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a boss pretends to be broke to test his friend


By Randi HidayatPublished about a month ago 7 min read

On that day, a rich boss named Wang. He finds out that his school friend has applied for a job at his company. His name was Feng Chun, he was Wang's friend when he was in middle school, they weren't very close but Wang intended to accept him and was placed as a manager in the company's branch. So assistant Wang disagreed and proposed to his boss to test his friend's true character. namely by pretending to be bankrupt and poor.

Wang immediately agreed to his assistant's proposal and at that time Wang summoned his subordinates to interview Feng Chun and accept him to work as a manager at his company's branch. In addition, Wang told his subordinates to spread the word that he would pretend to be an janitor in the office and don't let anyone tell Feng Chun that I am the owner of this company.

Feng Chun was called into the room for an interview, and according to his superior's instructions, he was accepted to work as a manager and received office facilities in the form of a luxury house and a BMW i8 car which was already very luxurious for Feng Chun.

Feng Chun : Yeaahhhhh, finally I can work at this famous company and get extraordinary facilities. the house is $500,000, and the car is $135,000. Now I'm rich hahahahaha just wait guys, I'm going to have a school reunion and at our reunion later I'll show you my new car.

The next day, Feng Chun told all his school friends that he wanted to hold a reunion event at a 5-star hotel next month. And after that he lived his life as a new manager at the company.


Feng Chun came out of his room to eat lunch while focusing on playing on his cell phone. and suddenly he fell because the floor was slippery.

Feng Chun : #^*%@! , it turns out it's you Wang? Hey, you. Are you the one mopping this floor?

Wang : Fengchun? You are a manager in this company? Yes, I'm mopping the floor.

Feng Chun: plaaakkk, (he slapped Wang's cheek until it bruised). Are you blind? because of your incompetent work, I slipped and my clothes were all wet. you have to replace it!!!!

Wang: But Feng Chun, it's not my fault, I put a slippery floor sign there. That's because you were focused on playing on your cellphone so you didn't see the sign.

Feng chun : #^*(!# , and plaakkkk..(he slaps again) you dare? you have to change my wet and dirty clothes. total $5,000

Wang : I'm sorry, but I don't have that much money.

Feng Chun: I don't want to hear any excuses. I'm embarrassed to have a school friend like you. Don't come close to me and pretend we don't know each other.

Wang : ....... (fall silent)

Time passed a month later.

Feng Chun: This is the day I have been waiting for. where I hold a reunion and will show off my success to my friends.

Feng Chun got ready by wearing luxurious clothes like a big boss, and drove his new car to the luxurious restaurant at the 5 star hotel he had booked.

As for Wang, he chose to ride his old bicycle since he was still in school. And on the way Wang met Feng Chun because they were going in the same direction.

Feng Chun: yooo, who is this? It turned out that the poor man was going to the school reunion on his ugly bicycle. ( laugh out loud )

and Feng Chun drove his car away from Wang

Wang: I didn't expect him to be like that... forget it, I'll give him one more chance.

Then Wang arrived at the 5 star hotel and was about to park his old bicycle. Suddenly hotel security immediately ran and shouted at Wang

Security : You $^#! , do you think this hotel is yours? Put your trash bike carelessly in the parking lot of this luxury hotel. Did you know, this hotel belongs to ***** company and the branch manager held his school reunion here. You'd better go and throw this trash away.

Wang : Sorry sir, I will move my bicycle to another place. And I was also one of those who took part in this reunion event, sir. Please don't kick me out.

Shen Qi: Hey wait, you're my schoolmate Wang, right?

What is going on ? why don't you come in?

Wang: shenqi? Yes, I'm Wang, your classmate. nothing", I just can't put my bike here. and I'm going to move it now.

Feng Chun : why do I always meet you #*^%... just throw away your old bicycle, it could ruin the reputation of this 5 star hotel.

Shen Qi: Feng Chun, why did you say that to classmate Wang? he is our friend. Wang, don't mind what Feng Chun says, get on your bike and let's go in.

Lin Jie : Wang... long time no see, you are still handsome as before.

Wang: Lin Jie. nice to meet you again, you also look very beautiful and graceful.

Feng Chun: Hey Lin Jie, what are you talking to that trash Wang for? he is an errand boy in my company.

Lin Jie: Tch, turns out he's just an errand boy. You are so bad , unlike this handsome and rich Feng Chun.

Wang : you guys...!!!!!

Shen Qi: (interrupting Wang who wanted to speak) Wang...let's go in, don't pay attention to them.

Feng Chun : (angry to see Shen Qi defending Wang)!!!!!!....


And then one by one Wang's friends came to the event and the longer the event lasted, the more lively it became. And Feng Chun as the organizer of the event wanted to attract the attention of his friends and wanted to embarrass Wang because he didn't realize his status as just an errand boy, but he dared to attend the event.

Feng Chun: Everyone, please pay attention. Thank you for attending the reunion event that I hosted. How was the event? Do you like it?

his school friend: Feng Chun, you are great, you have become a very successful and rich person. Which company do you work for?

Feng Chun: (laughs) I am now a manager at ******* company.. yes, I am a rich man now (laughs again)

Lin Jie : Wow Feng Chun, you are amazing. This is different from Wang, who is just an errand boy and walks here using his old bicycle. (laughs and glances at Wang)

Feng Chun : (laughs and feels victorious)

but in the middle of his conversation, Feng Chun saw his boss also enter this hotel,

Feng Chun : Hello Mr. Robert. Are you here to attend my school reunion?

Robert : oh hey feng chun, ah I'm sorry. I'm here to meet the big boss, because there will be a meeting here soon.

Feng chun: will there be a big boss here? sir please introduce me to the big boss.

Robert : (surprised to see Wang, the boss is here)

Wang: (gestures to leave here immediately)

Robert : Feng Chun, I'll go inside immediately.

Feng Chun : Yes, sir. (a little disappointed and realizing that Wang wants to go too)

Feng Chun : Hey, where are you going? want to leave this event because of embarrassment? hahaha,,, but there is no place for someone like you.

Wang: Where I want to go is none of your business.

Feng Chun: (annoyed and runs towards Wang). #^*! , who do you think you are talking to?? plakkk (he slapped Wang's cheek)

Wang: You've gone too far, Feng Chun.

Feng Chun: Hoooo. so what do you want? A poor kid like you shouldn't act too much. (Feng Chun tries to slap him again, but is stopped by Robert)

Feng Chun: Mr. Robert...why are you back here again? Is there anything left here? what's wrong, I'll help you find it,

Robert : boom (he hit Feng Chun's face until he fell)

damn.. how dare you slap the big boss. (Robert calls his bodyguard to come).

Feng Chun: Big Boss? Who, Wang? He's just an errand boy in the company, why is he called the big boss?

Robert : then who do you think is the boss? (He also ordered his guards to beat Feng Chun).

Wang: ......(just silently watching Feng Chun being beaten)

Feng chun : please stop, I'm sorry. Wang... no, boss wang please forgive me.

Wang: Originally I really believed that you were a good person, but my assistant said to pretend to be poor to see your true nature. and apparently this is your nature. Starting tomorrow you no longer need to work at my company and leave my house and return the car given to you.

Feng Chun: No, please don't fire me, I ask for one more chance, Boss Wang. I will change to be a good person.

Wang : I have given you the opportunity to wait for you to do good feng chun deeds. but you do whatever you want over and over again. Shen Qi, do you have work? If not, please work at my company to replace Feng Chun.

Feng Chun: No, please... No...... (Feng Chun is kicked out of the hotel)

Shen Qi: I'm not working, is this real? Yes, I want to work in your company. (smiles at Wang)


Sorry if the ending feels ordinary. because this is my first writing.

Thank you readers. ♡

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