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Amphitrite Curse

I thought it was safe.

By KuroHoshiPublished 3 years ago Updated 3 years ago 3 min read
Amphitrite Curse
Photo by Virginia Tudorancea on Unsplash

I always wish a part of me was part of the sea. I can't get enough of it being born near the coast. The beach is filled with people, the water is cold in the morning and warm in the afternoon. This is my home and my resting ground when everything goes wrong. My brother tells me before going into the water "Johnny you're going too far to the current and you're going to be swirled up by it."

"Joey, we took swimming lessons, went through the college, and both major in marine life as a hobby. I think we're going to be fine if one of us messes up, we got each other right?"

"Right, that doesn't mean you can be all reckless about it, just make it easier for me alright?"

"Alright, alright, look we gotta job to do anyway, and if it's going to be the slightest boring with me finding no fish or anything interesting. I'm going to explore big brother, that's just how it is."

He sighs and gives in "God, ok, fine, but I know you're going find a fish that'll keep you busy for an hour or two you nerd."

" Hey, fish are fun! plus I know you love them too" I said as I get my gear to go deep diving. "We both major in it you bugger"

"Yeah, but I did it for the money, and to cheat off of you" He chuckles then looks at me as I put on my gear. His expression changed to a worried one "Hey, bud, just don't get too deep alright?"

"What why? You don't believe I can go that deep or something?" I give him a smug look for a moment then he went silent.

Then he puts a hand on my shoulder "Look when you were setting up the boat and I went to the restroom a ton of locals came to earlier and warned me. Don't go too deep in this ocean, they were crying and begging me not to go even into the ocean. I told him it's just a quick scan around the coast, you know I hate lying to people but we have a job to do."

I giggled "So you're going to believe in some folklore then you're own academic studies? All of those 5 years or so studying that you cheated off of me. Wasted by people who you just met and now you're doubting our job?"

He shakes his head and lets go of his hand off of my shoulder "No, it's just they're were praying and on their knees to a god or something when I left and it was all just too surreal. Sorry just, maybe I didn't enough sleep but just go, you'll be fine"

"Good, that's what I like to hear, now." I jumped into the ice-cold water and dive into the deep end. It was weird though, the further I go, I began to see more freshwater fish than saltwater fish in this area. I was amazed they weren't dying or anything. I look further below and I can see a glowing coral with gases coming off of it but not reaching the surface. This was a breakthrough we just found, coral making saltwater into freshwater! I felt something heavy within my foot though. I tried to swim upwards but I feel like as if I was going nowhere. I look down I can see, my foot growing coral like fungus from my foot. I pulled it out but I started to bleed and the fish were coming to me with open sharp mouths. My oxygen tank was now frozen and from a distance, I can see a stare of dark blue eyes. I sank to the bottom with coral growing into my veins.

"did I mock a god?"


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A Poet, An Artist, and the person who tries to become a living star

I write the about the creatures from underneath my mind

Some are happy, others are truthful, but I'll let you decide what's their fate

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