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By TerrencePublished 4 months ago 3 min read

Luckily the map never got wet . I had it in one of my delivery containers . Which I explained before is water proof . I placed the map in one of them , because it was the safest place to be in case of danger . I walked and guided with the map as my friends kept watch . After being what we’ve been through, our group was on guard . Bulls Eye trailed from the back with his bow , piercing the trees and Skys with a menacing intent from his sharp eyes . John led the way as I guided him with the map . He would also scower the landscape and skys with ill intent . I chuckled and thought to myself . I think I'm starting to love this new team of mines .

We had a ways to go before arriving at the Sapphire Cave , but I mapped out a nice straight path . At the most we will have to walk through a small forest . Which is what I would prefer , as to have more cover from would be scouts . I still didn’t feel comfortable sending another message yet . Not until we at least reach the cave . For all I know the first message we sent could’ve been what it was that had us tracked in the first place . I'd like to take everything into consideration . It’s just how I am , especially after the events I experience in this line of work .

We started talking to each other as we walked . Our volatile tensions have eased up a little for now . John said , “So what are those small guys ? I am almost certain that those are the little insect people , that were said to be extinct . Ancient spells were created that poisoned them . It was a poison not strong enough to harm us bigger living beings . They were seen as pests of the world and were thought to be completely eradicated . Some cultures were even said to eat them like a delicacy . Not us Cyclops though , that just sounds nasty ! "

Me and Bulls Eye didn't have much to add except that we agreed. It was a mutual agreement of ours to worry about the little guys when we got back to the village . We haven’t had to deal with being attacked or stalked for almost a day . We decided to drink some water from our flasks and eat crackers. There was also some vegetables that were sealed in a jar . We sat down on a log and took a small break. We all found our own areas to take a piss at .

When we approached the forest, there was something that was off about it . I alerted the others . “Wait ! Do you guys pick up on the weird vibe ? This forest is quite quiet , as if either people came before . They could also be laying wait for an ambush . Or they came and laid traps everywhere . It could also be a big animal that’s a predator , or multiple . Either way something potentially dangerous scared away everything or even worse killed them . What do you guys want to do ? “

John raised his hand as to be orderly . I respect that about the both of them two . “ I’m big time pumped up and still mad about our night incident . Respectfully I’d love nothing but to beat up on some fools that think they can ambush me ! I even found some rocks in the cave for those little guys !” Bulls Eye laughed a little then said his opinion . “ While I agree with John …. I think it would be best if we looked at the map and found a safer route . “

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