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Witch magic

by Jeremy White about a year ago in Short Story · updated 11 months ago
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Witch magic
Photo by Delphine Ducaruge on Unsplash

You have always been interested in bulls. Everything from running with bulls in Spain to cowboys riding them trying not fall off. When you where young you had your room decorated with just bull stuff. You had a bull bed spread, posters of bulls, even your school notebooks had bulls on them. Your favorite poster was that of a matador standing in the middle of the ring with his red cape out and bull rushing toward it.

As you grew older you were trying to figure out a way to study bulls in school. The only thing you could think of was if you became a veterinarian. You really did not want to do that. The only other way could think of was to become a cowboy. You really didn’t want to ride bulls for the rodeo but maybe being a cowboy would be cool one day.

You decide to go to school for business thinking one day you might own a ranch. One day you are walking home from school, and you see this shop. They have all different kinds of figurines in it. You decide to go in. In the very back there is a bull figurine. As soon as you see it you know you must have it. You look at the price. It is 50 dollars. That’s a lot for a college student but you go ahead and buy it.

You get it home and notice that it has started to glow. You go to pick it up and it stops glowing. You start to look for a maker’s mark. You finally find one. You look it up online and find out some interesting information. The maker of the figurine had a connection with a witch. There is a legend that the witch gave some of his figurines magical powers. One of them was that if you hold the figure and think of a time and place that you will be transported there.

You decide to give it a try. You pick up the figure and think about the old matadors and suddenly you are in the stands at one of these events. It is 1920 in Spain. You are in shock for a second. You cannot believe it worked. You watch the event in awe for a while. You are mesmerized by how smoothly he moves the red cape around. You are also amazed that he never gets hit by the bull. People start to notice you because you are in weird clothing. You hold the bull and wish you where back home and then you are in your living room. You still cannot believe that worked. You start to think what you would like to do next.

The next place you want to go is to the running of the bulls in Spain. This time you put on the appropriate outfit. You grab the figure and this time it lands you right in the middle of the running. You must think fast and start running. You almost get hit by a bull. You must jump into an open doorway to avoid getting hit. You grab the figure and get home.

The next thing you want to see is where bull riding and the rodeo started. You grab the figure and are transported to a farm. There are young men around and one of them dares the other to try and ride the bull. They get the bull into a holding shoot and they climb on. They let it out and they hold one for 2 second and fall off and almost get trampled. You get the figure and imagine you are in the crowd of a modern-day rodeo. You are amazed that they can stay on the bull for 8 seconds now. You get back home and recover from the experience you have just had.

You finish business school and go on to become a successful businessman, but you never forget your love of bulls and your dream of owning a farm one day. After 20 years you decide to retire from your job, and you buy a farm. You are still young enough to work it and you make it one of the best working farms in the state.

Short Story

About the author

Jeremy White

I am from a small town. I have grown up surrounded by woods. I love to Write. I started out with poems. I did not start writing stories until I joined vocal. Writing stories is really fun. I have a Bachelors in Psychology.

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