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Fox wife

by Na Dunshie 4 months ago in Short Story
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Fox wife

In the Qianlong years of the Qing Dynasty, there was a man called Zhang Sixi, who was so poor that he could not open the pot. In order to mix food to eat, Zhang Sixi goes out to do helpers, help people do farm work to live.

However Zhang Sixi's job is not stable, because the helper is short-term live, unlike long-term long work, the job is more stable. Therefore, Zhang Sixi often wandered around, going where there was work, and his life was very hard.

That year, Zhang Sixi came to a place called Wanquan Mountain to work for a family. The owners of the house were an elderly couple who, because of old age and infirm health, hired Zhang Sixi to weed and fertilize their vegetable garden. Zhang Sixi in this family performance is very diligent, the work is not too dirty, not afraid of cold, make the old couple is very happy.

There was a daughter in the old couple's family, who had reached the age of marriage and had not yet found a suitable in-laws. They see Zhang Sixi young and strong, work hard, let Zhang Sixi do their own home son-in-law. Zhang Sixi is naturally eager, after all, his meals are a problem, can do a small husband is good.

A few years later, the old couple said to Zhang Sixi and his wife, "We are going to visit your sister outside the fortress." After the old couple left, Zhang Sixi felt bored and left Wanquan Mountain with his wife to live in other places.

Later Zhang Sixi discovered that his wife was not a human, but a fox. Zhang Sixi felt ashamed, because he thought he was a human being, how could he sleep with animals as husband and wife? So he wanted to get rid of the fox's wife and marry a real woman again.

One day, when Fox's wife was standing in the courtyard, Zhang Sixi saw this and quietly took out his bow and arrow and shot at his wife. The arrow hit her in the left thigh. When the fox's wife was shot, she was very surprised and sad. She pulled out the arrow from her leg and jumped in front of Zhang Sixi. Holding the arrow shaft, she began to scold Zhang Sixi!

The fox's wife angrily rebuked Zhang Sixi and said, "Husband, you are too ungrateful. You despise me as a fox, but other foxes fascinate men and are promiscuous; And I am following the orders of my parents, according to the ceremony and you are married, the righteousness of husband and wife. As the saying goes: husband for wife, so I dare not retaliate against you; I dare not force you to stay with me, since you are determined to abandon me."

After saying that, the fox's wife held Zhang Sixi's hand and cried bitterly. After less than an hour, the fox's wife fell down and died. Zhang Sixi also panicked at this time, quickly clean up the gold and silver to leave, and then a person fled back to his hometown. After returning home, Zhang Sixi not only did not get a wife, but got seriously ill, a few years later money spent, a disease died.

When Zhang Sixi died of illness, his parents were worried because they could not afford a coffin for him. When they were at a loss, the FOX's wife suddenly came in crying from outside and knelt down to Zhang Sixi's parents and told them about her relationship with Zhang Sixi. "I faked my own death," said the fox's wife. "But I am still unmarried, so I can come here to meet my parents as my daughter-in-law."

Zhang Sixi's mother heard very moved, scolded Zhang Sixi ungrateful, not a thing. The fox wife bowed her head without a word, Zhang Sixi's neighbor sister heard this, also scolded Zhang Sixi, for the fox wife. But when fox's wife heard this, she scowled at Wayan and said, "Parents scold their sons. Can you insult another man's husband to his wife?" "Said the fox's wife and disappeared.

After the fox wife left, Zhang Sixi's parents got five silver from the body of Zhang Sixi, they used this silver, to do a decent funeral for Zhang Sixi. After the death of Zhang Sixi, his parents were even poorer, but they often found money and rice and noodles in their POTS, which were probably brought by Fox's wife.

It is said that fox wives not only have the same body as humans, but also have the same good heart as humans. It is also said that although the fox's wife knows books and manners, she will not have such a noble realm. This is probably a story compiled deliberately by Feng Pingyu to let those ungrateful people know that the story is ashamed.

Ji Xiaolan's father, Yao Angong, said: "Although Feng Pingyu is an old man in the village, he is honest and dutiful. He has never told a lie in his life. I talked to him, and he was very dull, so he didn't make up the story about the fox's wife. It was real."

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