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Brown Owl.

by Dawn Earnshaw 5 months ago in Fable · updated 5 months ago
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Clever little things.

The foolish Man.

The lion king died leaving the forest without a king. One day all the animals gathered and decided that they needed a new king. It was decided that election of the new king will be held. All animals voted and they chose monkey as their new king. In the beginning they were impressed and amused by the monkey's foolish antics but the monkey did not take any interest in the working of the animal kingdom. All the animals were disappointed with him. They waited for a chance to get rid of the monkey. One day the fox found a piece of meat. He decided to use it as a bait to trap the monkey. He sent the meat to the monkey, who liked the meat very much and asked the fox from where did he get it. The fox showed loyalty to his king and offered to show him the place where he had found the meat. The monkey was greedy and fell prey to the planning of the fox. The fox took him deep into the woods and killed him him. Thus the clever fox outwitted the foolish.

The moral of the story is if you want someone to lead your forest they have to be alert; interested and see everything from all angles; this is where as an Owl I come in, through many ages the Owls have been seen as a Witches Companion and used in their Witch Craft ways. How foolish the owl is quite the opposite it keeps the rats and mice at a level where our crops stay safe. They alert us to onlookers preditors by their instincts,wisdom and ability to plan and prepare an attack. Tap in psych with your Owl and you have a Tower Watcher and a messenger ; pigeons are alright for sending messages but they are easily swayed and become off track with all the modern 5G airwaves we have now and the chances of getting and receiving messages private are remote. Owls however extinct they are becoming a different species becoming will leave those that bounce back from everything that was meant to destroy them! Those are the ones watched over by the old gods and not to be underestimated.

The advice from a wise owl , stay focused. Be “whoo “ you are , trust in a wise friend, live off the Land. Glide through Dark times , be observant, life is a hoot!

Owls have the ability to rotate the head all the way round which is approximately around 270 degrees.

Owls have round shaped eyes similar to tube in shape which almost accounts for 1 to 5 percent of Owls body weight. Female owls are comparatively larger than male owls. Owls use their asymmetrical ears in hunting the prey from various dimensions. They can utilise their eyes and ears to aim and attack the prey in effective manner. Owls make very different types of noise like hooting, whistles, growls and when threatened to life it would produce hissing sound. Very interesting fact about the barn owl, they have the capacity to eat 1000 mice in a year. Owls do not build nests of their own; they use the nests or cavities in the trees of other birds. Owls don't have the teeth like other birds that is why they swallow entire prey, 33% of the entire owls species are either endangered or at risk of extinction. Owls played very important role in "HarryPotter" series of movies quite popular among children. There were seven different owls played the role of Hedwig in various parts of Hedgwig.

There are around 200 different owl species. They are nocturnal animals who sleep during the day and hunt during the night. They are carnivores and hunt rodents, insects, frogs, fish and other birds. The Barn owl is greatly beneficial for farmers because they hunt rodents in the barns and fields. They can eat up to a thousand mice each year. Owls are extremely successful hunters as they are silent in flight. They have a special kind of soft feathers which muffles the sound of the moving wings, allowing them to approach their prey unnoticed. They have the most developed sense of hearing of all birds. Most of the owl species have asymmetrical ears that are different sizes and different heights on their heads. This gives them superior hearing and the ability to pinpoint where the prey is located, even if they cannot see it. Their flattened face also funnels sounds to their ears and magnifies it as much as ten times to help them hear a wide variety of different sounds. While other birds have eyes on the sides of their heads, an owl's large eyes face forwards. They cannot move their eyes, but they can turn their heads as much as 270 degrees to follow moving objects. This is possible because they have 14 vertebrae instead of the seven vertebrae normally found in other birds.

The clever Brown Owl.

The brown owl sat on a branch and watched. He was very good at watching. His big eyes blinked. Down below, a white rabbit played in the grass. The rabbit was very fast. He was too fast to catch. Every time the owl tried to catch the rabbit, the rabbit ran away. The owl was hungry, but he had to find a way to catch the rabbit. How could he catch the fast rabbit? If he dove down on top of him, the rabbit would see his shadow and dive into his hole. What could he do?

Suddenly, the owl had an idea. His eyes got really big, because he was excited. A moment later, he took off flying.When the owl was flying, he made sure to stay away from the rabbit. The owl didn't want the rabbit to know he was coming. Then, when he came close to the rabbit, he stretched out his body to change the shape of his shadow! The white rabbit stopped eating grass and looked. Suddenly, there was a white rabbit next to him. The white rabbit stared. He didn't know there was a black rabbit near his home. It looked like he could make a new friend!

Trouble is more wisdom you attain and the concious you become, the crazier you will apper to others.

Without warning, the white rabbit disappeared, and in its place was the owl The rabbit cried out and tried to run for his hole, but the owl was waiting for him The rabbit ran right into the owl's claws and became his lunch. That is when I knew I needed to move away and make a new wise friend.

The End.


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Dawn Earnshaw

Loves writing short stories and poems - learning punctuation and Grammar.ADHD

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