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Duty Calls

It's not about the job, it's about the satisfaction.

By Mark GagnonPublished 3 months ago 1 min read
Duty Calls
Photo by Amy Syiek on Unsplash

Consciousness came crawling back from the edge of oblivion as I slowly recognized where the annoying sound was emanating from. I pushed “accept” on my phone and listened to the electronic voice coldly say, “Get up now.” 3 a.m., right on time as usual; not much chance these electronic gadgets would give a guy an extra 15 minutes. No time to lie around complaining. People were counting on me.

I went through the usual morning routine (shave, shower, dress) and was out the door by 3:35. My destination was only 2 miles away, so by 3:45, I pulled into the empty parking lot that surrounded my store. The key phrase here is “My Store”, not some branch of a conglomerate. This place is all mine and the banks.

When I started working in this business, it was for one of the big chains. I hated it! The hours were the same as I work now, but the pay was low and I felt like a minor cog in a massive machine. Now, I have the satisfaction of knowing that my customers appreciate my hard work.

By 4 a.m. the kitchen lights were on, the ovens were warming up, and I retrieved the first batch of dough from the refrigerator. My little shop ran like a well-oiled machine because it had to. My regular customers would start arriving by 5 a.m. and if I wanted to keep them coming back, I couldn’t waste their time. At 4:15, it’s time to make the donuts!


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Mark Gagnon

I have spent most of my life traveling the US and abroad. Now it's time to create what I hope are interesting fictional stories.

I have 2 books on Amazon, Mitigating Circumstances and Short Stories for Open Minds.

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  • Tina D'Angelo3 months ago

    Time to make the donuts, lol!

  • Jay Kantor3 months ago

    Hi Mark - Funny Coincidence: I once represented a Donut Chain that offered to pay me in 'Product' - Yum - btw; as Veterans it was Shave-Shower & 'S' j-bud

  • Mother Combs3 months ago

    great story, Mark!

  • Are there really people go who get doughnuts at 5am? I mean, if they start work that early, then I guess it's not to shocking, lol!

  • Heather Hubler3 months ago

    It's time for bed and all I want is a donut now, lol! I just saw a clip recently that had the old 'time to make the donuts' commercial. This took me back :)

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