rack on her way out the door.

I hope the rain holds off ‘til we finish our ride – she thought to herself in frustration.

On her short walk to the barn, the furrows of her brow deepened with the feeling of cold drops beginning to come down on her head.

She held out her hand to feel the heavy drops and grumbled softly “Uuurrrrrrgh! Stupid rain!” She hurried her steps to the barn and ushered the gray gelding in from the pasture.

As she brushed the mud from his coat gathered from the rains overnight, she watched the shower get heavier outside the open, sliding barndoor. At least it was warm. They had several miles to cover today.

While she proceeded to tack up the horse, the rains picked up their tempo on the roof.

She grabbed the bright yellow slicker and slipped it over her head before mounting the good-natured gelding.

They walked slowly from the barn to the hacking trail. As they got to the head of the trail, the rain stopped, and the clouds parted. The sun broke out into the blue sky, and her frown became a grin as she watched the rainbow form at the far end of the meadow.

She reached down to pat the glistening neck. “Did you do that with your Unicorn magic? I know you did.”

The horse gave a snort and they continued to walk on down the path together.


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A writer of words in northern WI with a small family and a large menagerie.

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  • JBaz25 days ago

    I have rode horses in the rain, not romantic at all. But there is something unique about the experience. Well done

  • That was a beautiful little piece. Whether the MC literally meant that the gelding was a unicorn or was just sharing an inside joke with the horse, you really conveyed a tender moment between horse and rider that is as magical as a mythical creature. Well done.

  • Thavien Yliaster26 days ago

    Wait, if he's a unicorn is he still secretly a gelding? Cause wouldn't a unicorn capable of breeding be more valuable than a neutered/spayed one? Cause they're already presumably rare and having a stallion is like a "white" gold mine especially for ranchers that have plenty of healthy, fertile, mares. Well, I hope that the land got all the rain it needed before/after their little ride.

  • You don't like riding horseback in the rain? But it's such an iconic notion: the cowhand hunched within his/her slicker on horseback tending cattle in the rain.

  • Cathy holmes27 days ago

    That is beautiful. Nicely done.

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