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A ghost who is only comfortable interacting with children.

By Lamar WigginsPublished about a month ago 1 min read
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"Who is Darla talking to?"

Brandt, a loving father of three, voices his concern to his young wife, Kassidy. The eerie conversations between his five year old and an unknown presence started a few weeks after moving into the aged colonial near the Hudson River.

"She says his name is Nolan. At this point, it's beyond the innocence of an imaginary friend. I think he might be a ghost. Go ahead, you ask her.”

“Darla, honey, who are you talking to?”

She clumsily sets down her plastic teacup on the child-sized coffee table and answers.

“It's Nolan! This is his house too, daddy! He likes the picture I drawed of him... see!"

She holds up the picture. It's a smiling, stick figure man wearing a brim hat.

"Very good, Darla. You draw so well. Is Nolan still here?"

"Yeah, daddy! He's right beside you!"

The hairs on Brandt’s neck stand at attention. He quickly looks all around yet sees nothing.

"Honey, can you tell him to leave? It's almost bedtime."

Darla nods her head and begins to whisper above and across her table. She shares the given response.

"Nolan doesn't like mommy. He said she cheated, and you are not my real dad."

Not really understanding the gravity of her words, Darla returns to scribbling clouds onto her picture. Brandt angrily stares at Kassidy.

“What! You don't believe this rubbish, do you? I’ve never even looked at another man!”

This was just the beginning of many secrets Nolan reveals.

Truth be told- Bing Dall E


About the Creator

Lamar Wiggins

Creative writer in the Northeast US who loves the paranormal, fiction, mystery, articles and the occasional poem. Take a chance, you'll be thoroughly entertained.

"Life is Love Experienced" -LW


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  • Lisa santosabout a month ago

    Ooooh this story was fantastic I will be around the check any other secrets “Nolan” might reveal

  • Donna Fox (HKB)about a month ago

    Ooooo! This was scandalous and such a great short story that feels fitting of Halloween! I love how this ghost decided to get back at the parents in this story, not what I expected and very cleverly done! Great work Lamar!

  • Ooo, this could be launched as a new drama series on tv--a not so tender sequel to "This Is Us".

  • Tiffany Gordon about a month ago

    Fabulous! A very unique ghost tale!

  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarranabout a month ago

    Whoaaaa, that twist! And there's more secrets? Please I gotta know them! I wonder what else it Kassidy hiding. Or maybe it's Brandt's secret. So many possibilities! Please tell me that you'll continue this!

  • Mark Gagnonabout a month ago

    Now that is a twist! Great story.

  • Naveedabout a month ago

    I think this is a well-written and suspenseful story. I'm eager to find out what happens next!

  • Kendall Defoe about a month ago

    Yikes, I did not see where this was heading! Great little tale, and I think I sense a sequel...

  • Novel Allenabout a month ago

    Bad Ghostie. Now all hell is gonna break loose. Beware those imaginary friends. Wonder what his endgame is.

  • Real Poeticabout a month ago

    Ooop! The ending though! Wow. The mom is a two timing hoe. The title is also spectacular.

  • Hannah Mooreabout a month ago

    Great story.

  • Matthew Frommabout a month ago

    great as always sir!

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