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Love triangle

The amazing story of peako

By Kamran Mehmood Published 2 years ago 3 min read

I am really passionate about birds; I adore all of them. I built a little aviary on my house's roof, where I and my various birds lived peacefully, but at the beginning they were fighting each other, creating a war-like situation every time, and breaking each other's eggs, so no one Australian parrot successfully hatched and grew.

at last, after a year, one Australian chick hatched successfully, and I called him Peako.

Peako was stunningly handsome, but his childhood was terrible. One day, when he was a hatchling and couldn't leave his house, other elder birds attacked him and severely damaged him, causing him to lose his beak.

So immediately I understood I needed to separate these birds and finally put an end to this fight; for this many Australian chicks were hatched and successfully raised, but peako was one of a kind.

One day when I noticed him sitting with a bird twice his size and playing with her, I understood he was in love, but the problem was that she did not belong to his family and was larger than him.

Her name was Shyeta, and she was a lovely yellow cocktail. She was a shy girl, therefore I named her shyeta. She does not let anybody in her close surroundings, not even her family members, so what about other family members?

Now an exciting chapter in Peako's life begins, since, while Syeta was a lovely and fascinating bird in this aviary, she was older than Peako, and Peako did not realize this when he threw his heart to her. Because she was one-of-a-kind, her home was spectacular, and her mannerisms were distinct from those of other birds. There was a guy cocktail, but she was not offered a lift to him.

As Shyeta was beautiful, so were her expressions and her walk, but there was no matching between both of them in every aspect, so she avoided him, she did not pay attention to him but peako always tried to convince her, he ran behind her, walked round and round her for this she was irritated but peako was never understood this.

One day early morning I saw Peako go to her house, and she dragged him and beat him hard, but love was on his brain, and he neglected all his Australian birds just for her because "love is blind."

You're probably thinking that shyeta was a nasty, proud, and horrible bird; therefore she avoided her, isn't it? But the funny aspect is that she was genuinely in love with someone else, and he was none other than myself! Yes, she loves me, so she doesn't pay attention to Peako.

When I arrived in the aviary, she approached me, played with me, and ate with me. Logically, she was correct since I was more mature than Peako and could better care for her. Peako, on the other hand, was never disappointed, and his effort to win her was never-ending.

He usually wanders behind her, attempting to convince her; I didn't pay attention since I assumed he was a child.

But I was wrong when I got to the aviary one morning but couldn't believe my eyes when I saw them mating. How is it possible I lost my senses, but what can I do? He dodged me.

They were both living happily together now, and he took care of her; he was always sitting in her house, trying to guard her, always busy cleaning her feathers, and they ate together.

Peako was overjoyed when shyeta laid five eggs after a year, and he jumped around for excitement, dancing, and bouncing. He should take joy in himself since he performed an excellent job that few others can surpass.

Moral: What we can learn from this story is how much of our lives have been affected by unpleasant experiences, and how our previous tragedies have left permanent scars on our lives. Nothing is impossible if you are passionate about something and have a strong belief in hard work then you can achieve what you want.

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Kamran Mehmood

Freelance content writer,Ghost writer| Teacher

Reading and writing are my cognative enhancers.

writing of orginility

Trying to explore world with beautiful words.

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