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Best Laid Plans

Knife Skills: Part 5

By Judey KalchikPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
Best Laid Plans
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This is a serialized story by the members of The Vocal Creator's Saloon Facebook group. Here are the links to the previous submissions:

  • Part 1 Knife Skills
  • Part 4 Karma
  • Now Part 5: Best Laid Plans

    Sahana Persaud threw off the feather-soft blanket as she struggled out of her nightmare. Surfacing into reality she eased away from her slumbering bedmate as she deliberately slowed her breathing. There was no need to make a fuss; anyone would have bad dreams after the way things went this week.

    Resisting the urge to slide to the other side of the bed and take comfort in the contact with her love, she instead slid a smooth leg slowly over the edge and eased out of the room. She just needed time to think; nothing was turning out the way it should. She went into the living room and slumped on the ivory leather sofa, glad that the scalding heat of an NYC day had eased into a cooler night.

    First, her husband went to an exclusive and secretive meeting where he claimed evil fanatics tried to recruit him to do terrible things- this detail he only revealed after her repeated urgings. He tried to reassure her that there was nothing to it but when she urged him to speak with Dr. House to see if he had misunderstood the offer he flatly refused. No matter how she reasoned with him he was adamant; he would not be part of the Doctors With Hope secret society.

    Then their dog, well it was actually Amar's dog, was discovered dead one morning and he claimed it was a warning to them all. It was touching to see him so worried for her safety, so endearing that she had been tempted to set his mind at ease and reassure him he had no reason to worry about anything happening to her.

    Of course, she couldn't do that, she mused as she decided a chilled Vinho Verde would cool her thirst and calm her nerves. She poured the Portuguese white wine into a crystal glass with a stem so delicate it was hard to see except for the way it glinted in the green light from the club across the street. She sipped it thoughtfully and held the bright-tart mouthful in her mouth remembering the sunny vacation day where she had first enjoyed its flavor.

    They had slipped away from their everyday lives, taking a stolen week away from the university to rendezvous in the Azores during yet another hospital convention. Long days spent hidden away were dull but the passionate nights were well worth it. If only every night could be like that, she mused as she took another mouthful of the wine... then froze and lifted her eyes to the ceiling.

    Was that a noise? Feet easing to the floor in the bedroom? She held her breath and strained to determine if it had been her imagination or truly movement. After a minute she allowed the wine to trickled down her throat and let out her breath. No, it was nothing. Still sound asleep, and given the rigors of the long hours in the operating room, sleep was still sorely needed.

    Especially after the last, what? was it only just over 24 hours ago when Dr. House had his 'unexpected' car accident? Sahana permitted herself a small contented smile thinking how easily she was able to make that 'accident' happen.

    From there it was a surety that Head Dr. Amar Persaud would request the services of the gifted Dr. Rhiannon Blaset; he would have contacted no other. The outcome of the surgery was also sure; Dr. House would never threaten her or her husband again. At least that went as it should, she told herself with a mental purr as she silently stood and stretched luxuriously with self-satisfied contentment.

    Walking up the stairs she allowed that the arrest of the weasel Cummings was even tidier than she thought possible. He wouldn't be the person behind DWH after all; finally, it would go to the correct deserving visionary.

    Slipping softly into bed and slowly sliding her arm around her sleeping doctor Sahana smiled to herself as her hand skimmed Rhiannon's hip. Yes, she would see to it that the right person was in charge. After all, she had the perfect weapon under her spell.

    Watch for Part 6, coming soon from Sofia Duarte.

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