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A Short Story

By Yasemin Yiğit KuruPublished about a month ago 2 min read
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"When the water in the cezve began to bubble, it withdrew from the angry flame.

As its soft foam gently flowed towards the porcelain cup, it murmured to itself in frustration:

"No matter what I do, reaching this girl seems impossible."

"What about searching for someone else? Someone else might be more suitable, perhaps?" asked the coffee-scented steam, filling the room.

It was just an ordinary coffee from an ordinary brand, but inherited from its noble ancestors was that elegant scent, filling the room like incense rising from the mist. The coffee's task was simple yet challenging, like others': to reach a girl and convey a mysterious message.

"Our database is not as limited as yours," replied the water as it blended with the coffee's deep amber hue.

"We can reach every corner of the world, from the most primitive tribes to the wealthiest homes. Our agents are everywhere. Among 8 billion people, this girl is the most suitable for this task. But she's doing everything she can to avoid us."

The coffee sighed in disappointment.

"Why didn't you collaborate with us before?" it complained softly.

"We've been working together for so long. This message is also ours. You should have asked for our help much earlier."

The water tried to reassure the coffee. "Of course, we will collaborate," it said. "She hasn't been consuming coffee, alcohol, or cigarettes until now. You know, she just started drinking coffee."

The coffee stood proudly. "Yes, that's true," it said. "Now watch what I'll do. First with my aroma, if not, with my taste, or if all else fails, with the traces I leave in the cup, I'll definitely reach her."

The water wasn't entirely convinced. The girl's mind was constantly occupied. She probably wouldn't be able to detach herself from her preoccupations even while drinking coffee.

Besides, who was this coffee to stand beside water? Okay, things had progressed much faster since the coffee joined the team, it admitted. But water's methods were much more ancient compared to its.

It had come close to reaching the girl several times before. Once while swimming in the sea, at a moment when she could completely clear her mind, and a couple of times during a surprising rainfall on a sunny day, she had paused, seeming to receive the message, but then lost it again.

One night, after taking a shower and falling asleep, she suddenly woke up and fully grasped the message, but since she didn't jot it down in any way, she forgot it by morning.

The water was surprised at the coffee's confidence. "If I were you, I'd be more cautious," it said. "This girl's heart is like a fortress. Breaking down its walls won't be easy."

The coffee nodded determinedly. "I'm not giving up. Our message is important. This girl needs to hear it."

The water and the coffee fell into silence. Both knew it would be a tough mission. But there was no option to give up. This girl needed to receive the message. This was just the beginning of the mysterious dialogue between the coffee and the water.

Short Story

About the Creator

Yasemin Yiğit Kuru

an engineer who loves reading and writing

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  • Joe O’Connor24 days ago

    Have never thought about what coffee would be like as a character. "The coffee sighed in disappointment", I can just imagine the coffee in this sentence!

  • G. A. Botero28 days ago

    So original. Truly got into the coffee character. I do love coffee.

  • Andrea Corwin about a month ago

    Coffee…. Intoxicating aroma. I hope they collaborate and reach her!! ❤️❤️

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