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Folk Story: The weed

by Na Dunshie 4 months ago in Short Story
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Folk Story: The weed

The scientific name of guillotgrass is hook kiss. It has many common names, such as broken intestine grass, demon grass, big tea, Hu vine and so on. It is a highly poisonous plant, a leaf population, blood ulceration 100 orifice, people died of heartbreak. Its flowers are beautiful, cymose-shaped flowers, red and yellow, such as a hibiscus. It also has a feature, a person close to the leaves will quiver, to show you intimate.

Luofu Mountain has broken intestines grass, local people called big tea medicine. The local people said that this big tea medicine was made by a woman who was wrongly killed. The ghost of the dead needs a substitute to get rid of it, and the new dead need another substitute to get rid of hell. That's why he made out with you, used you as a stand-in.

It is said that many years ago, there is a village under the Luofu mountain, there is a big family named Huang, a family of more than 30 people. The head of the household was an old man named Wong Ali, who had seven sons and two daughters and had already taken four daughters-in-law. This Huang Ali is a martial man, once in the side court as a general, retired home as a general. The fields in the house and the servants in groups. Of the seven sons, six practiced martial arts, and only the fifth was a scholar named Huang Feihe. Huang Ali big characters do not know, to the reading of Huang Feihe special love, according to common saying, is biased eye. Huang Feihe grew up to 18 years old, slender, face such as powder, elegant, door-to-door media, leveling the threshold, are a hundred miles of the mighty tied official wealth. Huang Feihe said to Huang Ali: "Dad, marry me, I must see that girl, or I will not go to the wedding room." Huang Ali twirled his beard, Ah smiled, and said: "OK, by your own choice."

Where the media came, Huang Feihe asked to take notice personally. The boudoir of that era, which is willing to give young men look at it? Even if there are a few matchmakers designed by Huang Feihe, he did not take a fancy to it, either because it is vulgar, or because it is ugly, his marriage event can be delayed. Blink OF AN EYE, HE LED 22 YEARS OLD, HUANG ALI anxious, A time to urge him, he said: "Not I see, I would rather I don'T!" Huang Ali had no choice but to wait patiently

One day, Huang Feihe rides a horse to go out to relax, letter Yan walks into a small village. There is a small courtyard in the west of the village, the thatched bamboo hedge, the hedge covered with morning glory, the colorful small horn, pleasing to the eye. The yard was clean and tidy. On a bamboo chair under an osmanthus tree, an old man was sitting with a scroll of poetry in his hand. He was shaking his head and chanting slowly. Huang Feihe took a closer look at the old man and was pleasantly surprised. He recognized the old man as his teacher, Zhang Beigu, an old boy. Huang Feihe had not seen him for seven or eight years.

Huang Feihe jumped off his horse, patted the door happily and cried, "Teacher Zhang, Huang Feihe, a student, is coming to pay a visit!"

When Zhang Beigu heard this, he was shocked for a moment, and then became very nervous. He did not even have time to put on his wooden clogs, so he ran to open the door. The Chai door opened, Huang Feihe smiled and bowed deeply and said: "How is Teacher Zhang?"

Zhang Bei GU STRETCHED OUT his hand TO say: "IS REALLY HUANG CHILDE, ALAS AH, DON't be too polite, FOLD KILL LITTLE OLD!" Huang Feihe said: "Once a teacher, always a father. How dare the students be rude? I just don't know the teacher used to live here. I wish you'd come, and forgive me!"

Zhang Beigu said: "Childe, come to us, let us shine, please come in!"

Zhang Beigu let Huang Feihe into the main room and sat down. He called out, "Green Xia, here comes a guest of honor. Please offer tea!"

Only listen to the inside room a woman answer: "Ah, come." Such as warbler sing Yan turn, very sweet.

Bamboo curtain a lift, out of a green Yi plain skirt woman, holding a wooden tray. Huang Feihe felt suddenly bright at the moment, as if a bright moon suddenly appeared in the thick cloud gap. The girl was about sixteen or seventeen years old, unpainted and naturally beautiful; A pair of show eyes, such as two clear water, eyebrow such as Chunshan, not trace and Cui; Cherry lips bright to drop, the skin blown broken. Her willow waist is graceful, gently move lotus step, walked to Huang Feihe in front of the slightly way a ten thousand blessings, beauty glance softly said: "Sir Please tea." Then he turned and floated away like a cloud.

Her glance has taken the soul of the yellow crane. Unconsciously, he rose and watched her enter the inner room.

Zhang Beigu said, "My family was poor and had no servants. This is the daughter green Xia, please childe ten thousand do not laugh. Tea, tea!"

Huang Feihe sat down stupidly, hum hum hum to answer, Zhang Bei Gu said what, he did not understand a word. After sitting there for a while, he got up and took his leave. Zhang Beigu drove him to the entrance of the village before he mounted his horse and went home.

After returning home, he is like lost soul general, infatuated stupidly, frighten Huang Ali husband and wife complexion big change, think he was evil, want to ask sorcerer to drive a ghost. He just put the encounter with Zhang don't Gu said out, said not marry green xia. Huang ALI LAUGHED AND SAID: "I THINK IT IS what DIFFICULT, ZHANG JIA humble door SMALL, CAN MARRY with ME HUANG GENERAL soldier, is HIS FAMILY ANCESTOR product of the virtue, this HAS WHY DIFFICULT? Just send a matchmaker!"

Huang Ali immediately found a matchmaker and asked her to go to Zhang's family to propose marriage. But when the matchmaker came back, she said, "Zhang Beigu said that his family was too low to rise. I beg your pardon."

Hearing this, Huang Ali was so angry that he blew his beard and stared. He slapped the table and said, "Zhang Bye-gu is an old man who really doesn't appreciate appreciation. Is he the only one who has a daughter? Forget it!" Huang Feihe said: "Abba calm anger, son took a fancy to the Zhang family green xia, not her don't. It must be the matchmaker's bad etiquette, provoked Teacher Zhang's heart unhappy, just say that kind of words. Please send a man of status as a big media, carrying the bonus table ceremony door-to-door, he will promise." Huang Ali helpless, had to invite ya Shi Ye for the media again. This time, as expected, it was done, and Zhang Beigu readily agreed. Take a look, chose an auspicious day, Huang Feihe and Zhang Qingxia married. After marriage, the couple grace conjugal love, respectful, and very beautiful.

The Qingxia was born in an educated family, who was knowledgeable about literature and propriety, and was very filial to her parents-in-law. She had a sweet mouth and a quick brain. Before long, she took care of the two Huang Li Lao comfortably and was very satisfied with the idea. After another year, Huang Ali unexpectedly gave the key in the home to green xia, let her housekeeper.

This aroused great jealousy from several sisters-in-law. They often whisper together, said that green Xia is solitary fine reincarnation, fan husband, father-in-law, in the future this a lot of property will be her clenched in the hand. This jealousy, like a fire on the mountain, grows, grows, grows. To later can not put out, must burn a castle peak into black mountain.

Among them, green Xia hate the most is the big daughter-in-law Wu, according to the feudal tradition, the old man abdicated, when the eldest son long daughter-in-law palm home. The old emperor died, is also the eldest son succeeded to the throne, and the dotard Huang Ali but the key to the five daughter-in-law green chardonnay, how can this be tolerated? Wu ruthless, but no scheme, with the second daughter-in-law Liu, how to bring down the green xia. Liu is sinister, cunning, her eyes turn, came up with a poison plan to kill two birds with one stone. Bend over EAR LOW SPEECH, SAID TO WU SHI ONCE, WU Shi LISTENS TO BINOCULAR SHINE, CONTINUOUS VOICE PRAISE IS GOOD.

At that time, Huang Feihe had been in Beijing for the examination for more than two months. Late one night, while Huang was fast asleep, he heard shouts in the backyard. The shouts grew louder and louder. Then he saw lanterns and torches shining brightly. The old two do not know what happened, quickly dressed out of bed, to the backyard to see, I saw the whole family, old and young, are gathered in the fifth daughter-in-law green Xia window, talk. Huang Ali IS ANXIOUS MORE CROWD COME FORWARD, ASK A WAY: "WHAT MATTER?"

One of the watchmen said, "Sir, something strange has happened..."

'What's strange?

"The young men were on patrol when they heard a noise and hurried over to see...

"See what? Quick say!"

"Little people dare not say."

"If the sky falls, tell me!

"The little man saw a figure from... The little lady jumped out of her window and fled up a bamboo ladder in the back wall. I don't know who put this bamboo ladder here. The small people hurried out, the man fell in the mud, climbed up into the opposite bamboo forest, can not find. They only found a man's shoe and a bag of gold and silver jewelry in the mud. They asked their master to look at them." He handed Huang Ali a man's shoe and a bag of gold.

Huang Ali looked at these things, in the heart of the cloud of suspicion, said to the old lady: "You go to the green Xia room to see......"

The old lady into the green chardonnay room, see the green chardonnay has been neatly dressed, vacant sitting on the bed. The old lady asked her, "Ha Xia, did you hear something just now?"

"Green Xia said:" heard, first heard the window fan crash, and heard outside gudong ring, daughter-in-law hurriedly got up, but I do not know what happened outside.

'Is the window open?

"Daughter-in-law before going to bed, has ordered a small servant girl will plug in, but I do not know how to be opened."

The old lady looked around suspiciously and suddenly saw a black shoe under the bed. "What's that?" she asked.

Green Xia bent over to see, surprised, said: "A shoe, a man's shoes, where is this come from?"

The old lady was very angry and said, "Where did you come from? You should be asked! Is this Crane's?"

Green xia saw the old lady angry, busy knelt down and said: "This is not a crane, daughter-in-law really do not know where this man shoes. Wait for the daughter-in-law to ask the servant girl Ping."

The servant girl A ping was summoned. It was a little girl of fourteen, who had entered the room and was on her knees, trembling all over, and had begun to cry without questioning.

She said, "After helping the little maid to sleep peacefully, the little maid did what the little maid told her to do, bolted the doors and Windows, and went to sleep. She knew nothing else. The little maid had never even seen the shoe."

The old lady "hum" 1, mention that shoe, and ask green Xia: "you lost something? Have you lost your jewels?"

Green xia opened the jewelry box, held to the old lady said: "daughter-in-law jewelry are here, not lost, also did not lose other things."

The old lady out of the green Xia room, Huang Ali beckoned, two people back to the front hall, she said: "This shoe in the green Xia bed picked up, and the muddy pond picked up the shoe is a pair. This jewelry, too, bears our family's stamp. Tell me, what's the matter?"

Huang, who had turned black with anger and was shaking all over, punched the table and said, "Isn't it obvious? Because of rape to steal! The adulterer came to meet her, and gave him gold when he left! Tiger paint skin difficult to draw bone, know people know face do not know heart! I was blinded by the confusion of oil, believing in such a demon dressed in painted skin! What a misfortune for the family!"

The old man's heart has doubt cloud, she said: "She since marry, the door does not go out, two doors do not Mai, how can seduce top adulterer?"

"Well, does she let you know things like that? I've been hearing rumors in the village lately that she has a lover when she's at home. I don't believe these rumors. I didn't think about it. To my surprise, something ugly has happened. Her sweetheart must have come to meet her secretly when he was not at home."

"What shall we do about it? How can anyone see you when you hear about your family?"

Huang Ali THOUGHT FOR a while and said: "I see so do, call her first, trial out the adulterer, force her to commit suicide, external said she died of a violent illness. Tell your family, and no one will say anything about it. If anyone says anything, he will be killed! '

The old lady nodded her head and said: "I have no choice but to do so..."

Ali Huang and the old lady sat in the chair, sent a little servant girl to call Green Xia over, then drove the little servant girl out, and closed the door.

Green Xia had felt the atmosphere was wrong, but she did not know the big disaster.

The old lady drink: "Green xia, kneel down!"

Green Xia hurriedly knelt down and asked: "on the two old, daughter-in-law do not know what fault?

"Well, do you want to hide it? Tell me who the adulterer is!"

Green Xia a listen, only feel a thunderbolt hit on the head, busy kowtow said: "Two old what adulterer? The daughter-in-law really doesn't know..."

The old lady threw a pair of black shoes and a bag of jewels before her and said, "You want to argue! This black shoe, one of which fell under your bed, and the other and this bundle of jewels, which the man dropped in the mud. Before going to bed, Ping has bolted the doors and Windows, but the man is jumping out of your window. If not you, who else could have ushered him in and out the window? You were about to die, and you didn't give him up!"

Green xia was stunned, all over the mouth also can not argue clearly. But she kowtowed repeatedly with tears in her eyes and said, "My wife did not know anything about these things. It is a terrible injustice! The daughter-in-law has been married for two years, how people, don't know? Really wrong, please two parents for their daughter-in-law......"

Old lady saw one EYE HUANG Ali, sneer again and again say: "Green Xia, you this prostitute, evildoer! You won't give up your adulterer, that's all. You have done such a dirty thing, my Huang ancestors have been innocent by you disgrace! For the sake of the family, you will die!" She threw a white damask in front of green chardonnay, a hand, with Huang Ali together out of the door, from the outside will lock the door.

Green Xia climbed to the door, miserably shouted: "old and old, daughter-in-law wronged ah! Daughter-in-law wronged! Wrong!"

But the door was silent, and no one stepped on her anymore.

Green xia loudly cry, only cry to the throat hoarse, gas cry tears do, fainted. When she woke up again, she suddenly stood up like crazy, lifted a stool, and threw it in all directions. The antique jade articles, glass mirrors, and expensive cases in the main room were smashed to pieces. When it was over, she tore her corset and cried, "Where is justice? Where is the reason? God, you don't deserve to be a sky, you fall!" He shouted again: "I am innocent, I bend, I will turn into a ghost, chasing you back to life, chasing you back to life! There are no good people, ha ha, there are no good people! Die, die, die!"

After saying that, she ran into the wall, brain into four, death.

It is said that after she was buried, her grievances and enmity were vaporized into guttergrass, and both good and evil people would die of heartbreak after eating guttergrass.

Her husband, Huang Feihe, went to Beijing to take the examination and was elected a Jinshi. After coming back, Huang Ali told him green xia scandal. He did not believe that his wife was an adulteress. When he went to her grave and wept a sacrifice, he was tired of weeping and fell asleep with a faint faint. Suddenly saw green Xia wearing a thin green coat, smiled at him and waved to him. He Ge however woke up and opened his eyes to see that there was a flower tree flowers like hibiscus beautiful. It was strange that there was no wind and the leaves were quivering gently, also like waving to him. He held the flower in his hands, kissed it on his lips, and said with tears: "Qingxia, Qingxia, I know that you have died unjustly and unjustly! You are dead, I don't want to live, if you have a spirit, take me with you!"

He kissed the flower of the herb, and was poisoned, and soon died of his heartbreak.

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