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In the summer of last year

by Eartha J Adams 3 months ago in short story
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This is the first summer you left me, outside the window a field of lavender, the cool fragrance entwined with the earthly

In the summer of last year
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This is the first summer you left me, outside the window a field of lavender, the cool fragrance entwined with the earthly long-range thoughts.

  It was last summer when we first met. In that field of purple flowers, you gently picked the most beautiful lavender and inserted it in my hair, the sun, your smile, so dazzling. That time when I met you, I always felt especially familiar. Life is full of meaning, and I would like to be inseparable from it from now on.

  I said I believe in waiting. You said I am just like this lavender, not only have a pure and lovely appearance but also have a persistent heart. Since then, we have become confidants. I am Bo Ya, you are Zi Qi. I play the piano, only you understand my rhythm. You sing, only I can understand the meaning you want to express. You are the one who made me know what it means to cherish and cherish the happiness I have now.

  You said that you hate summer, hate the hot sun. But you said that you could overcome the sun for me and stay with me for the whole summer. That time, I cried. It was at that time that I decided to leave the most important place in my heart to you. From then on, you are the only one for me. I said, since you said I am lavender, you are the lavender under the leaves so that in the summer, I can block the sun for you. They two children, the two children, made a vow to never leave each other. The sunset that day was so beautiful, so beautiful that it felt like a dream. The afterglow of the sunset sprinkled on us, so beautiful. The idea at that time was naive and childish, even ridiculous, but it was really simple, that is, wanting to protect their most important people and not allow each other to suffer any harm.

  We were simply happy and spent many springs and autumns together. In the spring, we went to the countryside together, to look for small wildflowers; in the summer you were a little disheveled, I accompanied you, blocking all the sunlight like thorns for you, without regret; in the autumn, we ran along the seashore together, watching the tide rise and fall, the sea change: in winter, we snuggled in the cold wind, you made me feel the long-lost warmth. We promised to study hard, to get into the same high school and the same university, to go to the lavender field in Provence together, to plant a lavender plant with our own hands, a lavender that belonged only to us. At that time, we were very happy and satisfied.

  The fantasy is always so beautiful, but the reality is so cruel.

  When summer came, you told me that you had to go. Because your condition is difficult to control in summer, you need to recuperate. You left, so suddenly, so decisively. I didn't even have time to say goodbye to you properly. Did I disobey you and make you angry? Did you get angry with me because I didn't listen to you in class? But in return, there was silence, and I couldn't wait for your answer anymore. That day, I cried, alone in a dark corner, crying so weakly. I remembered the promise you and I made, but now it will never be fulfilled. The two children who were once close to each other at sunset are now far, far apart. We promised to grow up together and go see the lavender together, but you left, leaving only a broken back. Will you come back? Will you still cry with me and laugh with me? The fact is that you'll be able to get a lot more than just a few of these. I just don't know.

  The lavender, held in the palm of your hand, but lacking your temperature. The summer of lavender is coming, the purple is still gorgeous, I can't smell your fragrance, I can't see your dazzling smile, will the summer that belongs to me come again?

  But no matter what, everything is going on. Lavender's wait is unchanging. She is still waiting persistently for that.

  That you, please do not forget that in a small city, a girl named Ying Dong is always waiting for you to come back.

  Xuan will be good to wait for you ......

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