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June's Journey Full Story

Volume 1: Chapter 25

By Kelly RileyPublished about a year ago 4 min read

If you want to read the entire story from the app June's Journey, created and written by Wooga, without having to scroll through each chapter to read the content, here are all of the clues and the conversations that go with each clue.

Chapter 25: An Unwelcome Surprise

Mother had gone underground, but Virginia and I lingered in Monaco. Our vacation was interrupted when a chance encounter with an old friend unearthed parts of my past I thought I'd left behind.

June: Another day at the beach coming to an end. What would you like to do tonight, Virginia?

Virginia: Good question. We've seen most of the signs now. And I think I got a million more freckles.

June: It suits you, darling. But maybe it's time to think about heading home.

Virginia: Maybe we want to say hello to someone first.

Clue #1

June: Detective Wendel? I thought you'd be long gone by now.

Hermann: I suppose you've heard that your mother escaped our custody. Interpol expects me to track her down.

June: You don't seem to be trying very hard.

Hermann: You are right. Your mother performed an invaluable service for us. I think it's at least earned her a head start, don't you?


Virginia: I hope we see Grandma again.

June: She'll turn up again when she pleases. Come on, Virginia. Let's not have our last night in France be dull! Let's see what's happening tonight.

Clue #2

June: Oh my goodness! Amelia's having an exhibition in Nice! She sent me a letter last month, but I had completely forgotten.

Virginia: Isn't Nice just a few miles away? We should go.

After an hour's drive along the sparkling French Riviera, we arrived in Nice. Amelia's exhibition was being held in a gorgeous seaside hotel.

June: Amelia has no idea we're coming. I can't wait to surprise her!

Virginia: Look at all these wonderful paintings. Amelia's been very busy.

Clue #3

June: The girl in this painting looks familiar. I didn't know Amelia had painted your portrait.

Virginia: It was during our last week in Paris. She did a wonderful job.

June: We should find the artist and pay her our compliments. I can't wait to see the look on Amelia's face when she sees us.

June: Do you see her anywhere?

Clue #4

Amelia: June? Virginia? What are you doing here?

June: We were in the neighborhood and saw your exhibition poster.

Virginia: This is a big deal, Amelia. Your opening. Aren't you happy to see us?

Amelia: I am, but it's... complicated. Why don't we talk somewhere else?


June: Okay, we're outside. What's going on?

Amelia: Maybe we should have a drink first.

Clue #5

June: All right, champagne. Should we drink a toast to your success?

Amelia: June. There's something I have to tell you. I didn't know you were coming. You never responded to the invitation. There's someone here I don't think you'll be happy to see.

Joseph: Hello, June.

June: Joseph...?

It'd been eight years since I'd last seen Joseph Amadi. He was a charming, intelligent doctor from Nigeria. We might have even been friends. If we hadn't both fallen in love with the same man. My ex-husband, Dr. Nicholas Bennett.

Joseph: June. You look well. It's good to see you.

June: Please, excuse me for a moment.

Clue #6

Virginia: Aunt June, where are you going?

June: To sit by the fountain. I just need a moment to collect myself.

Virginia: Is everything okay? I'll come with you.

June: I'm fine, Virginia. It's fine.

Virginia: Aunt June, what is going on?

June: It's a long story. After the war, I got married. To a man named Nicholas Bennett. It lasted about a year. Very few people knew. I'm sorry, Virginia. This is difficult for me to talk about. I need a glass of water.

Clue #7

June: Thank you, that helped.

Virginia: You were married?

June: Amelia was the only one who knew. I didn't even tell Clare.

Virginia: So what happened?

June: Nicky left me. For Joseph.

Virginia: Aunt June... I'm sorry.

June: I was blindsided. Devastated. But then Nicky and Joseph moved to Nigeria, and I thought I'd put it behind me.

Virginia: We don't have to stay. Why don't we go somewhere and have dinner?

June: Just a moment. It looks like Joseph's coming this way.

Clue #8

Joseph: June? I'm sorry to both you. There's going to be a dinner tonight to open the exhibition. Will you be joining?

I wanted to turn and walk away, but remembered I had come there for Amelia.

June: Yes. Yes, of course. We'll... be right there.


Amelia: June. I'm happy you're joining us. Again, I'm sorry about all of this... awkwardness. Joseph and I are old friends.

June: Of course. You had no idea I was coming.

Joseph: June, I'm very sorry to bother you. I was wondering if we could talk? I think it would be good to clear the air between us.

June: Okay. I'll find us a table.

Clue #9

As we sat down, I couldn't fathom what Joseph would say that could clear the air between us.

Joseph: June, I'm sorry. I've always felt terrible about the way things ended with you and Nicky. The way Nicky spoke of you, I knew that you were someone very special. We never planned to fall in love. We never planned to hurt you. It just... happened.

It was the first apology I'd heard from either Joseph or Nicky. It threw me off guard. As the dinner went on...

June: So where is Nicky tonight? Didn't he come to France with you?

Joseph: He's back in Lagos. They needed him at the hospital.

June: You mean you couldn't tear him away from his work. Sounds about right.

Joseph: Yes, she's still the same old Nicky. How about we get some dessert?

Clue #10

We selected our desserts from an inviting display. The wine and the food had almost completely melted the tension between us. But then, a bellboy walked up to our table and handed Joseph a telegram.

Joseph: June. I need to go.

June: Joseph? Is everything ok?


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