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gray hair and pale gray hair

by Eartha J Adams about a month ago in Short Story
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I deliberately avoided her gaze and slowly turned my head to look out the window

gray hair and pale gray hair
Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

I deliberately avoided her gaze and slowly turned my head to look out the window. The big letters on the calendar have crossed the "10" mark, but the weather is still as sultry as summer, with a quiet hint of sluggishness. Even the robins are tired and have to rest on the tree trunks. She is just like the bad weather, stifling and sluggish. She is my language teacher this year, Miss Xiaoxia.

"No. 11, why have you dazed again! Come to class." It was she who spoke. She has been teaching for many years, has a kind face, always so kind. The gaze coming from the black-rimmed glasses was always so bright and kind. But perhaps because the teaching results are not as outstanding as others, so for so many years is still an ordinary teacher. But she was famous among teachers because she treated any student the same way. She has said that she will not give up on any student.

Since she came to the class on the first day of school and introduced herself, I couldn't help but sneer when she said she wanted to be friendly with us when she wanted to be like friends. In today's world, where else can a teacher be equal to her students? On that day, I "accidentally" spilled ink on her new white dress. Not only did she not get angry, but she treated the ink as a new dye. She said she wanted to thank me for adding color to her new dress.

For the rest of the day, I had to give her a daily "downer". Of course, even if it was September 10th, Teacher's Day, it was no exception. On the way to school, I saw her from afar. The new dress she wore today was really pretty. But, maybe it will turn out to be a bad dress later. I went to the small park next to the school, where there were many roses. The branches and stems of the roses are thorny, and I guarantee that whatever clothes touch them, they will rot at the first scratch. I picked several bunches, tied them with string, and went to school "happily".

When I got into school, I went to the office first. In the office, she was preparing for the day's lesson. I hid the flowers behind my back and walked over to her with a "smile". "Teacher, today is Teacher's Day, wishing you a happy teacher's day!" I said straight to the point. After that, I took the flowers out. She smiled happily when she heard these words: "You're so kind, why are you so understanding today? Did you not do your homework?" I shook my head and put the flowers on the table. When I put them on the table, I let the flowers rub against the teacher's clothes. I heard a "rip" and the sleeve was torn, a "nice" tear. I was "stunned" and apologized to her. She laughed bitterly and said nothing, but waved me away. The moment I walked out of the office door, I jumped up: "Your clothes are torn, see how you can still go to class today?"

"Ding, ding, ding," the bell rang for class. This is a language class, see what you do. However, things did not happen as I expected, she did not come wearing the clothes that I deliberately scratched, she wore the white skirt that I dyed black at the beginning of the school year and held the rose I gave her this morning. She slowly walked up to the podium and said happily, "There is a student in our class today who came to school early in the morning and came to the office to give me a Teacher's Day gift, and I am very happy." Hearing this, my heart lifted and I started to get nervous. "He gave me a bouquet, and look at this bouquet, how beautiful the flowers are blooming on it!" He said as he held out the flowers. "Ah, it's really beautiful!" My classmates praised the flowers, but I got more nervous. "And this dress I'm wearing, he dyed it for me as soon as school started. How's that? Not bad, right? This dress, the only one of its kind in the world." I saw that she had used the ink on the dress to paint a picture.

After she finished her words, class started. At the end of class, she called me to the office. In the office, she sat me down, looked at me, and said, "Actually, I know that you probably had some dissatisfaction with me at the beginning of the school year. That's why you messed up in my class every day and didn't turn in your homework. You know what? You are just like this rose. Although you have thorns on the outside, you are good on the inside. You are eager to learn, aren't you? I believe that if you study hard, you will blossom beautifully like this rose." I looked at the rose on the table and tears came to my eyes. Patting me on the shoulder, he said to me, "Get to class! I have faith in you." My tears became even more "wild" the moment I walked out of the office door, I vowed that I would study hard in the future and not let her down ......

As a people's teacher, you want nothing more than to impart knowledge to the lovely students, you have nothing more to love than to put all your body and soul into your beloved cause. From youthfulness to gray hair, decades as a day, you step out of life with loyalty to the party, to the people, to the cause of education! That's how selfless and remorseless you are, that's how you burn yourself. When you look back, you feel that your life's work has not been wasted, a lifetime of sweat has not been in vain, you will be proud of this, you will therefore be glorious, for our hard-working gardener teacher.

Now and then, I still think of Ms. Xiaoxia, it was her words at that time that changed me. I want to remember her words and be the rose that blooms with beautiful flowers.

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