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Long Journey

In Search of a Friend

By Yasemin Yiğit KuruPublished 2 months ago 4 min read
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Once upon a time, I was part of a family. They gave me a home, loved me, and I loved them back. They became my everything.

Once upon a time, it was wonderful. We used to play games together, especially with their son named Burak. We were growing up together, learning about life together. His smile and loving glances while playing would make me the happiest creature in the world.

Sometimes Burak would take me to his school. There, he would let me play with his friends. Over time, my circle expanded, and I had many admirers.

There was nothing in the world as beautiful as being cared and looked at with love by them. I loved them too, but my family was the most important people to me. Among them, I was Burak's closest friend. We spent every day together, even slept together at night. This bond was very precious to me. My family was the most valuable thing I had in the world.

But then things slowly started to change.

Although I couldn't pay much attention while playing around, it seemed like my mom and dad weren't as affectionate to me or to Burak as they used to be. Somehow, the unrest at home started to grow.

While my parents argued loudly, I tried to cheer up Burak, who was increasingly withdrawn into his own world. He didn't want me around anymore.

I couldn't quite understand what was happening, but I knew something was terribly wrong.

On a mild spring day when the sun wasn't too hot and there was a gentle breeze, they suddenly suggested that we do something together. They wanted to go out of town for a picnic, to get some fresh air. This gave me hope deep inside. I thought my family was finally returning to their old, happy days.

We were very cheerful, running and playing on the grass. Thanks to the delicious food they brought, it felt like I was experiencing the best day of my life.

I must have wandered off too far while playing and not noticed, because I suddenly lost sight of them. When I returned, they weren't where we had our picnic. How could this be? They must be looking for me around for sure. To avoid worrying them, I immediately started looking for them.

After a while, I noticed a car speeding away in the opposite direction. My heart was pounding out of my chest. It was our car.

I ran, I shouted, but they didn't hear me. I never stopped running after them for a moment, but it was futile. I couldn't make them hear me.

Wasn't it too early for them to stop looking for me?

That day marked the beginning of my real test. It was the first time I slept outside at night. I was scared, alone. I was hungry, thirsty. I looked for help, but most of the time I couldn't find any.

Every day, I covered long distances.

Some days, as I walked along highways where cars zoomed by, I hoped to find my family searching for me inside those vehicles.

Other days, I passed through deserted fields with prickly weeds, my paws sore from wounds, but I didn't give up. My goal was clear: to find my family.

I could endure any pain to reunite with them, and I was sure they missed me terribly too.

Every day, every step, brought me closer to them. I could smell them more distinctly now. And finally, I found them.

There stood Burak's school right in front of me. I patiently waited for his classes to end, just like in old days.

And finally, I saw him at the school gate. But he was far away, and I couldn't get closer because of the crowd and the school buses. He looked at me for a while. I don't think he recognized me. When he got on his bus and left, my heart shattered.

But I hadn't endured so much pain before just to give up immediately. I waited. Night fell, then dawn broke again.

Buses arrived at the school gate, and Burak got off. I ran towards him and barked. He seemed to recognize me this time, but when the teachers called him, he turned and left.

I waited again until the end of school hours. This time, he understood and ran towards me. He finally recognized me. Tears streamed down his face, maybe out of happiness, maybe out of regret. I didn't know, but I was insanely happy to have him back. I couldn't stop jumping and barking.

At that moment, I heard an old man calling Burak.

"Stop playing with that mangy dog, we're leaving."

Burak fought with him, take me in the bus, and took me home. But this time, we didn't go to our big house with a garden.

Burak and my mom had moved to a small apartment together when we were apart.

When my mom opened the door and looked into my eyes, she recognized me immediately. Despite all my dirt and fleas, she hugged me crying and didn't let go for a long time.

I'm not like humans, I don't cry when I'm happy. Despite all my tiredness, I jumped in joy until midnight, then I fell asleep exhausted.

When I took my beautiful, foamy bath in the morning and mom dried me, my favorite meals were waiting for me.

As I ate my food, my family, with teary eyes, kept telling me that they would never leave me again.

I wish I could speak their language and tell them that all they needed to do was wait a little. No matter what, wherever you are, I'll find you.

Because there's nothing

like family.

Short Story

About the Creator

Yasemin Yiğit Kuru

an engineer who loves reading and writing

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    Yasemin Yiğit KuruWritten by Yasemin Yiğit Kuru

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