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Different type of light

by Jeremy White 12 months ago in Sci Fi
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green light

Different type of light
Photo by Marcelo Quinan on Unsplash

You have always been fascinated with green light and you have no idea why. It started when you were little. You had to have anything that had a green light on it. When you where 11 your family took a trip to Alaska to see the Aura Borealis. It was so beautiful. The green lights that moved. You never wanted to leave. You stayed a week longer in Alaska then you planned. You stayed up ever night watching the lights. When you got home your dad made a device that would replica the lights for you. You cut it on every night.

You also always felt like an outsider in your own family. You did not look like your brother or sister. You started to think you might be adopted. You would soon learn the truth and it will blow everyone’s mind. When you were 16 you finally decide to ask your parents if you where adopted. They say kind of. They tell you an unusual story. They tell you that they came home from work one day and you were in a basket on the front step with a note that said I know you will take care of this child because you are a nurse, and your husband is a doctor. They say there was more to the letter, but they cannot tell you till you turn 18. You are confused but say ok. At least now you know why you felt different all your life. You are different and you are ok with it because your family loves you.

The day you turn 17 you start to see a green light in the sky at night. Then you start to feel like there is something in the room with you at night. The closer you get to 18 the stranger things get. You noticed you are not growing facial hair or any hair for that matter. You notice you are shorter than boys your age. You also noticed that your skin tone is slightly green. The feeling that someone is in your room at night gets stronger and stronger. The green light you see at night gets brighter. Then the dreams start. They start slowly at first. You appear to be on a different planet. Then you see a family that appears to look like you. Then they start talking to you. The night of your 18th birthday they tell you that you are their son and they sent you to earth to be safe. They placed you with a family that they knew would take care of you.

You wake with a start and immediately go to your parents and ask them about it. They tell you to sit down. They then tell you what the rest of what the note said. They tell you that you are from the planet Mars and that your parents sent you to Earth to keep you safe and to try and get people used to you because they knew that one day humans would try to inhabit Mars and they wanted them to be prepared for what they find when they land.

What they are saying makes sense to you. It explains everything you have been seeing and feeling. It explains your fascination with green light. There is a green light around Mars that is like the Aura Borealis. You asked them what the next step is. They say that is up to you. They ask are you ready to come out to the World. You say you are with one condition. Your parents already anticipated your condition and told you that they have already been in contact with all the appropriate authorities and organizations, and they promise they will not lock you up and study you. They have been waiting for you to turn 18.

Your parents schedule a press conference with all the authorities there and you announce that you are from Mars and have come to learn and teach Earth about your planet. You say one day you hope that we can live peacefully together on both planets. The response was not what you expected. Everyone was ok with it and wanted to hear what you had to say and teach them.

Sci Fi

About the author

Jeremy White

I am from a small town. I have grown up surrounded by woods. I love to Write. I started out with poems. I did not start writing stories until I joined vocal. Writing stories is really fun. I have a Bachelors in Psychology.

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