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Pluto Is Back Again!!!

by Arvindevaya Silberman 3 months ago in Short Story · updated 2 months ago

When the world believes, so it will be!

“Jack!!!” she screamed, a distant voice of some woman, it could be Claire or Elliot, or who knows from the ASB? That stands for the Authority of Singular Belief by the way, which stands no more. We are all found in the rubble, some asteroids hit us, the planet is going to hell! Well, let me get up!

Jack Ryder shakes off the broken wall off his back and lifts himself out of the dust. Shakes it off his denim jacket and jeans.

..Good thing I work out.. I heard myself say in my mind, “So this is it!!!!!” I yelled, a girl came over with a name tag on her outfit reading Carrol, she works at the ASB too. “Are you ok Jack?”

“Yes” I said.

Well, this sure had to happen. “Is it Pluto raining on us?” I asked, I stopped myself “I mean Mars?”

“I don’t know” she said, shivering like she was cold. Maybe give her my jacket? It doesn’t matter anyway. It’s all over. I gave it to her. “Thank you” she said, warmly.

This was always meant to happen, I would know, I work at the ASB. The entire world believes what we believe, it is the Authority of Singular Belief after all. Founded in 2700 AD, that’s about 500 years ago or so. Back then there were other authorities, the sciences for example, but they came to a stuttering end. There were other religions even, Judaism I think it was called, and a more popular one called Christianity, and yes Hinduism. I wonder if the Hindu prophets or Buddha foresaw this. I mean I know the origins of the ASB had something to do with the rise of Eastern beliefs in West society, but I really don’t know how we got here. All I know is over the past 500 years, more and more people have come to believe the same thing - provable Astrology. Yes, and that is why Pluto was reinstated as a planet back when.

Yeah, speaking of Pluto, we all knew it, it brings death, endings.

Jack Ryder looks up to the sky. He speaks out “must be a massive meteor shower, maybe it’s Mars falling in on us”.

..It doesn’t matter.. I think to myself. I wonder what the Non-Believers Association has to say about this. The NBA, they are a small group of people. Well, the believers didn’t help, maybe the non-believers have an answer. Wasn’t there a girl at the ASB that knew something about the NBA? Yeah, she used to talk about them all the time. I forget which one she is, Carrol? Elliot? Cynthia? I really wouldn’t know. Never been too good with faces. This girl who knows about the NBA wore a locket though, an odd heart shaped one, maybe I could find her in the rubble somewhere.

Jack Ryder shifts around the pieces of building and iron rods looking for the girl with the heart-shaped locket. As he shuffles through the rubble, he lifts himself, head up, to breathe and grunts out loud “Oh, damn with it all!! It’s over!!” As he brings his head down, he sees a group of girls trying to get out of the shower pieces of building from above.

..They look like they are going somewhere.. I thought to myself, “Wait a minute, what's that?”

Jack Ryder spots the girl in the front leading the pack, wearing the heart-shaped locket. He runs across where the building once stood to reach the girls. He finally catches up.

“Hey stop! Stop!” I get in front of her and the rest.

“Jack!” she says startled, as he begins to look at her heart-shape locket hanging down her dusty neck, stuck in between of her cleavage. “Hey!!! What are you looking at!!?? Is this any time for this??”

“Oh sorry, I didn’t mean to stare!” I said nervously, not that it’s anytime to get nervous. Her name tag says Elliot. So that’s her, okay! I need to find out about the NBA.

“Move out of the way!” she pushes forward with her herd of followers.

“Wait! I want to know about the NBA!!” I yell out as she and her group pass by. She yells back while on foot “I thought you were a pure believer!”

Well obviously, I believe, look at what is happening now. This is all predicted by the ASB, astrology – something about Pluto, Saturn, and Mars forming a destructive aspect to Earth in certain horoscope signs at certain degrees, or something. I don’t know everything, but I know it’s true. That doesn’t mean I’m not trying to survive!

Jack Ryder runs up to the girls to speak with Elliot.

“Well, you’re right I am a believer, so what? I want to ask you about the NBA!!”

Elliot stops, as does the group. She says “Now you are interested. What do you want to know?”

“What is happening!!!??” I asked

“You know what is happening - Pluto, Saturn, Mars? You believe it right??”

“Yeah, but so does everyone else! So, what!?”

“I don’t!” she said, I was dumbstruck. “What do you mean you don’t?” I asked.

“I am secretly part of the NBA, I don’t believe, and I am gathering everyone who doesn’t believe to come with me. Do you believe or not??”

“Take everyone where? The whole world is crashing down!!”

“No! It’s not. There is an underground shelter for us NBA to wait it out”

“Wait out Mars crashing onto us???? Are you crazy!!?”

“No, it’s not Mars, it’s just part of the moon that we projectile detonated to hit mainly this location and around” She continues “Yes we did it, the NBA, this is where the ASB headquarters is, so BOOM!!!”

“How could you say that!??” I asked irritated. “Countless people have died!!”

“All mostly believers” she added quickly.

I stood there astonished “Why?...”

She looked at me.

I asked again “Why?... Why would you do this!!!!!???”

She answers “You will soon find out, it will be broadcasted worldwide, the ASB is no more, the NBA is taking over from now!”

“You still haven’t answered me! I’m not going to wait for some broadcaster"

Jack Ryder holds his right arm out, palm on Elliot’s left shoulder.

“I will not let you go anywhere until you tell me WHY!”

“Okay” she said as she looked around, paused, then continued to speak “It’s because belief is power!!”

Jack Ryder smirked and said, “well of course!”

Elliot responded “Then did you never think that if everyone on the planet thinks Doomsday is coming then wouldn’t it really come true? This is the only truth we at the NBA believe, that belief is power. Power to manifest. Yes, just like the ancient religions. People only believed in them so strongly because their beliefs would manifest to be true in some way or another. And when all religions were eradicated by liberal spiritual beliefs, over time spiritual beliefs took place of hard religion. At the beginning of the rise of spirituality there was no hard beliefs, or singular beliefs. All that was caused by the ASB, they created a singular belief system, and if the world believes it, it happens.”

This made me think, wasn’t it Mars supposed to blow up according to the Authority of Singular Belief? Why the Moon? Did Elliot and the NBA projectile detonate part of the Moon before Doomsday??

“Is this Doomsday?” I asked Elliot

“No” she said, “Not according to your beliefs, and hopefully that never comes to be, if enough of you believers die or start to believe overwise”. Elliot shifts her body slightly and looks at me more intensely and says “Well now that the Moon blew up instead of Mars, contrary to your ASB’s beliefs, do you still believe in the ASB’s beliefs?”

..That's a good question.. I thought to myself.

“I guess not” I said, not believing my own words.

“Then live to save the world!!!”

Short Story

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